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Hacettepe University- Museum and Center For Biodiversity 

Designed by Erkal Architects, Situated at the perimeter of the expanse of Hacettepe University’s Beytepe Campus in Ankara, Museum, and Center for Bi...
21-04-2019 21:55

Jungle Frame House | Studio Saxe

The client commissioned Studio Saxe to create a dwelling in the jungle that brings the outside in. The property was composed of a slope that went down...
21-04-2019 21:55

Saint Charbel Church | BLANKPAGE Architects

Located in a site steeped in history, the challenge consisted of implementing a new larger church without overshadowing the smaller 18th-century chape...
20-04-2019 21:59

Avenues School | Aflalo/Gasperini Arquitetos

Architecture firm Aflalo/Gasperini signs the new design of international Avenues school: The World School, at a quiet and tree-lined area in the Cidad...
20-04-2019 21:59

Don Juan House | Emilio López Arquitecto

Designed by Emilio López Arquitecto, Don Juan House is located near the top of a hill along the coastline. Oriented from east to west, the house opens...
19-04-2019 21:56

La Fontaine Sports Complex | archi5 + Tecnova Architect

Designed by Tecnova Architecture + archi5, La Fontaine this sports center is a response to the strong political will for a new urban ambition for this...
19-04-2019 21:56

Quebrada House | UNarquitectura

Quebrada House designed by UNarquitectura, Retreat located in a forest on a creek in central Chile. Located on the creek, elevated by pilotis, it is a...
18-04-2019 22:05

Vessel Public Landmark | Heatherwick Studio

Designed by Heatherwick Studio, Vessel is a new type of public landmark ? a 16-storey circular climbing frame, with 2,465 steps, 80 landings and views...
18-04-2019 22:05

Jungle Keva | Jaquestudio

Designed by Jaquestudio, Situated in Tulum, this small boutique hotel rises between the trees, in which the main concept consisted of preserving 70% o...
17-04-2019 22:01

The Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport | Amir Ma

The Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport was designed by Amir Mann-Ami Shinar Architects and Planners in partnership with Moshe Zur Architects. T...
17-04-2019 22:01

Textile Academy NRW | slapa oberholz pszczulny | s

The Textile Academy NRW in Mönchengladbach is a new educational institution for the textile and clothing industry in the German-speaking area. Togethe...
16-04-2019 22:02

Encore Dunhuang Theater | BIAD-ZXD ARCHITECTS

Designed by BIAD-ZXD ARCHITECTS, The Encore Dunhuang Theatre is located in the suburbs of Dunhuang, Gansu. With a construction area of 65,000m2 and a ...
14-04-2019 21:57

Linxia Olympic Sports Center Stadium | DUTS design

Designed by DUTS design, Located in the core area of Linxia Planned New Town, Linxia Olympic Sports Center Stadium covers an area of 41,134 square met...
14-04-2019 21:57

Election Campaign Headquarter | BIAS Architects

Designed by BIAS Architects, Before election days in Taiwan, the streets are filled with banners and billboards with candidates? faces and political s...
13-04-2019 21:56

Xi?an Maike Center’s Bookstore | IKEGAI & Br

Designed by IKEGAI & Bros, In the capital city for thirteen dynasties, Xi?an, there is a high-tech industry development zone which takes the lead in t...
12-04-2019 21:55

House in Samambaia | Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura

Designed by Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura, The house was built for the architect and his family, preserving relief, stones, and native trees, creating fun...
12-04-2019 21:55

AB Residence | F:Poles Arquitetura

Designed by F:Poles Arquitetura, The A.B Residence design was based on the use of metallic structures. This decision allowed the acceleration of the c...
10-04-2019 22:02

Fuzhou Cultural Exchange Center | MZA Architecture

Designed by MZA Architecture, The relationship between China and Taiwan has been a controversial one since Taiwan gained its independence from mainlan...
10-04-2019 22:02

UFO | Stefan Hitthaler

UFO designed by Stefan Hitthaler, The remarkable feature of the ?Gasteiger mountain chalet? today is its extremely modern and yet very simple form. Th...
08-04-2019 21:58

Chongqing Jiangshan Yun Chu Gallery | LWK + Partners

Designed by LWK + PARTNERS, Riverbend by the cliff is a symbolic setting in the Chongqing area. As a living gallery, the project is a trial for and re...
08-04-2019 21:58

