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The Tent | a21 studio

Designed by a21studio, Located inside an operating hot spring and mineral resort, the Tent is a small spa perched in the folds of halfway terrace up t...
19-08-2019 21:49

B.I.G Haizhu Bay Creative Zone | Atelier cn°S

Designed by Atelier cn°S, The project is located at the intersection of Lijiao Road and Zhenxing Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, south of the...
19-08-2019 21:49

Hamad International Airport Passenger Terminal Complex |

Hamad International Airport Passenger Terminal Complex designed by HOK, As the landmark home for Qatar Airways, the country?s national airline, the te...
18-08-2019 21:50

Shearwater House | Cumulus Studio

Sitting roughly 20 kilometers from the city of Devonport, Shearwater has gained significant momentum as a Tasmanian summer holiday destination in rece...
18-08-2019 21:50

Mariout Entertaining Resort

Mariout Resort is located on marriout lake, Near to the archaeological area of ??Marea, Based on that  I made a main entrance axe to the project orie...
18-08-2019 21:50

Bed & Breakfast Santulan | Santos Bolívar

Designed by Santos Bolívar, Santulan is a balance in Hindi, which was the concept used for the development of the project that seeks to be inclusive, ...
17-08-2019 21:49

Longcheng Plaza Wankeli Roof Sunshade Design | Ingame

Designed by Ingame, The umbrellas are installed on top of the outdoor shopping Centre in Longcheng plaza developed by Vanke. The spacious roof garden ...
16-08-2019 21:49

François Mitterrand High School | JT Arquitetura + Jean

As well as being selected for an international competition between Brasil and France that had many minimum criteria, including sustainable architectur...
16-08-2019 21:49

High Trestle Trail Bridge | RDG Planning & Design

The High Trestle Trail Bridge, is the fifth longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in the US. The bridge, over a half mile long, spans the Des Moines R...
15-08-2019 21:55

Samsun Multipurpose Hall | CAA.Studio

Designed by CAA.Studio, Samsun ??Multipurpose Hall?? is built on the traces of the demolished Samsun Hotel?s ??Ballroom??. Old Samsun ??Ballroom?? bui...
15-08-2019 21:55

Hang Glider House | MAAR Studio

Designed by MAAR Studio, The Hang Glider House was built in the neighborhood of Itanhanga, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The house is located by the foot...
13-08-2019 21:53

School of Alfa Omega | RAW Architecture

Designed by RAW Architecture, Alfa Omega school is an educational building with the spirit of locality. Located on Tangerang city, it sat on 11700 sqm...
13-08-2019 21:53

Olympic House | 3XN

Incorporating the historic setting of the park, home to the eighteenth-century castle LeChâteau de Vidy, was a crucial aspect of the project. Located ...
12-08-2019 21:50

Lund District Court | FOJAB arkitekter

FOJAB was selected to create a district court building in Lund, with Specialfastigheter, a property company specializing in high-security buildings, a...
11-08-2019 21:54

Yarrbat Residence | K2Ld Architects

Designed by K2Ld Architects, Yarrbat Avenue in Balwyn is like many streets in Melbourne?s inner eastern suburbs. It is a quiet residential street that...
11-08-2019 21:54

Chhavi House | Abraham John Architects

Designed by Abraham John Architects, The challenge of designing a residential villa in Jodhpur was trifold: extreme climate, small footprint, and a la...
10-08-2019 21:52

French International School | Henning Larsen Architects

Designed by Henning Larsen Architects, In the concrete jungle of Hong Kong, the new campus of the French International School stands as a vibrant gree...
10-08-2019 21:52

Miravalle House | Colectivo 720

Designed by Colectivo 720, The house is located in the foothills of the western mountain range at 1025 m.s.n.m, in the municipality of Jamundí approxi...
09-08-2019 21:53

Bosdarros Elementary Public School | Pierre Marsan

Designed by Pierre Marsan, Set in the foothills of the French Pyrenees, the village of Bosdarros extends along the main street, the primary school is ...
09-08-2019 21:53

