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Tenement House on the Edge of a Park by Loft Kolasi?ski

The Tenement House included the renovation and reconstruction of a 120 square meter apartment in a historic tenement house from 1907, located on the e...
05-09-2016 21:36

The Modular Lilong by Lukestudio

The ?Modular Lilong? was designed for Value Retail China to showcase ?Chuang x Yi?; a concept brand that provides a platform for Chinese fashion desig...
23-08-2016 21:38

Hangzhou Zhongshuge by Sunshine PR

After years of growth, Hangzhou Zhongshuge is always adhering to its initial desire to emerge as the most beautiful bookstore for readers, and constan...
05-08-2016 21:35

House in enjyuji by Tatta Architects

The site is located in Ukiha Yoshii town in southern Fukuoka prefecture. From Minoyama areas of the south side of the town rich water and wind, it is ...
05-08-2016 21:35

Ding Hui Yuan Zen & Tea Chamber by Sunshine PR

This is a factory renovation project. Rebuilt into an office in its latest renovation, the old factory experienced several times of renovation after i...
05-08-2016 21:35

Lily Nails Store by ArchStudio

Lily Nails is a nail and eyelash salon that owns numerous chain stores in Beijing and Shanghai. To meet the needs of an environmental upgrade of the b...
27-07-2016 21:37

Massimo Dutti by Sordo Madaleno

The new flagship store for Massimo Dutti is located on Presidente Masaryk Avenue, one of the most prestigious streets in Mexico City. Home to leading ...
24-07-2016 21:40

Fukumasu Kindergarten Annex by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

An extension project for the kindergarten in Ichihara, Chiba. It is aimed to be a community center not only for children but also for their families a...
23-07-2016 21:37

cnYES Office by Sunshine PR

Integrating finance and mass communication to provide financial website services, cnYES is an internet media company characterized by stability images...
22-07-2016 21:39

Gomati by Spasm India

This second home has a rather peculiar story. Spasm was commissioned to demolish an existing structure, which was deemed structurally unfit for occupa...
22-07-2016 21:39

KRONA Knowledge and cultural centre by Mecanoo

The KRONA Knowledge and Cultural Centre enhances Kongsberg?s cultural institutions and stimulates interaction between diverse communities and discipli...
22-07-2016 21:39

The Burrow by LAB 100

Being the first commercial boxing gym in the region, The Burrow introduces a modern combination of boxing exercises to Kuwait. The gym is composed of ...
19-07-2016 21:39

Barco One Campus by Jaspers-Eyers

Barco needed a centralised infrastructure because the distance between the sites in Kortrijk and Kuurne was getting to be too much for the employees. ...
13-07-2016 21:37

Aireys Inlet Light House by ARKit

A stunning site along Eagle Rock Parade in Aireys Inlet, we have designed and built a compact three bedroom home for a family of 5. The emphasis for t...
11-07-2016 21:38

Stable in West Flanders by Farris Architects

Studio Farris Architects transformed a small barn, part of a farm complex with several buildings, into an office space with meeting room, library, off...
01-07-2016 21:37


Greek cuisine has been present in Hungary for decades now, mainly as a street food. These last few revolutionary years in Budapest gastronomy life hig...
30-06-2016 21:41

Casa Caldera by DUST

The off-grid house is located in a remote landscape on the southwestern bajada of the Canelo Hills in Southern Arizona?s San Rafael Valley, two hours ...
22-06-2016 21:38

Rokkatei Makomanai Hall by Furuichi and Associates

This architecture possesses two functions: a confectionary shop and a concert hall. Both exterior and interior can change their atmosphere according t...
12-06-2016 21:39

Taipei MRT Daan Park Station by Che Fu Chang Architects

It has been 20 years since the Metro system first established in Taiwan?s capital city, Taipei. As an underground system, the entrance to the station ...
09-06-2016 21:43

House with Screens by ADX Architects

The existing semi-detached house was a 30 year old house that had stood the test of time. Our clients approached us for a reconstruction of the existi...
09-06-2016 21:43

Kaohsiung Station by Mecanoo

With its organic, curvilinearshape and landscaped canopy, the new Kaohsiung Station will introduce a generous amount of public green space to Taiwan?s...
09-06-2016 21:43

