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Mid-century Modern by JWT Architecture

This modern mid-century house located in British Columbia, Canada was designed by JWT Architecture. Photography courtesy of JWT Architecture...
16-10-2018 21:20

Blue Coat Lane Home by Vita Design Group

Designed by Vita Design Group, this modern two-story house is located in the United States. Photography courtesy of Vita Design Group ...
16-10-2018 21:20

Soft Loft by LineArchitects

This creative loft apartment located in Chisinau, Moldova was designed by LineArchitects. Description by LineArchitects Living space for a ...
16-10-2018 21:20

House in Les-Portes-en-Ré by Martins Afonso Atelier de Desig

This modern single family house located in Les-Portes-en-Ré, France was designed by Martins Afonso Atelier de Design. Photography courtesy o...
16-10-2018 21:20

Black Line Apartment by Arhitektura

This modern wooden apartment situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia was designed in 2015 by Arhitektura d.o.o. Photography by Jure Gorsic Visit Ar...
15-10-2018 21:20

Industrial Home in Correggio

Industrial single family home situated in Correggio, Italy. Photography by Elena Romani...
15-10-2018 21:20

Small Size Apartment by BDRbureau

This tiny contemporary apartment located in Turin, Italy, was designed by BDRbureau. Description by BDRbureau The small size of the house is...
15-10-2018 21:20

Finca ELS Olivers by Serge Castella

This rustic residence located in Bascara, Spain was designed in 2017 by Serge Castella. Photography courtesy of Serge Castella Visit Serge Ca...
12-10-2018 21:20

Treetops House by Specht Architects

The Treetops House by Specht Architects is a renovation and major expansion of a 1955 suburban ranch house located in Austin, Texas. Desc...
12-10-2018 21:20

Urban Garden Residence in Spain

This beautiful contemporary residence is situated in Spain. Photography by Jean Lozada...
12-10-2018 21:20

Malcolm Home by Big House Little House

This contemporary two-story house located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, was designed by Big House Little House. Photography courtesy ...
11-10-2018 21:20

House in Naples by The Decorators Unlimited

Designed by The Decorators Unlimited, this contemporary home situated in Naples, Florida incorporates beautiful natural textures and stones. The palet...
11-10-2018 21:20

Cove House by Justin Humphrey

This elegant new residence designed by Justin Humphrey is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Description by Justin Humphrey Cove Hou...
11-10-2018 21:20

Vitra Haus by Herzog & de Meuron

Contemporary Vitra showroom / offices situated in Weil am Rhein, Germany, designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Photography by Marcela Grassi Visi...
11-10-2018 21:20

Bathroom Faucets You’ll Love

Today, after a long time we prepared a selection of inspiring bathroom sink faucets. Enjoy! Two Handle Waterfall Bathroom Faucet Creative Arch desig...
11-10-2018 21:20

Trigg Beach House by David Wilkes Design

Situated in Perth, Australia, this inspiring beach house was designed by David Wilkes Design. Photography by Jody D’Arcy Visit David Wi...
10-10-2018 21:20

El Retiro Park Loft by Ábaton Arquitectura

Designed by Ábaton Arquitectura, this creative loft apartment is located in Madrid, Spain. Description by Ábaton Arquitectura The dwelling...
10-10-2018 21:20

Boscastle Road House by Finkernagel Ross

This traditional townhouse located in London, United Kingdom was redesigned and extended by German Finkernagel Ross. Photography courtesy ...
10-10-2018 21:20

Residence in Knokke-Heist by Luc de Beir

This contemporary three-story residence located in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, was designed by Luc de Beir. Photography by Beeldcollectief Visit L...
10-10-2018 21:20

Northbridge House by Blake Studios

Situated in Sydney, Australia, this inspiring single family house was designed by Blake Studios. Photography courtesy of Blake Studios...
09-10-2018 21:20

The Shed by Alida and Miller

Located near Lismore, NSW, Australia, this modern retreat was designed by Alida and Miller. Photography courtesy of Alida and Miller Visit A...
09-10-2018 21:20