Peninsula House | Bernardes Arquitetura

Designed by Bernardes Arquitetura, Peninsula House, a weekend home in a coastal city close to São Paulo, is composed of three stacked abstract volumes...
07-04-2019 21:55

Sede Lineastudio Arquiteturas | Lineastudio Arquitetura

Framed by the green of the Cerrito hill, the concept headquarters of Lineastudio Arquiteturas, in the city of Santa Maria/RS, was design respecting th...
07-04-2019 21:55

Strato Castor | D?HOUNDT+BAJART Architects & Assoc

Strato Castor designed by D?HOUNDT+BAJART Architects & Associates, « There?s a blackberry bush of this type upstream to Stamper house, a very dense th...
06-04-2019 21:55

Flamingo Bamboo Pavilion | BambuBuild

Designed by BambuBuild, The Flamingo Bamboo Pavilion was first used as an indoor exhibition pavilion in order to promote resorts in a tourism fair. Be...
06-04-2019 21:55

National Museum of Qatar opens to the public

It’s been delayed by more than two years, but the new National Museum of Qatar finally opened March 28 and is another stunning new architectural hig...
28-03-2019 21:57

Yuhantechnos Headquarter | MMKM associates

Designed by MMKM associates, In April 2015, Yuhantechnos Headquarter Co., Ltd. a middle-sized company providing IT solutions of logistics distribution...
17-02-2019 21:56

Brick House | Architecture Paradigm

Brick House is designed by Architecture Paradigm, Located in Mysore city in a municipal layout the site measures50 X 80 feet with the shorter side fac...
05-02-2019 21:54

McDowell + Benedetti’s Terni’s Railway Station &

McDowell + Benedetti’s Terni’s Railway Station & Footbridge Underway ?An elegant object and engaging public realm design, giving strong form to Te...
28-01-2019 21:53


Designed by TERRANUM, Cortezza building is located in the north part of Bogotá city, in the sector of Parque de la 93. The area is characterized by th...
27-01-2019 21:56

Nove | Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, NOVE is a 7/10-story office building in the center of Munich in the privileged new area of Arnulfpark, 10 ...
26-01-2019 21:53

Belvedere Tower | René van Zuuk Architects

Designed by René van Zuuk Architects, The Belvedere tower’s innovative form is both informed and defined by the constraints of its site, it’s desi...
26-01-2019 21:53

Elbbrücken Underground Station | GMP

On December 6, 2018, the new Elbbrücken Underground station of the U4 line was ceremonially opened. The station was designed by architects von Gerkan,...
25-01-2019 21:54

Villa Tjelta | Hoem + Folstad Arkitekter

Villa Tjelta designed by Hoem + Folstad Arkitekter, The site is located in a farmers field of 10.000 m2 in the middle of an agricultural countryside 1...
25-01-2019 21:54

The Sales Center in Wenzhou TOD New Town | NAN Architec

TOD International New City sales office is an experimental architecture piece designed by NAN Architects. The project is located next to the S1 Railwa...
24-01-2019 22:00

Organic House | Javier Senosiain

Organic House designed by Javier Senosiain, The original idea of the project took its simile from a peanut shell: two wide oval spaces with lots of li...
24-01-2019 22:00

House of Province | Team V Architecture

Designed by Team V Architecture, The renovated House of Province of Gelderland in Arnhem (the Netherlands) has received this year the Best Building of...
23-01-2019 21:53

Ballet Mechanique | Manuel Herz Architects

Ballet Mechanique designed by Manuel Herz Architects, The site is located in one of the residential quarters in the heart of Zurich, close to the lake...
23-01-2019 21:53

Technikum der Wala Heilmittel GmbH | h4a Gessert + Rand

Designed by Randecker Architekten + h4a Gessert, WALA Heilmittel GmbH, headquartered in the Swabian town of Eckwälden near Bad Boll, produces and dist...
22-01-2019 21:55

LLU House | Cazú Zegers

Designed by Cazú Zegers, LLU House is proposed in the concept of a “Family Lodge”, which aims to house a complete family of 4 generations, and fri...
22-01-2019 21:55

