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30 World`s Most Beautiful Luxury Villas Designs to Get Inspi

Villas are a symbol of prosperity and status around the world; from the Caribbean to the Indian subcontinent, from Europe to Africa, from the Americas...
11-01-2018 21:49

23 FREE Detailed DIY Garage Plans With Instructions To Actua

Garages are important for providing shelter and protection to your vehicles. The make is very important of the garages as this decides the total space...
29-11-2017 21:43

What is the Mansard Roof, Advantages and Disadvantages Shelt

When it comes to architectural design, it is not simply engineering; it is an art.  For this reason, buildings do not look similar though their sole p...
15-11-2017 21:47

Learn About the 20 Most Popular Roof Types for Your Future H

If the interior of your home is analogous to the brain, then that would make the roof comparable to a skull. In other words, it protects the delicate ...
30-10-2017 21:51

10 Eye-Catching Staircase Designs That Will Fascinate You

The staircase is not just a feature that connects the first level in the house with the second. It’s a architectural design statement that everybody...
25-10-2017 21:47

20 Dazzling Private Swimming Pools That Will Embellish Your

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of swimming pool" Do you suddenly start imagining luxury resorts, hotels or maybe water...
23-09-2017 21:49

Living Unit – A Modular Home Designed For Different Te

The Slovenian architecture studio OFIS Arhitekti have designed a modular home called the Living Unit that is suited for different terrains and climate...
22-09-2017 21:48

Lang Architecture Materializes Hudson Woods Retreat

Lang Architecture, a New York based studio, have designed the Hudson Woods Retreat. This is a project that comprises of 26 individual properties. Thei...
22-09-2017 21:48

The Reinterpretation of the A-Frame by Bromley Caldari Archi

Bromley Caldari Architects, a New York City based studio, have completed a renovation work called the A-Frame Rethink project. Basically, they were ta...
22-09-2017 21:48

A-Frame Anchored in Spanish Hills by Architects Cadaval 

Cadaval & Sola-Morales By preserving the original structure and creating a minimal yet contrasting intervention, the idea is to ...
22-09-2017 21:48

Peaceful Retreat in the Forest – Loop Residence

Balance Associates Architects have designed and built an airy cabin in Washington State with an immense challenge upfront : not to impact the environm...
21-07-2017 21:48

William O’Brien Jr Sculpts Allandale House Mountain We

William O’Brien Jr. is an assistant professor of Architecture in Cambridge, Massachusetts but he does much more than just teach students, O’Brien ...
18-07-2017 21:55

A-Frame House by BaksvanWengerden Architecten – SH Hou

BaksvanWengerden, a Dutch studio based in Amsterdam have designed the SH House in a village between Haarlem and the North Sea Coast in the Dutch provi...
14-07-2017 21:47

The Expression of an Extension – vB4 by dmvA in Belgiu

Architects from the Belgian architecture firm dmvA located in Mechelen, have designed and completed Extension vB4 – an addition to an already existi...
14-07-2017 21:47

WE Architecture Designs Boat House in Danish Island Zealand

Entitled Boat House and envisioned by Copenhagen-based architecture practice WE Architecture the simple wooden cabin that follows joins the ranks of ...
29-04-2017 21:46

Edris House in Palm Springs, California by E. Stewart Willia

It is entitled?The Edris House? and thanks to renown modernist architect E. Stewart Williams, the architect behind the masterpiece, its design became ...
25-03-2017 21:40

Gorgeous Home in Extremadura by ÁBATON

Completed i the year of 2010 by ÁBATON, the following home in Extramadura is positioned in the province of Cáceres and represents the conversion of a ...
21-02-2017 21:40

700-Year-Old Cave Morphed Into Intimate Hideout

The constant work with the landscape humanity struggles with dwells in the primary necessity we have to find and secure ourselves shelter. The cave wi...
16-02-2017 21:44