Monochrome Apartment by Mono Architects

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, this modern apartment was designed in 2017 by Mono Architects. Photography courtesy of Mono Architects Visit Mono ...
09-10-2018 21:20

Comfort Apartment by Need Design

This beautiful 1,830 sq ft apartment located in Dnipro, Ukraine, was designed by Need Design. Description by Need Design Apartment with a...
09-10-2018 21:20

Como 3 by Refined Edge Homes

This contemporary two-story residence located in WA, Australia was designed by Refined Edge Homes. Photography courtesy of Refined Edge Ho...
09-10-2018 21:20

Contemporary Beach House by Beacon Construction Group

This beautiful contemporary beach house located in Palm Beach, Florida, was designed by Beacon Construction Group. Photography courtesy of...
09-10-2018 21:20

Apartment 701 by SHROFFLEóN

This contemporary spacious apartment located in India, was designed in 2017 by SHROFFLEóN. Description by SHROFFLEóN The 5 bedroom home...
09-10-2018 21:20

Tiny Apartment by A Little Design

This tiny 237 sq ft apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan, was completely redesigned in 2015 by A Little Design. Description by A Little Design...
05-10-2018 21:20

Longtail House by OBM International

This spacious coastal residence located in Bermuda, was designed by OBM International. Description by OBM International Designed to be a l...
05-10-2018 21:20

Riviera 65 by Metricon

Located in Sorrento, QLD, Australia, this beautiful contemporary two-story house was designed by Metricon. Photography courtesy of Metr...
05-10-2018 21:20

Genesee Mountain House by Ashleigh Weatherill Interior Desig

Redesigned by Ashleigh Weatherill Interior Design, this inspiring mountain house is located in Golden, Colorado, United States. Description ...
05-10-2018 21:20

VR Villa by YTAA – Youssef Tohme Architects and Associ

This contemporary concrete residence located in Beirut, Lebanon, was designed in 2016 by YTAA – Youssef Tohme Architects and Associates. D...
04-10-2018 21:20

DIYA House by Spasm Design Architects

Located in Ahmedabad, India, this spacious contemporary house was designed in 2016 by Spasm Design Architects. Description by Spasm Des...
04-10-2018 21:20

Farm House by Van Os Architecten

Van Os Architecten converted an old farm located in Sprundel, Netherlands into a warm industrial farmhouse. Photography by Van Os Architect...
04-10-2018 21:20

Meadow Drive Home by Pierce Architects

This beautiful mountain house located in Veil, Colorado was designed in 2016 by Pierce Architects. Photography by Dan Davis, Zach Mahone Visit...
04-10-2018 21:20

Magnolia Soul by Green Sheep Collective

Contemporary house extended and redesigned in 2017 by Green Sheep Collective, located in Melbourne, Australia. Description by Green Sheep Co...
03-10-2018 21:20

Queens Park House by Alexander &CO.

The Queens Park house is an alteration and addition of an existing two story semi detached home in Sydney?s Queens Park. The home contains 4 bedrooms ...
03-10-2018 21:20

Can Durban Villa by Laurence Sonck

Complete transformation of an old traditional finca with a new building extension, pool etc in the heart of Ibiza. Photography by Philip Bra...
03-10-2018 21:20

CKO Apartment by David Ito Arquitetura

This contemporary duplex penthouse redesigned by David Ito Arquitetura is situated in Higienópolis, São Paulo, Brazil. Description by Da...
02-10-2018 21:21

CROYO Headquarters by Shenzhen Super Normal Design

Designed by Shenzhen Super Normal Design, this modern 5,845 sq ft CROYO office space is located in Nanning, China. Description by Shenzhen S...
02-10-2018 21:21

La Casa de Cathy by A Lentil Design

This modern colorful apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan, was designed by A Lentil Design. Description by A Lentil Design This is a 63m2 pr...
02-10-2018 21:21

Stone House by MATERIAprima

This traditional stone residence redesigned by MATERIAprima is situated in Pennapiedimonte, Italy. Photography by Sergio Camplone...
02-10-2018 21:21