M4 | Zooco Estudio

Designed by Zooco Estudio, M4 House is the result of the rupture of the pure volumes regarding a strict sense of orientation. Located at the top of th...
08-08-2019 21:49

Oromolu Office | DSBA

Designed by DSBA, Oromolu Office is a dialogue between old and new, between heritage and new technologies, a reflection on the glass of the history wh...
08-08-2019 21:49

The Hooded Cabin | Arkitektværelset As

Designed by Arkitektværelset As, A weathered mountain top with a magnificent view and strict building regulation determined Arkitektværelset?s design ...
07-08-2019 21:50

A constraint based form: a mixed-use building in Moscow

Designed by KPLN Architectural Bureau, A constraint-based form: mixed-use building in Moscow residential district. The tomahawk-like form of this mixe...
07-08-2019 21:50

Saba Office Building | 7Hoor Architecture Studio + SBAD

Tehran is growing through the transformation of small family houses to apartment buildings, destroying the city view and resulting in a limited depth ...
06-08-2019 22:01

House in La Marca | Marco Salazar Valle

Designed by Marco Salazar Valle, Informal generic architecture is the reference of this universal “primitive refuge” where steel and concrete bloc...
06-08-2019 22:01

House T | META-Project

Designed by META-Project, A new beach house has recently been completed in Aranya, Qinhuangdao, China. Qinhuangdao, with its geographic reason as havi...
05-08-2019 21:58

Central Park Yanlord Nantong | Shanghai Tianhua Archite

Designed by Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design, The project has a total of 3,400?, of which the ground is 1,400?. The ground is mainly composed of ...
05-08-2019 21:58

Wine Museum | Atelier 405

Designed by Atelier 405, The Douro territory from northern Portugal has the most antique demarcated wine regions in the world. The town of Săo Joăo da...
04-08-2019 21:51

Interface Headquarters | Perkins+Will

Designed by Perkins+Will, Interface, Inc., world-leading modular flooring company for commercial applications and leader in sustainability, chose to r...
04-08-2019 21:51

Bending Bridges | Centro de Estudios Superiores de Dise

Designed by CEDIM, Within the context of double-layered shells in architecture, there is wide contemporary research which is bringing relevant advance...
26-07-2019 21:58

Sidra Medical and Research Center | Pelli Clarke Pelli

Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Sidra Medicine is a world-class hospital and ambulatory care center offering state-of-the-art clinical serv...
20-07-2019 21:50

Yamasen Japanese Restaurant | TERRAIN architects

Designed by TERRAIN architects, A commercial building was built for a Japanese restaurant, a cafe, and small shops sharing a concept that enhances loc...
20-07-2019 21:50

Jiangnan Courtyard | PTArchitects

Designed by PTArchitects, The wise finds pleasure in water; the virtuous seeks pleasure in hills. An elegant, peaceful and silent scenario based in th...
20-07-2019 21:50

2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition -Blossom Pavilion |

Designed by MAYU Architects, Blossom Pavilion is a permanent pavilion of 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition, intended for floral exhibition, competi...
19-07-2019 21:52

Hotel and Restaurant in the ancient Montalván Pottery Factor

Designed by AF6 Arquitectos, The Montalván Pottery Factory finished its production as a ceramic?s factory in 2012. After its closure and new acquisiti...
19-07-2019 21:52

Lava Homes | Diogo Mega Architects

Designed by Diogo Mega Architects, With a unique landscape, cultural heritage and environmental surroundings, where calm and tranquility predominate o...
19-07-2019 21:52

Building 83 Interior Architecture | Bora Architects

Designed by Bora Architects, Intended as an engine for igniting creativity and sparking new ideas, Building 83 brings together 1200 users from 14 diff...
18-07-2019 21:53

Reilstad Summerhouse | Helen & Hard

Designed by Helen & Hard, Reilstad is on the island of Finnűy – one of the largest islands in Ryfylke. The island is characterized by its typical No...
18-07-2019 21:53