SIO House by Beczak Architekci

The first condition which dictated the structure?s shape was the desire to erect a building of considerable size (with an area of near 400 m2) on a re...
09-06-2016 21:43

Wasit Natural Reserve Visitor Centre by X-Architects

Wasit Natural Reserve was originally a waste-water and rubbish dump. The rehabilitation process of the damaged eco-system started in 2005, 40,000m2 of...
09-06-2016 21:43

South End Residence by Peter Braithwaite Studio

This project is located in the historic South End of Halifax, Nova Scotia, near the cities largest municipal park. The project was a complete redesign...
09-06-2016 21:43

Coffice by Gaspar Bonta

COFFICE is a multi-layered initiative. The core concept is a smart combination of a laid-back coffee shop, a co-working space and a bar, in the same s...
09-06-2016 21:43

Ramat Offices by Ron Fleisher Architects

Ron Fleisher architects office planned the extension of a mid 20’th century village house in Wadi-Ara at times where all the Wadi rioted during ...
09-06-2016 21:43

Holistic Living by GRAFT

GRAFT designed a single-family house and 2 semi-detached houses, all of them environment-friendly buildings that join mobility, energy and health. The...
09-06-2016 21:43

Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD) by Mecanoo

The University of Manchester has received planning permission from Manchester City Council to create a £350 million engineering campus designed by Dut...
09-06-2016 21:43

Namdeamun Office Building by Mecanoo

Located next to the ancient southern gate to the city of Seoul, the Namdeamun Market is the oldest and largest market in South Korea. Since its beginn...
20-05-2016 21:43

Hisham A Alsager Cardiac Center by AGi architects

Medical buildings are usually perceived as spaces with negative connotations, specifically when referring to rehabilitation centers where patients sta...
19-05-2016 21:41

GAZE by APOLLO architects & associates

This residential project located in Obu city, Aichi prefecture, serves also as a gallery space for the contemporary art collection of the client. This...
19-05-2016 21:41

Wall House in Kuwait by AGi architects

As in the famous Lewis Carrol tale, Wall House is not what it seems. Is it a fortress that closes itself to the world" Or is it an isolated place...
19-05-2016 21:41

NEST by APOLLO architects & associates

Nest is a small house located within a commercial area near Nagoya station is built on a lot with 43 sqm in steel frame structure of three levels, whi...
19-05-2016 21:41

Canterbury Road Residence by b.e architecture

Like a naturally occurring trilithon found in rock formations, the Canterbury Road Residence is made up of three simple structures, clad in rough lava...
19-05-2016 21:41

Attic by buro5

The main source of inspiration of project was the geometry and height of the apartment. In addition, Attic is located near Malevich village – no...
15-05-2016 21:38

House for Hermes by Andrew Simpson Architects

A House for Hermes is the outcome of a collaboration between the architect and a client working as an artist and landscape architect. Sited on the nor...
11-05-2016 21:38

New Residential Towers for Brooklyn by ODA Architecture

New York-based ODA has revealed their design for new residential towers in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighbourhood. These three towers called 416-...
10-05-2016 21:43

House Robert-Jan & Inge by Personal Architecture

On a parcel almost a kilometer in length, Personal Architecture (PA) realized a new-built home with a sweeping view of the surrounding meadows and the...
03-05-2016 21:38

999 Seymour by Acton Ostry

Located at the crossroads of the Yaletown Neighbourhood, the Granville Street Entertainment District, and the Business District of Downtown Vancouver,...
28-04-2016 21:39

Villa Tussefaret by Lie Øyen arkitekter

Villa Tussefaret is a 60 m2 compact single family two storey house. It can be divided vertically into one main unit and one rental unit. Combined, the...
28-04-2016 21:39

Congregation Beth Israel by Acton Ostry

Located on Vancouver’s Oak Street, Congregation Beth Israel is undergoing an intensive redevelopment of its existing synagogue and site. To date...
27-04-2016 22:48

The McCulloch Residence by _naturehumaine

The project was carried out in an old residence built at the foot of Mount Royal around the 1860s for Dr. McCulloch, after whom the avenue would later...
26-04-2016 21:49

