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En el País Vasco se le llama Muxill, mojojón o muskullo, en la Comunidad Valenciana y Cataluña se le conoce como Clotxina, clóchina, musclo o musclo de roca, en Galicia llaman al mejillón mexillón y en Málaga, a los mejillones nuestros mayores les decían ?Morcillones?.El mejillón (Mytilus edulis) es un molusco bivalvo (como las ostras o las vieiras), es decir con dos conchas; muy abundante en las costas rocosas de todo el mundo y cultivado para consumo humano en las populares bateas.
Como el resto de bivalvos, se alimenta filtrando grandes cantidades de agua con pequeños nutrientes suspendidos a través de sus branquias que también son utilizadas para la respiración.
Su carne suele ser de color anaranjado intenso si son hembras, en cambio si son machos suelen tener un color más pálido, incluso blancuzco. Muy abundantes en el territorio nacional donde su habitad natural son las zonas costeras, los roqueos a los que se adhieren formando colonias mediante barbas o filamentos.
A pesar de lo que se pueda creer, dichas barbas no son suciedad, son parte de su cuerpo; los mejillones las crean y las usan para agarrarse con firmeza bien a las rocas o a las bateas donde hoy en día se crían mediante acuicultura en bateas destinadas para su producción, lo que permite consumirlos todo el año en los mercados españoles; de tal forma que ni la fuerza de las corrientes, ni de los embistes de las olas, incluso de sus depredadores (sargos, pulpos, estrellas de mar e incluso erizos, etc.) pueden...
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Fuente de la noticia: theinspirationgrid
Fecha de publicación: 06-02-2023 21:24
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Base4Work Bratislava by Studio Perspektiv

Base4Work Bratislava, designed by the Studio Perspektiv in 2021, is the perfect example of a modern office space that pays homage to its industrial pa ...
08-02-2023 22:37

House of an Art Collector by Euga Design

Step into the 220-square-meter (2,368 square feet) penthouse apartment located in Milan, Italy and discover the House of an Art Collector. This beauti ...
08-02-2023 22:37

Loft AA by Rosanna Bussolotto

Discover Loft AA, a stunning penthouse apartment in Castellaneta, Italy. Located on the edge of the Gravina of Castellaneta, this modern real estate m ...
08-02-2023 22:37

9 Essential Things to Check When Buying a House

Follow this guide and take your time to inspect your future home before buying. ...
08-02-2023 22:35

The Curved White House in Portugal

The Curved White House confronts one of the most important arteries in the city - the National Road EN109. The house 109 has the main facade perpendic ...
08-02-2023 22:17

Loft on Life / Crippa e Assis Arquitetura

Architects Maria Alice Crippa and Gustavo Assis, realized that the role of the house also interferes in stimulating the sensations, which are responsi ...
08-02-2023 22:17

Tony?s Chocolonely London HQ

Conceived in the Netherlands, Tony?s Chocolonely launched in the UK in 2019. They rapidly expanded their UK market share and by 2022, were ready to ta ...
08-02-2023 22:17

Xi Rui Restaurant by LDH Design

From visible to invisible, from concrete to spiritual understanding, LDH DESIGN has completed the deduction of the dining space of Xi Rui Restaurant f ...
08-02-2023 22:17

Ramat Hasharon Residence / Halel Architecture And Interior D

A father of a family of 6 who went on a journey to find the perfect house and saw no less than 300 properties until he found the one, together with Ha ...
08-02-2023 22:17

Annandale Terrace House, Sydney / Sam Crawford Architects

This renovation is the latest evolution of a Sydney terrace house which has been the family home of our client since childhood. SCA is the second arch ...
08-02-2023 22:17

A woodland cabin retreat with peaceful lakefront views in Ne

This woodland cabin retreat was designed for indoor-outdoor living by Whitten Architects, nestled on Loon Lake in Freedom, New Hampshire. The owners o ...
08-02-2023 21:56

See this magnificent modern style house in the North Carolin

Living Stone Design + Build together with ID.ology Interiors & Design has created this modern-style house perched above the historic town of Henderso ...
08-02-2023 21:56

interview: henning larsen architects on ‘changing our

what if the future is built of straw" ? henning larsen architects engage the audience in a dialogue introducing small but scalable steps toward a desi ...
08-02-2023 21:54

castanheira-designed holiday house floats over endless ̵

the zinc rooftop\'s playfully zigzagging profile is expressed along the interiors with unique, angular spaces The post castanheira-designed holiday ho ...
08-02-2023 21:54

ulf mejergren stacks red kiosk cottages to shape wooden scul

Kiosk Obelisk by Ulf Mejergren pops up in Knivsta of Sweden   Stockholm-based practice Ulf Mejergren (UMA) designs a permanent sculpture to be expose ...
08-02-2023 21:54