Cape Tribulation House in Australian Rainforest

An off the grid retreat has been built in the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia. Designed by M3 Architecture, the architectural piece conne...
16-02-2017 21:44

Masseria Moroseta Summer Shelter in Ostuni, Italy

Architect Andrew Trotter is the creator of the following architectural masterpiece, entitled â€œMasseria Moroseta? , a shelter offering the perfect m...
26-01-2017 21:45

B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio Renovates Store in Guozijian St

Lost and Found is located in Guozijian Street in the historic district of Beijing and it recently commissioned a store renovation, this has been handl...
24-01-2017 21:41

A Home Under a Rock – Cuevas del Pino by UMMO Estudio

The picturesque foothills of Sierra Morena in Spain shelter the Cuevas del Pino estate, a home under a rock, a dwelling that uses various rock strata...
24-01-2017 21:41

Mask House Designed by WOJR in Ithaca, New York

An exemplary dwelling the Mask House is; it was envisioned by WOJR, a professional organization of architects in designers. The small home measures n...
24-01-2017 21:41

Botanical Garden Transformed Into a Museum – “Wa

Japanese architecture practice Moriyuki Ochiai Architects has recently converted a botanical garden in Hakone into a museum?s multi-purpose space, th...
24-01-2017 21:41

Blanche Chalet Nestled in Nature by ACDF Architecture

Entitled Blanche Chalet and designed by ACDF Architecture the establishment that follows summons its name from the spirit of vernacular homes in the r...
23-01-2017 21:41

Modern Sleek Home in Suffolk by Norm Architects

Norm Architects envisioned the home entitled Reydon Grove Farm, a splendid farmhouse in contemporary clothes at the edge of farm in Suffolk, United Ki...
23-01-2017 21:41

Modern Architectural Approach To Sustainable Farming by Grif

Hupomone Ranch it is entitled and it resides in the Chileno Valley, three miles west of downtown Petaluma, California, USA, an original homestead. Emp...
23-01-2017 21:41

Shabby Chic Lake View Farmhouse in New York by Givonehome

A swift refresh has been brought in the 19th century farmhouse that follows, now using a shabby chic expression to shape a comfortable living space. I...
23-01-2017 21:41

Reconfigured Home With An Airy Fresh Interior Design

When you think of Spain, vibrant hues come to mind and cozy spaces. Yet the following design features light, open plans and contemporary designs.05 AM...
22-01-2017 21:42

Converting Historical Architecture In Berlin

When it comes to Historical architecture, the rules are quite strict and difficult to work with. Asdfg Architekten have found a method of integrating ...
22-01-2017 21:42

Finding Inspiration In A Nature Surrounded Studio

FLOAT Architectural Research and Design has conceived the following small wooden structure located next to the Marys River in Oregon as a writing stud...
22-01-2017 21:42

Floating Into An Ecofriendly Design

A floating human habitat has been envisioned as an experiment between architecture group EKA Sisearhitektuur and the Estonian Academy of Arts Interior...
22-01-2017 21:42

Modern Update On Cozy England Cottage

The following family cottage positioned in Kingston upon Thames, England  has received a modern update and extension by McGarry-Moon Architects to pro...
19-01-2017 21:49

Modern Flat Filled With Greenery In Milan

AIM Studio has created a modern flat in Milan, Italy in a calm, neutral color scheme brought to life by the insertion of greenery. The entire space ha...
19-01-2017 21:49

Slight Slope Long House in Targoviste, Bulgaria

Slight Slope Long House  in Targoviste, Bulgaria is a modern home envisioned by I/O Architects  as a massive horizontal block sinking into the ground....
19-01-2017 21:49

Charming Rustic Paris Apartment Envisioned by Margaux Beja

In Le Marais, the historic Paris district a charming attic apartment sculpts freshness and tradition into a contemporary interior design by balancing ...
19-01-2017 21:49