ANIS Office Building | DREAM + Nicolas Laisné

The Nice Méridia urban technology hub is now home to Anis, an office building with terraces designed by the architects Dimitri Roussel and Nicolas Lai...
18-07-2019 21:53

The Cabin House | ART Proyectos y Arquitectura

The Cabin House designed by ART Proyectos y Arquitectura, During the first visit to the place, the team already realized that this project would be sp...
17-07-2019 21:58

IHA Residence | Wallmakers

IHA Residence designed by Wallmakers, The Client Mrs. Tara Pillai and Mr. Sreekumar, based in Delhi wanted an eco-friendly abode that also retains the...
17-07-2019 21:58

London’s Mayor ends Foster and Partners Plan of the Tu

Despite the fact that The Tulip Tower’s plans gained preliminary approval three months ago from the City of London’s planning and transportation c...
17-07-2019 21:58

Moose Road | Mork-Ulnes Architects

Moose Road designed by Mork-Ulnes Architects, Three locally known land formations can be seen from the site of this project: ?Eagle Rock?, a mountain ...
16-07-2019 21:53

A radiating timber roof structure is displayed in a Buddhist

Persimmon Hills Architects, the Japanese architecture firm has just finished the construction of a Timber Kannondo, or in a layman’s term main hall ...
16-07-2019 21:53

CT House | nicolasCRUZarquitectos

CT House designed by nicolasCRUZarquitectos, The terrain is characterized by being a kind of plateau between two slopes that fall towards the Ranco La...
16-07-2019 21:53

International Accommodation Center For The Oceanological Obs

Designed by Atelier Fernandez & Serres, This project of an accommodation center consists of a restaurant, working space for scientific research and se...
16-07-2019 21:53

Sparkletots Preschool By PAP Community Foundation | LAU

Designed by LAUD Architects, Sparkletots Preschool By PAP Community Foundation is amongst the first mega child care centers to be introduced in Singap...
15-07-2019 21:55

Sare House and Caracali House | LSD Architects

Designed by LSD Architects, This is a residential complex of 2 houses developed in a beautiful beachfront property in a very exclusive area of the Pen...
15-07-2019 21:55

The Roc Rail Operations Center | Jacobs + Smart Design

The new Rail Operations Centre for Sydney Trains was designed by Jacobs in association with Smart Design Studio. The concept for the building was born...
15-07-2019 21:55

Solaz Los Cabos Hotel | Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

Designed by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos, The extraordinary natural surroundings of the peninsula of Baja California with its semi-desert landscape in s...
14-07-2019 21:53

Planning Exhibition, Museum & Archive in Shangrao |

Designed by AZL Architects, Shangrao is a developing inland city. Like most other inland cities, Shangrao is undergoing a period of urban construction...
14-07-2019 21:53

Manitoboggan Slide | Public City Architecture

Designed by Public City Architecture, Where there are no hills, you build them. This is not a half pipe, not a ski jump, and it is not a luge course. ...
14-07-2019 21:53

Sam?s Creek House | Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Arch

Designed by Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects, Situated on a slip of land between Sams Creek inlet and the Atlantic Ocean, the home design for a yo...
13-07-2019 21:52

Harmon Guest House | David Baker Architects

Designed by David Baker Architects, An expansion to the family, the Harmon Guest House joins DBA?s h2hotel and Hotel Healdsburg to complete a trio of ...
13-07-2019 21:52

Little Shelter Hotel | Department of Architecture

Designed by Department of Architecture, Little Shelter is located in Chiang Mai where its old cityscape and vernacular architecture are characterized ...
13-07-2019 21:52

CIMC Headquarter Office Building | CCDI Dongxiying Stud

Designed by CCDI Dongxiying Studio, CIMC Headquarter Office Building is located in the southern section of Songshan Lake National High-tech Developmen...
12-07-2019 21:53

2211 Cambie | Arno Matis Architecture

Designed by Arno Matis Architecture, A once forgotten site sitting adjacent a new underground rapid transit line, this project sits on the southern ga...
12-07-2019 21:53