Gateway Building | Scott Brownrigg

 A stunning new 210,000 sq ft gateway development has been completed on the world-renowned Cambridge Science Park. The gateway building was designed b ...
08-02-2023 21:54

?a kind future? by michele de lucchi + AMDL circle spans ove

dedicated to the work of michele de lucchi and his multidisciplinary studio AMDL circle, the exhibition \'futuro gentile - a kind future\' opens its d ...
08-02-2023 21:53

hybrid renovation by SET architects combines flexible living

SET architects selects a tone palette of neutral and warm colors distributing bespoke furnishings made of birch plywood. The post hybrid renovation by ...
08-02-2023 21:53

niimori jamison fuses public gallery with hair salon in iga,

the concrete and glass L-shaped building houses a hair salon and exhibition space The post niimori jamison fuses public gallery with hair salon in iga ...
08-02-2023 21:53

curving walls & interactive fitting rooms define this digita

step inside the symbol digital showroom by balbek bureau    Ukraine-based practice balbek bureau reveals its latest retail ...
08-02-2023 21:53

BALLY foundation?s inaugural exhibition in lugano invites vi

from april 2023, the BALLY foundation will be housed in the \'villa heleneum,\' a 1930s building on the shores of lake lugano in switzerland. The pos ...
08-02-2023 21:53

tom sachs: rocket factory flies its 3D worlds and metaverse

in total, tom sachs: rocket factory will mint 1,000 handmade, generative 3D planets and 10,000 space station apartments at NFT paris. The post tom sac ...
08-02-2023 21:53

weaved bamboo roofs enclose pavilions for wellness resort in

natural indonesian thatch \'alang-alang\' gives off the intertwined appearance of the canopy shielding the structure from sun and rainwater. The post ...
08-02-2023 21:53

?the biggest action we?ve ever done?: JR unveils the opening

launching in turin on february 9th, 2023, JR\'s work investigates the reality of refugees displaced and impacted by war, famine, and natural disasters ...
08-02-2023 21:53

?lean on? seat gives moments of rest between sitting and sta

the tubular steel frame fitted with leather undulates to follow the contours of the body and provide a space for rest. The post ‘lean on’ ...
08-02-2023 21:53

interview: henning larsen architects on ?changing our footpr

what if the future is built of straw" ? henning larsen architects engage the audience in a dialogue introducing small but scalable steps toward a ...
08-02-2023 21:53

Car lift allows residents to drive into all apartments in Be

Sieger Suarez Architects and Dezer Development have released footage detailing the design of a lift that will allow residents to drive vehicles direct ...
08-02-2023 21:53

Charles F. Bloszies inserts glass addition into San Francisc

Local studio Office of Charles F. Bloszies has completed an extension and renovation of the Cathedral School for Boys in San Francisco. The two-store ...
08-02-2023 21:53

Studio8 transforms 1930s Hangzhou villa into hotpot restaura

Promotion: Chinese architecture practice Studio8 has renovated the interior of a 1930s villa in Hangzhou, China, transforming it into a hotpot restaur ...
08-02-2023 21:53

Mathew & Ghosh Architects encloses Bangalore art museum

Local studio Mathew & Ghosh Architects has completed the Museum of Art & Photography in Bangalore, India. Set to open later this month, the Museum of ...
08-02-2023 21:53

"Earthquakes don't kill people, bad buildings do&q

Architects should play a major role in the recovery after disasters like the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria, but egotistical posturing will not ...
08-02-2023 21:53

Eight-metre-high clothing towers rise above Marine Serre

French creative studio Matière Noire used 1.3 tonnes of vintage clothing, compressed into three rectangular towers, to decorate the runway of Marine S ...
08-02-2023 21:53

Om chair by Johan Ansander for Blå Station

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish designer Johan Ansander has designed a chair for furniture brand Blå Station that is lightweight and made entirely from timbe ...
08-02-2023 21:53

"Does this ruling only apply to the ultra-wealthy"

In this week\'s comments update, readers are discussing the outcome of Tate Modern\'s supreme court privacy case and debating Formafatel\'s pair of ra ...
08-02-2023 21:53

MarshKeene submerges London house extension to create single

Architecture studio MarshKeene has refurbished and extended an end-of-terrace Victorian townhouse in Nunhead, south London, with a unifying brick plin ...
08-02-2023 21:53

Now or Never exhibition visualises the carbon emissions of c

Swedish furniture designer Emma Olbers has created the Now or Never ? 1kg CO2e exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair to showcase the climate impact o ...
08-02-2023 21:53

Nissan's Kicks 327 looks like a giant drivable trainer

Automotive brand Nissan has collaborated with sportswear company New Balance to create the Kicks 327 ? a car that resembles a trainer. Created to prom ...
08-02-2023 21:53