Splendid Eclectic São Paulo Apartment by RSRG Architects

RSRG Architects designed and completed the renovation of a 1,173-square-foot residence located in the Pinheiros area of São Paulo, Brazil; it is entit...
18-01-2017 21:39

Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes Redesigns Charming Cabane 2

We can all agree Quebec has some pretty impressive landscapes to offer and the following cabin takes advantage of it positioning in the  Ste-Catherine...
18-01-2017 21:39

WATT – Eclectic Belgium Penthouse by DIFT

Ghent, Belgium nestles the extraordinary eclectic Belgium penthouse that follows, it was envisioned by DIFT and it contains four bedrooms situated on ...
18-01-2017 21:39

Wooden Coastal Cabin Nestled Under The Northern Lights

As an architect, working with a beautiful environment is a treat, a wonderful opportunity of making a statement or, on the contrary, creating a balanc...
18-01-2017 21:39

Elegant Feminine Dallas Apartment by Laura Lee Clark

A sensible take on an apartment interior design in Dallas?s Museum Tower sculpts lavishness, elegance and airiness. Laura Lee Clark envisioned this sp...
18-01-2017 21:43

Oddly Extraordinary Redesign of Matai House in New Zealand

We are in a constant changing cycle, evolving and transforming the medium surrounding us. Parsonson Architects have taken a part into this ever changi...
16-01-2017 21:46

Luxurious Modern Home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Floor to ceiling windows, green walls and expansive views of the pacific Bay define the following luxurious and extravagant home located in the marina...
16-01-2017 21:46

Remote Transportable Modular House in Chile by Felipe Assadi

In a world where time is of the essence, modular housing has become more and more efficient. In this context,  Felipe Assadi has designed the Remote H...
16-01-2017 21:46

Sculptural Geometry Shapes a Wood Modern Residence in Estoni

An original shape follows, one inspired from the geometry of its site. Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid has conceived in Koidu Village, northern Estonia an uni...
16-01-2017 21:46

Wooden Functional Room Divider Sculpts Epic Toronto Home

DUBBELDAM Architecture beautified the world with a simple residential project in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, envisioned for a young couple. The establis...
15-01-2017 21:43

KL House – Cedar Inside Out in Quebec Home, Canada

Bourgeois/Lechasseur Architects are the artists behind a modern home sheltered by North Hatley in Quebec, Canada. KL House is entitled, it uses cedar ...
14-01-2017 21:35

Kicking Horse Residence – Ski Lodge in British Columbi

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson designed a spectacular ski-in / ski-out lodge entitled Kicking Horse Residence that resides British Columbia, it includes ladd...
14-01-2017 21:35

The Contemporary Extension of a Charming Cottage in England

A splendid small cottage in Kingston upon Thames, England; has been recently upgraded and renovated by McGarry-Moon Architects, a new volume in contem...
14-01-2017 21:35

Swedish Home With a Sled Hill Roof by Street Monkey Archite

A sled roof and expansive deck space represent great attributes for Pulkabacken, a different home envisioned by Street Monkey Architects that has been...
14-01-2017 21:35

The Three Cusps Chalet – Exceptional Historical Restor

When we think about Portuguese architecture during the 19th century we automatically link it to Brazil and its powerful influence, a symbiosis between...
12-01-2017 21:44

Old Barn Defines New Rustic Refuge in Lago Ranco,Chile

The rustic Barn House by Estudio Valdés Arquitectos nestled in the middle of an enchanting forest represents an airy open summer rustic refuge in Lago...
12-01-2017 21:40

White Minimalist House in Japan by Tetsuo Kondo

A peaceful, calm and quiet residential district in Yokohama, Kanawaga, Japan nestles an oddly shaped home for a young family of four with two children...
11-01-2017 22:16

Traditional Danish Elements Nestled in Rustic Village House

Village House located in northern Sjælland, in Denmark, ?A cluster of five wings” as the architects describes it represents a wonderful example of b...
11-01-2017 22:16