The Exchange | Harry Gugger Studio

Designed by Harry Gugger Studio, Surrounded by water and framed by mountains, the unique urban cityscape of Vancouver?s downtown is defined by its spe...
12-07-2019 21:53

Apartment Building | DROO

DROO Projects is a Paris/London based studio specializing in high-end residential design. This boutique apartment building tucked in behind a narrow l...
11-07-2019 21:54

UBC Aquatic Center | MJMA + Acton Ostry Architects

Completed in 2017, the 8,000 square meter UBC Aquatic Center is a collaboration of MJMA (MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects) and Acton Ostry Archit...
11-07-2019 21:54

IV Castle Lane Apartments | DROO

High-end residential development is a boutique development of 28 apartments and 3 townhouses in Central London. It is located in the historic Birdcage...
11-07-2019 21:54

Miami Skyline welcomes Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museu

Zaha Hadid’s legacy continues with a curving structural “exoskeleton” that snakes in front of glass facades, One Thousand Museum joins a row of ...
10-07-2019 21:54

UBC Quantum Matter Institute | PUBLIC Architecture + Co

Designed by PUBLIC Architecture + Communication, The Quantum Matter Institute houses an interdisciplinary group of researchers that study things at th...
10-07-2019 21:54

Cambie Apartments | Haeccity Studio Architecture

Haeccity Studio Architecture, a Vancouver-based practice, recently completed a major revitalization of a 3-story, wood-framed 1920s character building...
10-07-2019 21:54

Studio Three | D’Arcy Jones Architects

Designed by D’Arcy Jones Architects, This renovation focused on building a sculptural light-filled liner inside a 106-year-old space. Photography: S...
10-07-2019 21:54

Split Level House | D’Arcy Jones Architects

Designed by D’Arcy Jones Architects, Split Level House gutted and re-built a classic split-level house from the early 1980s. Along angular space was...
09-07-2019 21:53

Missing Middle Infill Housing | Haeccity Studio Archite

Missing Middle Infill Housing designed by Haeccity Studio Architecture, Characterized by the layering of many periods of the city?s history, the West ...
09-07-2019 21:53

Yew House | Campos Studio + Tom Chung Studio

Yew Street House is a traditional Vancouver house that was renovated to suit aging in place. The project was executed as a collaboration between Vanco...
09-07-2019 21:53

FIU Chapman Graduate School of Business | KPF

Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, The Florida International University Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Graduate School of Business serves as an academic ...
08-07-2019 21:53

Interior Build-out at the Gansevoort Hotel South | NC-o

Designed by NC-office, The project is an interior build-out at the Gansevoort Hotel South in Miami Beach. The design seeks to emphasize the proportion...
08-07-2019 21:53

Art Deco Project | Aranda Lasch

Designed by Aranda Lasch, Art Deco is the inspiration for this commercial building in Miami. Located in the city’s new Design District, the building...
07-07-2019 21:52

Brillhart House | Brillhart Architecture

LIVING IN THE LANDSCAPE This 1,500 sf house, which draws upon the American glass pavilion typology, Dog Trot, and principles of Florida Modernism, pro...
07-07-2019 21:52

Casa Bahia | Alejandro Landes

Designed by Alejandro Landes, Casa Bahia is a tropical retreat in the heart of Miami. It is a framework for living, with a design philosophy that prio...
07-07-2019 21:52

Coral Gables Residence | Touzet Studio

Designed by Touzet Studio, The client for this house is a pioneer in the technology field and a committed modernist. The project is located on a water...
07-07-2019 21:52

China’s Haishang Museum campus new design by Alvaro Si

They say if you fail, then try again.. but in reality, if you are successful at something then you might repeat the same steps to ensure the same succ...
07-07-2019 21:52

Icon Bay | Arquitectonica

Designed by Arquitectonica, This thin elongated tower floats over a new waterfront park. It is the first of a new generation of residential towers on ...
07-07-2019 21:52

Bliss Miami | A+I Design Corp

Designed by A+I Design Corp, Bliss Spa is a company with a very strong identity. The challenge the design team faced was to create a unique 3-story sp...
07-07-2019 21:52