Lucent ? de Alliantie headquarters by Studioninedots

Studioninedots? design transforms an existing 1970s office building on the Lucent site in Hilversum into the new headquarters of de Alliantie, a Dutch...
25-04-2016 21:45

FORUM Associative by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

Architects Manuelle Gautrand Architecture Project Team Manuelle Gautrand, ,Cécile Ortolo Completion Year 2016 Location Saint-Louis, France...
24-04-2016 21:36

Västra Kajen Housing by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

Located on the quayside of the Munksjön lake, these two urban housing blocks are based on a long term strategy of sustainability, creating attractive ...
22-04-2016 21:41

Laguna Condores Showroom by Fones Arquitectos

Laguna Condores Showroom is a point of sales for a residential complex in San Bernardo County, part of a master plan deployed around a big artificial ...
21-04-2016 21:41

Be Kids for One Moment by RIGIdesign

It is necessary for a designer to observe the lifestyle and needs of the people and to sense the change of the trends. At the very beginning of kidsmo...
20-04-2016 21:44

Ansty Plum House by Coppin Dockray

Ansty Plum House is an architecturally significant house and studio in rural Wiltshire that has undergone an impressive retrofit and a bold studio ext...
20-04-2016 21:44

Guest & Bath House by FAS(t) architectural bureau

The Guest & Bath House is located on the natural meadow in forest right on the hill above the pond. The site relief has a pronounced slope to the...
20-04-2016 21:44

T.9 House by ARCH.625

The rapidly erected country house, industrial methods of designing and building are applied to private housing, the dimensions multiple of glued panel...
19-04-2016 21:43

Suitable Farmhouse by OfAA

Suitable Farmhouse is a villa for a mid 40 year old couple who decided to return to their hometown to live with their 80 year-old mother. The villa is...
19-04-2016 21:43

Little Red Ants by Produce Workshop

Little Red Ants is a creative studio known for churning out compelling videos for a multitude of clients. The nature of their work means they work rou...
19-04-2016 21:43

CS House by Alric Galindez Arquitectos

The site is located over a dry hill with little vegetation. When one stands there, we naturally face towards the landscape trying to include both the ...
18-04-2016 21:42

Triplex in Paris by Studio Pan

Located on a side street the hip 11th district of Paris, the job site was a boutique of an abandoned beauty salon that occupied part of the lower leve...
18-04-2016 21:42

Loft Grandpa by MEIUS Arquitetura

The loft is located in the old garage / workshop residence built by Henricão own in the 50’s, located in the Garden neighborhood in BH. The proj...
18-04-2016 21:42

ALP Logistic Office by JC Architecture

Acting as the main office and reception of the vast logistic center in New Taipei City, the ALP owners wanted to establish a reference design for the ...
09-04-2016 21:46

Family House by Rudolf Perathoner

The single family house, projected by Rudolf Perathoner Architects, is situated on a steep hill just outside the mountain village of Selva in Val Gard...
08-04-2016 21:43

Mixed-Use Development in Central Stockholm by Schmidt Hammer

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has won the international competition to design Hästen 21, a 43,000m2 development in central Stockholm, Sweden. In co...
07-04-2016 21:43

Eco Bar by Giuseppe Gurrieri

The project involves the reuse of the ticket office of the adjacent multisport facility, abandoned since years and its reconversion into a coffee-bist...
07-04-2016 21:43

Skechers TR-Kids Showroom by Zemberek Design

Skechers TR-Kids Showroom is based within the headquarters of an international shoe brand?s distributor company in Turkey and kids/infants shoes are e...
04-04-2016 21:41

House in Tel Aviv by Neuman Hayner Architects

House in Tel Aviv was planned for a family of four. Two cubes separated by a passage combine into an ?L? shaped house. The front cube, of double heigh...
29-03-2016 21:42

Garden Pavilion by Metropolis

South African studio Metropolis has completed the Garden Pavilion in the grounds of a house in Cape Town, featuring sheltered seating and dining areas...
28-03-2016 21:46