Jaworznickie Planty Water Playground | RS + Robert Skit

Designed by RS+ Robert Skitek, The project included designing of water playground with public greeneries land at the former coal mine terrains. The pl...
22-01-2019 21:55

Astor Crows Nest | Tony Owen Partners

Designed by Tony Owen Partners, Astor is a 4 story apartment complex is located in the North Sydney suburb of Crows Nest. The design contains 50 units...
21-01-2019 21:54

A Walking Box | unarchitecte

A Walking Box designed by unarchitecte, In the Langqin Bay by the side of Aixi Lake in Nanchang City, there resides a kindergarten filled with elegant...
21-01-2019 21:54

Hanging Villa | TWS & Partners

Designed by TWS & Partners, The project is to design a villa located at the mountainside in Bandung, West Java. Sited far away from the city?s heavy t...
21-01-2019 21:54

Blumenhaus | Wiel Arets Architects

Designed by Wiel Arets Architects, A mixed-use program of office and retail, with private residences above, define the Blumenhaus. The building is an ...
20-01-2019 21:55

Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa | RH+ Arquitectos

Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa designed by RH+ Arquitectos, The project is determined by the commitment to the place. The architectural object is locate...
20-01-2019 21:55

Sacher Park Cafe | Yaniv Pardo Architects

Sacher Park Cafe designed by Yaniv Pardo Architects Location: Sacher Park, Jerusalem, Israel Lead Architects: Yaniv Pardo 3D images credits: Bonsai 3d...
19-01-2019 21:55

Cinepolis Headquarters | KMD Architects

KMD Architects was selected as the winner of an International Design Competition for their design of the new Cinepolis Headquarters, the sixth largest...
19-01-2019 21:55

Hillside Habitat | Edwards Moore

Hillside Habitat, Edwards Moore has recently completed a new home built to replace one lost on Black Saturday on a steep mountain site overlooking the...
19-01-2019 21:55

Alpine Skiing Apartments | OFIS arhitekti

Designed by OFIS Architects, Alpine Skiing Apartments is located in the Slovenian alpine town Kranjska Gora on the northwestern corner of the country....
18-01-2019 21:53

Triose | Sanjay Puri Architects

Triose designed by Sanjay Puri Architects, Angled spaces projected towards different directions encapsulated in an organically folded concrete skin cr...
18-01-2019 21:53

Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine | Fentress

Designed by Fentress Architects, Sanford Consortium ?collaboratory? brought together five multi-disciplinary institutions with the mission to advance ...
18-01-2019 21:53

Mennonite Church | FARO Architecten

Designed by FARO Architecten, The architects designed this church according to the traditional Mennonite principles: a sustainable building, with the ...
17-01-2019 21:55

Myer Department Store | Peddle Thorp Architects

Peddle Thorp Architects undertook the interior store planning and fixture design of the 3 top floors in the newly refurbished flagship MYER store in M...
17-01-2019 21:55

Ferrari Factory Store | Iosa Ghini Associates

Ferrari Factory Store of Serravalle Scrivia, entirely designed by Iosa Ghini Associates, is located outside McArthur Glen Outlet in Serravalle Scrivia...
17-01-2019 21:55

Casa Cor Bar | BCMF Arquitetos

Designed by BCMF Arquitetos, The brief for the Casa Cor Bar required us to explore the formal possibilities of applying a very simple and inexpensive ...
16-01-2019 21:58

Miguel Rio Branco Gallery | Arquitetos Associados

Miguel Rio Branco Gallery designed by Arquitetos Associados, Located in a sloped site surrounded by the forest, this pavilion redesigns topography to ...
16-01-2019 21:58

Media Library and Cultural Centre | Barbotin + Gresham

Designed by Barbotin + Gresham Architects, The Media Library and Cultural Center is located in the town of Lisses, 30 kilometers to the south of Paris...
16-01-2019 21:58

Vila Castela Residence | Anastasia Arquitetos

Designed by Anastasia Arquitetos, Built in a sloped site (30 degrees) in the city of Nova Lima, Brazil, Vila Castela uses dramatic cantilevers to emph...
15-01-2019 21:55

St Antony Industrial Archaeological Park | Ahlbrecht Fe

Designed by Ahlbrecht Felix Scheidt Kasprusch, By the end of 2007, the regional authority and the city Oberhausen announced a bounded competition. The...
15-01-2019 21:55