ICA Miami Museum | Aranguren&Gallegos Arquitectos

ICA Miami Museum designed by Aranguren&Gallegos Arquitectos, The new Headquarters of ICA MIAMI Foundation is a museum that offers itself to the city a...
05-07-2019 21:52

Dior Miami Facade | Barbaritobancel Architectes

The first natural approach is to gather the values which build Dior?s identity: France, Paris, Versailles, The ?Haute Couture?, The elegance, the refi...
05-07-2019 21:52

Pine Tree | SAOTA

Pine Tree designed by SAOTA, Open plan living and the ability to live in and through your home has inspired this transparent and easy-living family ho...
04-07-2019 21:57

Dilido House | SAOTA

The setting for this Miami house is on a pie shaped lot on the southern tip of Dilido Island with superb views of the islands, downtown, and South Bea...
04-07-2019 21:57

Céline Flagship Store | Valerio Olgiati

Céline Flagship Store designed by Valerio Olgiati, A marble shell is laid over an existing two-story structure. The facades, floors, walls, ceilings a...
04-07-2019 21:57

08 Albatross Avenue House | Studio Workshop

Designed by Studio Workshop, 8 Albatross is a three-story pair of beach residences with an east-facing aspect toward the Pacific Ocean, situated along...
03-07-2019 21:55

Brickell City Centre | Arquitectonica + ArquitectonicaG

Brickell City Centre, Swire Properties Inc.?s massive mixed-use project in the heart of Miami, has been integrally woven with a lush native and adapte...
03-07-2019 21:55

Metropolis 450 Penthouse. | Alexandre Dal Fabbro

Designed by Alexandre Dal Fabbro, In the middle of the bustling metropolis, Alexandre Dal Fabbro gives a contemporary atmosphere combined with Brazili...
02-07-2019 21:55

Grasshopper?s Dream: South Korea latest cafe is a pair of Gr

The Grasshopper?s Dream is a cafe with a difference located near the Gujeol-ri train station which is along the popular Auraji rail bike route near Je...
02-07-2019 21:55

SimplyWork 6.0 Co-Working Space | 11architecture

SimplyWork Designed by 11architecture, The site for this project was selected on the top floor and the penthouse of an existing industrial building lo...
02-07-2019 21:55

MenScience Flagship Store | Hollwich Kushner

In the wake of HWKN’s awarding winning WENDY for PS 1, the New York firm has designed a flagship store in SoHo for MenScience, a dermatological-grad...
02-07-2019 21:55

Kansas State University – College of Architecture, Pla

Responding to the College?s focus on the designer as an instrument for positive change in the world, the building design creates a sense of place for ...
01-07-2019 21:59

House Heidehof | Alexander Brenner Architects

House Heidehof designed by Alexander Brenner Architects, The almost triangular shape of this plot, with its long street front and an impressive plane ...
01-07-2019 21:59

Veronica House Elderly Care Facility | f m b architekte

In the new residential community of the Veronica House, the site for the project is compact. The structure allows the urban transition from the relati...
01-07-2019 21:59

New Museum in Manhattan Gets a New Extension by OMA

OMA, the New York branch of the architecture firm has revealed its design for the extension to the city’s SANAA–designed New Museum; which is an a...
01-07-2019 21:59

Child and Youth Center Helene P. | Kauffmann Theilig &#

Child and Youth Center Helene P. designed by Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, Right at the main road that leads to the inner city of Stuttgart, there was ...
30-06-2019 21:54

Headquarters schlaich bergermann und partner | Ippolito

Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH, Schlaich Bergermann und partner is an engineering firm with a global reputation, known above all for its stadi...
30-06-2019 21:54

Centre for Virtual Engineering | UNStudio

Centre for Virtual Engineering designed by UNStudio, Contemporary companies, particularly those in the creative industries, are bringing about substan...
30-06-2019 21:54

Rothschild Bank Headquarters | OMA

OMA recently completed their first building in London. The new 21,000sqm building is located in the narrow medieval alley of St Swithin’s Lane, in t...
29-06-2019 21:53

