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Rise of artificial intelligence means architects are "doomed" says Sebastian Errazuriz

architecture and design
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Rise of artificial intelligence means architects are "doomed" says Sebastian Errazuriz Rise of artificial intelligence means architects are "doomed" says Sebastian Errazuriz

Rise of artificial intelligence means architects are "doomed" says Sebastian Errazuriz

Ninety per cent of architects will lose their jobs as artificial intelligence takes over the design process, according to designer Sebastian Errazuriz.
The New York-based designer made the controversial claim in a series of movies posted on his Instagram account.
"I think it's important that architects are warned as soon as possible that 90 per cent of their jobs are at risk," he said.
"It's almost impossible for you to compete" with algorithms he said, adding: "The thing is you're not that special."


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A post shared by Sebastian Errazuriz (@sebastianstudio) on Oct 13, 2019 at 6:11am PDT

Born in Chile and raised in London, the artist and designer has courted controversy before, most recently by proposing to turn the fire-damaged Notre Dame cathedral in Paris into a rocket launchpad. In his latest provocation, he has predicted the demise of the architecture profession at the hands of artificial intelligence.
In one Instagram post, Errazuriz posted an animation of a parametric tool developed by Wallgren Arkitekter and BOX Bygg that can generate plans automatically.
"This is today," Errazuriz wrote. "Now try to imagine what 1,000 times this tech and 10 years will do to the industry."
Wallgren Arkitekter and BOX Bygg have created a tool that generates adaptive plans
Machine learning will soon allow software applications to synthesize vast amounts of arch...
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Rise of artificial intelligence means architects are "doomed" says Sebastian Errazuriz Rise of artificial intelligence means architects are "doomed" says Sebastian Errazuriz


Fuente de la noticia: dezeen
Fecha de publicación: 22-10-2019 21:58
visto: 8

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