Sejong-Daero Historic Cultural Space by Daniel Valle Archite

The proposal for the Plaza ambitions to become a new type of public space in Seoul, one capable to absorb in one same place the memories and cultural ...
24-03-2016 21:43

House Olmen by Pascal François Architects

An old three – façade house, connected with the barn, was demolished and replaced by a contemporary barn-type building which was built behind th...
24-03-2016 21:43

Impact Hub Berlin by Leroux Sichrovsky Architects

Just like a second skin, the new interior design folds, blends and wraps itself into the new Impact Hub Berlin, and onto the existing building situate...
24-03-2016 21:43

Jardim Paulistano House by Grupo SP

Jardim Paulistano House is located in a residential neighborhood in São Paulo ? Brazil, and its typical configuration (10m x 37m) enabled the design o...
24-03-2016 21:43

House in Golo by ARK Arhitektura Krusec

House on Golo is arranged on a beautiful area, overlooking the peaks of Julijske Alpe, Karavanke and the Kamni?ko-Savinjske Alpe. The structure of the...
23-03-2016 21:44

Voyager Espresso by Only If

In early 2016, Voyager Espresso, a new specialty coffee bar, opened in a subway concourse of the Fulton Street station, in Manhattan?s Financial Distr...
14-03-2016 21:46

Tunnel House by MO-DO

The client approach us with a brief to renovate their double fronted cottage in hawthorn, after a few briefing session with the clients, it became ver...
13-03-2016 21:46

Chanca House by Manuel Cachão Tojal

Located in a valley on top of a rock, this house, previously in ruins, it opens up completely to the outside, establishing a spatial continuity betwee...
13-03-2016 21:46

Cafe. Bistro. Bakery Zahorsky by Jarousek.Rochova.Architekti

The Bistro is situated on the corner of Dejvicka and Eliasova street in Prague in what was originally an Art Nouveau bulding puristically modified in ...
13-03-2016 21:46

Pauhu Pavilion by Toni Österlund

Pauhu pavilion was realized as a voluntary project as a part of Tampere Architecture Week, in Finland, bringing together architecture and design stude...
13-03-2016 21:46

House in a House by Global Architects

House in a House is the sustainable renovation of a terraced house from the 1980s in Wassenaars Spinbaanquarters. Our design challenge was to transfor...
08-03-2016 21:52

Sikmul by desi_architects

Seoul based studio desi_architects, in cooperation with photographer and art director Louis Park, have created an art space/café bar by joining and re...
08-03-2016 21:52

Mountain Restaurant Bjork by Murman Architects

Mountain Restaurant sits along the top tree line of the slow growing birch trees, beside the ski lift. This is a location that emphasises the building...
08-03-2016 21:52

Retirement residence by Schwartz and Architecture

Despite an extremely steep, almost undevelopable, wooded site, the Overlook Guest House strategically creates a new fully accessible indoor/outdoor dw...
08-03-2016 21:52

Aluminium Vest ? Suit by Studio de Lange

Located in one of central Israel?s earliest communities, and sitting on a hilly 1000 m2 plot, Aluminium Vest – Suit was created for a young fami...
07-03-2016 21:47

Contemporary Barn by P L O E G architecten

The rural area, surrounded by old farms and castles, convinced us to conceive a building according the typology of the typical local farm barn. So we ...
07-03-2016 21:47

TCH House by Arkylab

La Herradura is a 60?S residential complex on the city of Aguascalientes, with land lots above 1000 m2, near the San Pedro River on its west side. Des...
04-03-2016 21:44

Wider land reclamation by Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter

As a result of the restoration of the Skjern River basin in 2002, a vast and rich natural area has arisen, becoming an attractive visitor destination....
01-03-2016 21:45

Diamond Hill Columbarium by Architectural Services Departmen

Physical well being and psychological well being for the people are the prime concerns of this project. Shaped like a hill, the building respects the ...
27-02-2016 21:43

White Cubes House by at26

White Cubes House is located on a small atypical plot on the corner of the intersection of two streets – Ka?tie?ska, a rather busy street, and K...
26-02-2016 21:45

Technical Building in Storängsvägen by U.D. Urban Design AB

Modern cities are filled with small technical buildings; sub- and pump stations that provide essential electrical, water and sewer supplies to their c...
26-02-2016 21:45