Dezeen Agenda features pair of rammed-earth villas in Costa

The latest edition of our weekly Dezeen Agenda newsletter features a pair of villas in Costa Rica and the studios that have been involved with The Lin ...
08-02-2023 21:53

20 former A? design award and competition winners ? call for

20 previous A\' design award and competition winners as the deadline for 2023 submissions is approaching. The post 20 former A’ design award and ...
07-02-2023 21:51

ERDC arquitectos creates a "bread oven" house with

Local studio ERDC Arquitectos has constructed a brick and glass house with an arched roof and mezzanine level in Quito, Ecuador. Completed in 2022, th ...
07-02-2023 21:51

Avenida Novas Loft / João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos

An old printing office, in Avenidas Novas, Lisbon, has been transformed into a loft due to a total renovation, illustrating how carefully designed spa ...
07-02-2023 21:31

London Stone House / Architecture for London

Project: London Stone House Architects: Architecture for London Structural engineer: Architecture for London Main contractor: IC&T Projects Ltd Locat ...
07-02-2023 21:31

Chez Léa by Batiik Studio

Chez Léa is a stunning apartment located in the heart of Paris, France. Designed by Batiik Studio in 2021, the residence is a beautiful example of Hau ...
07-02-2023 19:45

DRM118 by Sunostudio

Naples, Italy is home to DRM118, an eye-catching modern apartment designed by Sunostudio in 2022. Located in the historic city center, the property is ...
07-02-2023 19:45

Wet Beast by Studioninedots

Wet Beast is a contemporary office space located in Amsterdam, Netherlands designed by Studioninedots in 2022. This unique workplace concept provides ...
07-02-2023 19:45

Vitra Apartment by WF Arquitetos

Discover the contemporary and sophisticated design of the Vitra Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. Designed by WF Arquitetos in 2016, this luxurious 600- ...
07-02-2023 19:45

Pacific Ocean Villa, Malibu, California, USA

Mixing several components relevant to the owners and highlighting the surrounding nature, interior designer Marc Berger of Los Angeles-based Hunterho ...
07-02-2023 19:45

DOMA House by Chris Briffa Architects

Housed in eight diverse rooms and spread over four floors, this owner-architect townhouse reveals an adventure in style and mood ? each storey seeming ...
07-02-2023 19:23

Pearl Beach House by Polly Harbison Design

Pearl Beach house is the realisation of the clients dream, to build a bespoke, concrete sculpture in the bush, on a budget that demanded creative solu ...
07-02-2023 19:23

A sophisticated coastal chic home in Vancouver gets a stunni

This sophisticated coastal home was reimagined for family living by Jenny Martin Design located in the community of Laurel Park, Vancouver, British ...
07-02-2023 19:03

Tour this modern farmhouse home in Idaho with beautiful livi

This stunning modern farmhouse-style home was created by the design-build firm Solitude Homes, located in the community of Dry Creek Ranch, Boise, Id ...
07-02-2023 19:03

Changchun Airport Terminal 3, Jilin Province, China

Changchun Airport Terminal 3, China, Jilin Province Transportation Hub, Chinese Architecture, Photography Changchun Airport Terminal 3 in Jilin Provin ...
07-02-2023 19:01

Governor General?s Medals in Architecture Awards Ceremony

The winners of the 2022 Governor General?s Medals in Architecture were presented with their medals during a ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, on Tues ...
07-02-2023 19:01

314 architecture studio’s new residential building exp

the architects envisioned \'seashore rise\' as flowing upwards, with each level draped in different curving lines. The post 314 architecture studio†...
07-02-2023 19:01

‘a sculpture of wooden cubes’ by appels architek

all private rooms are composed as wooden cubes in between which an open family space unfolds horizontally and vertically. The post ‘a sculpture of w ...
07-02-2023 19:01

barozzi veiga envisions a modern intervention for belgium

the sawtooth roof is a modern abstraction of the pointed arcades and layered spires of its histric neighbors. The post barozzi veiga envisions a moder ...
07-02-2023 19:01

Avadh Shilpgram | Archohm

Avadh Shilpgram’s Concept: The architecture of urban bazaars works on a scheme of a mélange; it seems to be the leitmotif for such programs, introdu ...
07-02-2023 19:01

take style cues from astroboy this season with MSCHF?s ?big

\'if you kick someone in these boots they go BOING!\' The post take style cues from astroboy this season with MSCHF’s ‘big red boots’ ...
07-02-2023 19:01

léo caillard duplicates his existing warped classical marble

the distorted classical marble sculptures of léo caillard get their NFT duplicates, a way for the artist to bridge reality with virtuality. The post ...
07-02-2023 19:01

UNEMORI ARCHITECTS connects two family houses with lush gard

the project is designed for two families who want to live independently but also support each other on a daily basis. The post UNEMORI ARCHITECTS conn ...
07-02-2023 19:01



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