The Incredible in a Vacation Home – Crow?s Nest Reside

At the very top of Sugar Bowl`s intimate community of snowboards in California an extraordinary vacation home has been constructed by Mt. Lincoln Cons...
10-01-2017 21:40

Dramatic Island Retreat on a Rocky Shore by Mcfarlane Biggar

Gambier Island House is the name of contemporary modern residence built around the rocky landscape of Gambier Island neighboring Vancouver, Canada. Th...
10-01-2017 21:40

Minimalist Vacation Apartment Inside the Renaissance Walls o

Entitled Canticle, the following vacation away tucked away in the city of Lucca in Tuscany, was designed by the team at Studiòvo in a minimalist conte...
10-01-2017 21:40

PassivHaus Standard Home Designed by PAD Studio In UK

?feeling of solidity, serenity, and permanence? are words that PAD Studio?s used to describe the Forest Lodge for The Architects? Journal; words that ...
09-01-2017 21:40

Iconic Simplicity in a Finnish LakeHouse by MNy Arkitekter

House A?kerudden envisioned by MNy Arkitekter in a privileged location, neighboring a lake in the rural community of Tenala, quietly nestled in the su...
08-01-2017 22:03

Contemporary Elegance in Solitutide – Winter Chalet Ca

Today we are presenting a home with a simple minimal approach to design, one that has allowed the surrounding scenery to really shine through and over...
08-01-2017 22:03

Impeccable White Volume by Aires Mateus in Leiria

Sculptural, elegant and subdued to white, the house designed by architect Manuel Aires Mateus creates a really interesting indoor-outdoor play into t...
03-01-2017 21:44

Cardboard House For The Soul by Legendary Shigeru Ban

Born in Christchurch, New Zealand the Cardboard House that follows has been built for the soul of the community and it was designed by architecture l...
03-01-2017 21:44

Spectacular Hut-Like Bungalow in Sri Lanka by Narein Perera

In Sri Lanka Colombo-based architecture practice Narein Perera materialized an impressive private three-leveled bungalow; a hut-like bungalow made fr...
03-01-2017 21:44

Capilla Seashore Waterfront Chapel by Vector Architects

Chinese Architecture Practice Entitled Vector Architects materialized a contemporary waterfront chapel rooted in the traditional on the Bohai Coast in...
03-01-2017 21:44

Remote Refuge in Nova Scotia Entitled Rabbit Snare Gorge by

A composition like no other follows, tailored with wood and weathering steel, with a spectacular width to height ratio nestled in the forests of a rug...
21-12-2016 21:39

Scott & Scott Architecture Designs Epic Snowboarding Al

A solution by Scott and Scott Architecture follows, an answer to the needs of snowboarding enthusiasts, a splendidly simple remote-snowboarding cabin ...
19-12-2016 21:40

Scandinavian Inspired Cabin Envisioned by Cargo Architecture

A superb design materialized by Canadian architecture practice Cargo follows. It has been forged in ...
18-12-2016 21:44

Family of Snowboarders Enjoys A-Frame Mountainside Cabin by

A well established format for mountainside cabin is the A-frame format and the Canadian based practice Scott and Scott recently reinterpreted the well...
16-12-2016 21:43

Impeccable Black Cottage in Quebec Forest by Jean Verville

Jean Verville nestled in rural cabin is an extraordinary holiday dwelling materialized by the Canadian artists is situated on a sloping site in a heml...
15-12-2016 21:42

Dense British Columbia Forest Nestles Artist`s House by Agat

Agathom has created the Rainforest Retreat, a wonderfully simple yet beautiful artist’s retreat in Vancouver Island hidden and tucked away in the gr...
29-11-2016 21:42

Compact Retreat Flooded by Light in Quebec by Pierre Thibaul

In Quebec, a simple giant window provides expansive views towards a scenic terrain, an object envisioned by Atelier Pierre Thibault to serve the funct...
17-11-2016 21:45