East Oakland Sports Center | ELS Architecture and Urban

Designed by ELS Architecture and Urban Design, To build a new sports center in Oakland?s Ira Jinkins Park and make fitness and recreation accessible t...
15-01-2019 21:55

Distort House | TWS & Partners

Distort House designed by TWS & Partners, Twisting out something from the usual line is taken in order to create different perception or to enrich som...
14-01-2019 21:55

A Wood Screen for Dinant Road | Corbacreative

Designed by Corbacreative, Customer?s program was clear and well defined. The building should include an exhibition hall on the ground floor and a lof...
14-01-2019 21:55

Rishikesh House | Rajiv Saini

Designed by Mr. Rajiv Saini, The first visit I made to see the site changed all preconceived ideas about what form this house should take. Located on ...
14-01-2019 21:55

Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation | EDGE Studio

Mascaro Center, The University of Pittsburgh decided to expand and renovate Benedum Hall, the 1960’s home for the Swanson School of Engineering on P...
13-01-2019 21:52

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, North Terminal &#

Designed by Gensler, The 12th-busiest airport in the United States, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) serves as a global gateway to Metr...
13-01-2019 21:52

Education 1 Facility | NAC Architecture

The new Education 1 Facility by NAC Architecture sets the tone for the new University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. The building houses educati...
12-01-2019 21:52

ABC Cancer Center | HKS

Designed by HKS, The synergy of the Centro de Cancer ABC (American British Cowdray Cancer Center) creates an optimal treatment environment for patient...
12-01-2019 21:52

Jackson Hole Center for the Arts Performing Arts Pavilion &#

The Performing Arts Pavilion addition by Stephen Dynia Architects (Arts Design Collaborative) fits seamlessly into the rest of the Jackson Hole Center...
12-01-2019 21:52

Pantheon Nube | Clavel Arquitectos

Designed by Clavel Arquitectos, Pantheon Nube involves two images, the first being the medieval unfold-able boards, which worked as a removable façade...
11-01-2019 21:53

IBTECH IT Center Headquarters | CM Mimarl?k

IBTECH IT is located in the Gebze/Kocaeli Tübitak MAM (Marmara Research Center) area. The fact that the present operational structure of the company d...
11-01-2019 21:53

Summerhill Residence | Edmonds + Lee Architects

Edmonds + Lee Architects? Summerhill Residence sits high in the hills of California wine country. Its distinct forms with raised corners mold an outdo...
11-01-2019 21:53

Flying Box Villa | 2A Design

Flying Box Villa, 2A Design has recently completed a surprisingly small and low-cost house on a tiny plot, in a rural village next to Rennes (France)....
10-01-2019 21:55

Grillagh Water House | Patrick Bradley Architects

Grillagh Water House, Located on the Banks of the ?Grillagh River? to locals known as Pixies Paradise, young Architect Patrick Bradley has designed hi...
10-01-2019 21:55

Incubo House | María José Trejos

Incubo House designed by María José Trejos, The original cedar tree on the site plays a very important for the layout of the house so that there is a ...
10-01-2019 21:55

Browne Street House | Shaun Lockyer Architects

Designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects, The Browne Street House is a reinterpretation of the Queenslander cottage. It reinvigorates the plan to offer al...
09-01-2019 21:53

PV14 House | M Gooden Design

PV14 House designed by M Gooden Design, The site is directly across the street from White Rock Park and is on one of the highest elevations in the Cit...
09-01-2019 21:53

Containers of Hope | Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

Containers of Hope designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture, Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta dreamed of living in their fantastic property 20 mi...
09-01-2019 21:53

House of Pavilions | Architecture Paradigm

Designed by Architecture Paradigm, Bangalore is an open-ended city having a nonconformist cultural agenda unlike other cities in India. It offers a se...
08-01-2019 21:57

Social Housing for Mine Workers | Zon-e Arquitectos

Designed by Zon-e Arquitectos, The purpose of the project was to design and build state-subsidized social housing in Cerrado (Asturias), a mining town...
08-01-2019 21:57

Breiavannet Park | Helen & Hard

Breiavannet Park designed by Helen & Hard, The project?s location, in the center of Stavanger?s historical wooden house district, produced interesting...
08-01-2019 21:57