Headquarters Siegle + Epple | Spacial Solutions

Designed by Spacial Solutions, Headquarters Siegle + Epple represent the first phase of construction in the master plan of a ca. 23,000 m2 corporate h...
29-06-2019 21:53

Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall | ICD/ITKE/IIGS Unive

The Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall is an architectural prototype building and a showcase for the current developments in computational design and r...
29-06-2019 21:53

Cai Guo Qiang Studio | OMA

The renovation and expansion of Cai Guo-Qiang?s studio in New York, led by OMA Partner Shohei Shigematsu, organize the studio?s multiple functions aro...
28-06-2019 21:54

Great Ape House | Hascher Jehle Architektur

Designed by Hascher Jehle Architektur, The park-like character of the ‘Wilhelma’-Zoo remains and will be continuing consequently. The conception o...
28-06-2019 21:54

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News most viewed Today

South Australian brand launches solar-powered furniture

South Australian brand launches solar-powered...

South Australian outdoor furniture brand Sedi has developed bespoke benches and shelter options for smart cities and regional areas. Bronte Modra, the director of Adelaide-based modular engineering company Specialised Solutions, created the Sedi... -
Arced concrete walls invite visitors into House in Konohana

Arced concrete walls invite visitors into Hou...

FujiwaraMuro Architects has built a house in Osaka, Japan, which is separated from the street by two curved concrete walls. FujiwaraMuro Architects designed the three-bedroom family house in Osaka\'s Konohana ward, to allow for outdoor parking in... -
ICA Miami opens permanent home in metal-faced building by Aranguren + Gallegos

ICA Miami opens permanent home in metal-faced...

Miami\'s Institute of Contemporary Art has opened its dedicated building in the city\'s Design District, featuring a metallic facade designed by Spanish firm Aranguren + Gallegos Arquitectos to act as a "magnet" for visitors. The ICA is now... -
Contemporary cottage design flooded with light in Sagaponack

Contemporary cottage design flooded with ligh...

Mimicking the architecture of shingled cottages you would see in the Hamptons, this home is the imagination of Blaze Makoid Architecture, nestled in the charming village of Sagaponack, in Southampton, New York. Interiors studio Axis Mundi also... -
visual display?s concept store references ani agip?s filling station motels

visual display?s concept store references ani...

the design for a renovation of an abandoned hangar comprises a bike workshop, an osteria, and a concept store for motorcycle lovers. The post visual display’s concept store references ani agip’s filling station motels appeared first on... -
IAAC graduates propose parasitic pods as alternative to cage homes in Hong Kong

IAAC graduates propose parasitic pods as alte...

Flux Haus is a parasitic housing scheme, which has been conceptualised by Kammil Carranza, Jitendra Farkade and Vinay Khare, that would engulf five towers in Hong Kong with single-person pods. The Institute for Advanced Architecture of... -
edoardo tresoldi teases new work at ?arte sella? open air museum in italy

edoardo tresoldi teases new work at ?arte sel...

eager to see details of his next adventure, designboom has been following the artist on social media, where he teased a bit of the process behind his new installation. The post edoardo tresoldi teases new work at ‘arte sella’ open air... -
Barker Freeman overhuals narrow Brooklyn row house for a family of four

Barker Freeman overhuals narrow Brooklyn row ...

US firm Barker Freeman Design Office has renovated a slender brick row house in Brooklyn and added a two-storey extension with a glass wall overlooking a garden (+ slideshow). Called the 12 Foot Wide Rowhouse, the project entailed the... -
AD architecture?s office in guangzhou province is a playful combination of sculptures

AD architecture?s office in guangzhou provinc...

with the contrast of square and round elements, the ingenious use of materials, colors, and formations, as well as the application of an abstract concept, the designers created a space full of art pieces. The post AD architecture’s office in... -
Westrock House / Tom Hurt Architecture

Westrock House / Tom Hurt Architecture

Tom Hurt Architecture Studio has renovated and extended in 2016 the Westrock House, a 1950?s farm house in Austin, Texas. The new six-level addition overlooks the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Continue reading -

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