UUfie Designs Surreal Lake Cottage With Mirrored Entrance

Cedar walls, mirrors, the details of a woodland retreat nestled in Ontario by the Canadian Studio entitled UUfie. The small cabin, entitled Lake Cotta...
11-11-2016 21:43

Beautiful Utter Simplicity – House With a View by doom

Simplicity subdued to its context ought to elegantly emphasize the whole, the entire landscape. House With a View has been envisioned by Polish archti...
10-11-2016 21:42

Following The Landscape – Casa na Galeria by Camarim A

In 2014  Camarim Arquitectos have designed Casa na Galeria, a private residence located in Gateira, Portugal.The main concept of the house was develop...
31-10-2016 21:41

The Rosenberry Residence by Arch-Fabg

The Rosenberry Residence has been created by the architects at Arch-Fabg as a family retreat in Sutton in the Eastern Townships region of Canada. The ...
30-10-2016 21:44

A Pop Of Color In The Forest – The Red House by JVA

Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects (JVA) have taken a wonderful serene and rather wild natural landscape in a river valley situated right outside of Oslo and ...
30-10-2016 21:44

The Nook Residence by MU Architecture

The Canadian wild land hides multiple gems and The Nook Residence by MU Architecture is one that stands out through simplicity and beauty. Positioned ...
30-10-2016 21:44

Modern Vineyard Home Materialized In The Heart of a Former W

A rich history offers the architect an exemplary starting point for his design endeavors and House T, the establishment that follows, is a marvelous ...
11-10-2016 21:43

Top 19 Home Organizational Projects For A Tidier House

Be it spring summer or fall, home organizational projects tend to lurk around, reminding us that a clean, tidy home is a healthy one. Keeping up with ...
06-09-2016 21:42

13 Brilliant Flower Arrangement Tips and Tricks For Your Eve

The brilliance of a flower arrangement and the energy of the whole ought to be conserved as much as possible. The article that follows contains ideas ...
05-09-2016 21:37

Prairie Style Architecture Details Define Home Remodeling In

A collaboration between Open Form Architecture  and interior design practice FX Studio has been completed successfully. The project consisted in the r...
01-08-2016 21:37

Victorian Design in an Extravagant Luxurious Waterfront Mans

Something unique follows, a property that is considered a crown jewel in its location. In a remote location the establishment takes advantage of a 700...
01-08-2016 21:37

Learn How to Draw an Owl- Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutoria

Owls are majestic creatures with a mystic allure and today these odd creatures are one of the most loved wild animals, slowly becoming a symbol for pe...
21-07-2016 21:38

Querosene House – Modern Concrete Home by GrupoPS

The spectacular modern concrete home that follows has been entitled the Querosene House and it was designed by the Brazilian architecture practice Gru...
26-06-2016 21:39

TuboHotel – Recycled Concrete Pipes Shaping Eco-Friend

A different approach shaped the TuboHotel, an eco-friendly sustainable and responsible solution that uses recycled concrete pipes to shelter no less t...
26-06-2016 21:39

Simple Modern Home in Israel by Sharon Neuman Architects

Architecture practice Sharon Neuman Architects has envisioned the simple rectangular composition that follows, a simple modern home of concrete that s...
26-06-2016 21:39

Easy to Do Fun Bathroom DIY Projects for Kids

A place in which we’ve all had great fun in our childhood is the bathroom. A moment of greatness in which we`ve strategised war ships in huge number...
10-06-2016 21:39

The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Homes – Tips And Design

Concrete homes are a bit difficult to pick out because in all likelihood the basic material is being kept hidden under a façade of lap siding, stucco ...
19-05-2016 21:42

Bold Concrete and Glass Composition in a Private Saint-Trope

Nestled between the lush crowns of the trees and neighbored by the Guld of Saint-Tropez, France; the stunning residential project that follows has bee...
03-05-2016 21:39