Côte&Ciel?s by Linehouse

Côte&Ciel is inspired by the complementary clash between coast (côte) and sky (ciel). Linehouse?s interpretation visualises the collision of thes...
25-02-2016 21:51

Eden ? Prefabricated House by Marcel Wanders

Eden by Marcel Wanders is the perfect getaway ? a luxurious prefabricated house designed as a peaceful sanctuary. It is a home away from home to recon...
25-02-2016 21:51

Jidori by Giles Reid Architects

In designing Jidori, Giles Reid Architects wanted the restaurant to have two atmospheres – open and airy during the day and intimate by night. T...
24-02-2016 22:04

Tainan Public Library by Mecanoo

Mecanoo architecten has won the competition to design the new Tainan Public Library in Taiwan. Working in partnership with Kaohsiung-based MAYU archit...
24-02-2016 22:04

KYOMUNSA headquarters in Paju Book City by Daniel Valle Arch

Kyomunsa Publisher?s new headquarters in Paju Book City is a hybrid building that combines book?s storage with working spaces. The project takes the o...
23-02-2016 21:45

Carmen Martin Gaite by Estudio Beldarrain

Carmen Martín Gaite is the first buildign of the Getafe Campus extension of the Madrid Carlos III University. Our arrangement, winner of the urban pla...
21-02-2016 21:46

Summer Apartment near Berlin by Loft Szczecin

Summer apartment is set up in the palace complex surrounded by a forest in the suburbs of Berlin. All rooms have undergone a major renovation. Before ...
19-02-2016 21:43

Bathhouse of Fireflies by Takasaki Architects

From the Architect Just after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, I visited Minamisoma-shi, one of the city suffered from a massive earthquake, a giant tsu...
18-02-2016 21:44

Makkinga House by DP6 architectuurstudio

In the rural landscape between the villages of Makkinga and Donkerbroek in the northern province of Friesland (The Netherlands), the Makkinga house li...
18-02-2016 21:44

Monte Specie Lookout by Messner Architects

The project starts in 2012 when MESSNER Architects and sculptor Franz Messner were commissioned by the Fondazione Dolomiti-Dolomiten-Dolomites-Dolomit...
17-02-2016 21:46

Nogueiras House by Par-Do

The Nogueiras House occupies an existing stone construction in direct relation with the front patio and with views to the sea. Formerly used as a barn...
16-02-2016 21:44

Dania Park in Malmö designed by Thorbjörn Andersson and Swec

The Dania Park is a waterfront park, located along the edge of the Öresund strait which divides Sweden and Denmark. The park is one main feature of th...
15-02-2016 21:45

Villa for Younger Brother by Next Office

The project is located in an inner-lot, with limited street access. However, situated low and deep inside the organic fabric of the neighborhood, it o...
15-02-2016 21:45

Rio Perdido Project by PROJECT CR+d

Located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, 4km from San Bernardo de Bagaces, the HOTEL Rio Perdido is a 20-room boutique bungalow hotel recently ...
11-02-2016 21:44

Little Hall at Prestwood Infant School by De Rosee Sa

Much-loved children?s author Roald Dahl was the inspiration for a new dining hall and after school facility in Buckinghamshire?s Prestwood Infant Scho...
10-02-2016 21:45

FiL Books by Halükar Architecture

FiL Books is an interior design project that Halukar Architecture / Mimarlik completed in 2015. The employer requested a space that would not only fun...
09-02-2016 21:46

Apartment in Ramat Gan by Itai Palti

Located in Ramat Gan, neighbouring Tel Aviv, this apartment renovation prioritises an open and social spatial arrangement for family life to play out....
09-02-2016 21:46

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Li Edelkoort joins latest Dezeen x MINI Livin...

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Lakefront residence with sophisticated interiors in Washington

Lakefront residence with sophisticated interi...

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Cumbernauld Community Campus Building

Cumbernauld Community Campus Building

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Socialist Modernism on Your Smartphone: This ...

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First Renderings Revealed of Mecanoo + Beyer Blinder Belle's New York Public Library Renovation

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Call for entries to Experiential Beer Garden ...

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