Family House | Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius &

Designed by Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners, Family House is located in Lithuania’s second largest city with the population of 400,000...
07-01-2019 21:52

Houston Ballet Center for Dance | Gensler

Houston Ballet?s Center for Dance is a visual reminder of Houston?s commitment to the performing arts and a living billboard for dance. Gensler?s desi...
07-01-2019 21:52

Terrace House | Pavel Hnilicka Architekti

Terrace House designed by Pavel Hnilicka Architekti, There was a little villa on top of the extremely steep plot, which didn?t correspond with the own...
06-01-2019 21:53

Pulpit Rock Mountain Lodge | Helen & Hard

Designed by Helen & Hard, The new Pulpit Rock mountain lodge, the winning design competition entry in 2004, accommodates twenty-eight guest rooms, a c...
06-01-2019 21:53

L?arbrisseau Neighborhood Center | Colboc Franzen &

Designed by Colboc Franzen & Associés, It?s impossible not to notice the L?Arbrisseau neighborhood center in the southern suburbs of Lille. Its helica...
06-01-2019 21:53

The Apple Store | pH+

Designed by pH+, The Apple Store is a lovingly designed flexible and fun family home located in the heart of Goudhurst, Kent, situated within an Area ...
05-01-2019 21:55

The Wolf House | Wolf Architects

The Wolf House designed by Wolf Architects, When you arrive at the house you enter via a formal pedestrian entry. Beyond that is a contemporary Chines...
05-01-2019 21:55

Concrete 0023 | studio eight twentythree

Concrete 0023 designed by Studio Eight Twentythree, currently, the studio’s direction is towards designing and exploring objects and spaces using co...
05-01-2019 21:55

Kristalia New Headquarters | Sandro Burigana

Designed by Sandro Burigana, Before revolutionary changes in 2001, for several years Kristalia was a company specializing in the production of accesso...
04-01-2019 21:51

LIEVITO – Gourmet Pizza and Bar | MDDM STUDIO

Designed by MDDM STUDIO, Lievito is designed as a place to meet, to share and to taste. A new restaurant for socializing while sharing slices of gourm...
04-01-2019 21:51

Fifth Studio | T3arc

Designed by T3arc, The fifth Studio is a low budget building to house a workshop for different artists and different disciplines in Cuernavaca City. I...
04-01-2019 21:51

The Research Support Facility | RNL Design

Designed by RNL Design, The Research Support Facility (RSF) is a very significant building for DOE and NREL. It is a showcase of how high-performance ...
03-01-2019 21:51

Flederhaus | heri&salli

Designed by heri&salli, The FLEDERHAUS is an open space where visitors can find a new home. It can also serve as an oasis of relaxation and a symbol o...
03-01-2019 21:51

TuboHotel | T3arc

TuboHotel designed by T3arc, The idea came when we built Cafe Five, where we saw the need to adopt an inexpensive room for users. In our search for so...
03-01-2019 21:51

RAKVERE Summer Theater | Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid

RAKVERE Summer Theater designed by Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid, The outdoor theatre stage is built especially for 12 plays during the summer. Its main arc...
02-01-2019 21:52

Panyaden School | 24H > architecture

Designed by 24H > architecture, Panyaden is a private bilingual school with a Buddhist approach that will accommodate 375 students including 10- 20 pe...
02-01-2019 21:52

Yachiyo | Atelier Tekuto

Although Atelier Tekuto?s “Relocation” project has been underway since 2007, Yachiyo is the first “Relocation” building completed in Japan. Th...
02-01-2019 21:52

Queens Theater in the Park | Caples Jefferson

Queens Theater in the Park, Caples Jefferson sees this as a place of reconnections, additions that build upon the playful circular geometries of the o...
01-01-2019 21:53

Church of Suan-Lien Center for the Elderly | J.J. Pan &

Church of Suan-Lien Center for the Elderly designed by J. J. Pan & Partners, The church is located near a scenic highway, bordering the mountain area ...
01-01-2019 21:53

Pyrenees Golf Club and Social Centre | MiAS Arquitectes

Pyrenees Golf Club and Social Centre designed by MiAS Arquitectes, The building is well integrated into the landscape. Thanks to construction techniqu...
31-12-2018 21:55

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