Atelier Boronski Designs Concrete Home in Kyoto

A simply stunning, spectacular home follows, one designed by Kyoto-based architecture practice Atelier Boronski. The concrete home has been materializ...
03-05-2016 21:39

Massive Concrete House by A-cero In The Dominican Republic

A single gesture can lead a concept, can sculpt a form and shape a future. A concrete housed envisioned and completed by architecture practice A-cero ...
03-05-2016 21:39

Tropical Planchonella House in Australia Defined by Sculptur

The stunning sculptural concrete presence that follows has been envisioned by architect Jesse Bennett and interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo and ...
01-05-2016 21:39

Concrete Summer Retreat in Sweden by Tham & Videgård A

A superb concrete summer retreat envisioned and completed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter follows, one located in the city of of Lagnö, Sweden. The desi...
01-05-2016 21:39

Redesdale Residence – Stunning Modern Home in Los Ang

It`s entitled Redesdale Residence and it was envisioned by Space International, a beautiful home integrated in the scenic landscape: ?perched high on ...
29-04-2016 21:38

Boaçava House – Exposed Concrete Home by Una Arquiteto

Boaçava House is entitled, it resides in Sao Paolo, Brazil  and it has has been envisioned by Una Arquitetos in 2011. Boaçava House is a project that ...
27-04-2016 22:50

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This week, Paris unveiled plans for the 2024 Olympics

This week, Paris unveiled plans for the 2024 ...

This week, announcements were made about the masterplan for the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and a makeover for one of the city\'s most controversial buildings. French studio Nouvelle AOM, made up of leading architects from three Parisian... -
Aedas' "Cloud on Terrace" Will Bring Vertical Public Space to the Heart of Shanghai

Aedas' "Cloud on Terrace" Will Brin...

Aedas has unveiled plans for Gemdale Changshou Road, a new mixed-use project located within Shanghai?s urban city ring that will add 45,000 square meters (484,000 square feet) of terraced office and retail space within close proximity of a planned... -
OMA's Bibliothe?que Alexis de Tocqueville in Caen Slated to Open in 2017

OMA's Bibliothe?que Alexis de Tocqueville in ...

The official opening date for Caen\'s new public library, designed by Rotterdam-based practice OMA, has been slated for January 13, 2017. The Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville will serve as the main library for the metropolitan region of Caen la... -
A Stunning European style cottage in Chicago’s North Shore

A Stunning European style cottage in Chicago&...

Burns and Beyerl Architects designed this beautiful European style cottage for a family, located on a sprawling two acres in Chicago’s North Shore. This residence is home to five children who are all under the age of ten. With this in mind, the... -
TOTORO / KOZ Architectes

TOTORO / KOZ Architectes

The Paul Bourget neighborhood has long been a « terra incognita » of the ParisianThe Paul Bourget neighborhood has long been a « terra incognita » of the Parisian cityscape. To the outside it is a citadel hanging above the tumultuous traffic on the... -
Modern Ranch by Poet Interiors

Modern Ranch by Poet Interiors

Griffith University Learning Commons, Gold Coast

Griffith University Learning Commons, Gold Co...

Griffith University Learning Commons, Queensland Education Building, Australia Architecture Griffith University Learning Commons Australian Education Development ? design by ThomsonAdsett Architects page updated 24 Sep 2016 with new... -
Woods Bagot Has Designed a New Contemporary Workspace for ADCO in Melbourne

Woods Bagot Has Designed a New Contemporary W...

Woods Bagot has designed a new workplace for ADCO in Melbourne, delivering a contemporary workspace environment for one of Australia?s leading construction companies. Situated in South Melbourne, the key driver for the project was to provide ADCO a... -
RIBA Future Trends Survey for March 2016 Shows Signs of Workload Stability

RIBA Future Trends Survey for March 2016 Show...

The Royal Institute of British Architects? (RIBA) Future Trends Survey for March 2016 has reported signs of stability after recent downward trends, with the balance figure rising from +21 in February up to +31 in March. -

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