Southampton Farmhouse by Betty Wasserman

Located in Southampton, New York, this modern 5,000 sq ft farmhouse was designed by Betty Wasserman. Description by Betty Wasserman This ...
01-10-2018 21:21

Beach Courtyard House by Auhaus Architecture

This beautiful beach house located in Victoria, Australia, was designed in 2016 by Auhaus Architecture. Description by Auhaus Architecture Th...
01-10-2018 21:21

CCR1 Residence by Wernerfield

This modern L-shaped retreat designed in 2015 by Wernerfield is located in Texas, United States. Description by Wernerfield The CCR1 Residen...
01-10-2018 21:21

North Toronto Addition by ASQUITH Architecture

This modern two-story house located in North Toronto, Canada, was designed in 2017 by ASQUITH Architecture. Photography by Nanne Springer ...
01-10-2018 21:21

Snow Residence by Colby Construction

Designed by Colby Construction, this traditional three-story residence is located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, United States. Photography cou...
28-09-2018 21:22

Former Warehouse by Jesper Therkildsen

Redesigned by Jesper Therkildsen, this 3,983 sq ft industrial home is situated in Fredericia, Denmark. Description Who: The architect Jesper ...
28-09-2018 21:22

Geographe Bay House by WA Country Builders

This coastal-style single family residence located in Dunsborough, Australia, was designed by WA Country Builders. Description by WA Country...
28-09-2018 21:22

Cumarú Apartment by Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, this inspiring apartment was designed by Diego Revollo Arquitetura. Description by Diego Revollo Arquitet...
27-09-2018 21:22

Shear House by Stpmj

This minimalist single family house located in South Korea was designed in 2016 by Stpmj. Description by Stpmj Shear House seeks how a simp...
27-09-2018 21:22

Monocrome Home by IDstudio

This bright, contemporary apartment designed by IDstudio is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Description by IDstudio We designed a bright, co...
26-09-2018 21:22

Quintessa Pavilions by Walker Warner Architects

This beautiful pavilion situated in Napa Valley, California, designed in 2014 by Walker Warner Architects. Description by Walker Warner Archit...
26-09-2018 21:22

Suchita’s House by Fadd Studio

Located in India, this inspiring spacious apartment was designed by Fadd Studio. Photography by Meister Meister Visit Fadd Studio...
25-09-2018 21:21

Apartment in Poznan by MO Architekci

This modern apartment designed in 2016 by MO Architekci is located in Poznan, Poland. Photography by Ayuko Studio Visit MO Architekci...
25-09-2018 21:21

Sealine Villas by Dezone

Designed by Dezone, these traditional Greek seafront villas are located on the island of Mykonos, Greece. Photography courtesy of Dezo...
25-09-2018 21:21

Living Mansarda by BFA – Barbara Fassoni Architects

Inspiring penthouse apartment located in Milan, Italy, designed by BFA – Barbara Fassoni Architects. Photography by Luca Proserpio – F2f...
25-09-2018 21:21

Lazadenas Apartment by Molins Design

Situated in Barcelona, Spain, this contemporary apartment was designed by Molins Design. Photography by Jordi Miralles Visit Molins Desig...
24-09-2018 21:23

Cabbagetown Coach House by Core Architects

This contemporary 2,500 sq ft home designed by Core Architects is situated in Toronto, Canada. Description by Core Architects The epitome of mo...
24-09-2018 21:23

Apartment in Moscow by FonBureau

This modern 2,045 sq ft apartment located in Moscow, Russia, was designed by FonBureau. Photography courtesy of FonBureau Visit FonBureau...
24-09-2018 21:23

Noma 2.0 by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

Situated within the community of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark, this inspiring restaurant was designed by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. ...
24-09-2018 21:23

Casa ECS by Giuseppe Gurrieri

This minimalist single-story residence located in Scicli, Italy, was designed in 2017 by Giuseppe Gurrieri. Photography by Filippo Poli ...
21-09-2018 21:22

Contemporary Home by Kata Koppany

Situated in Budapest, Hungary, this contemporary single family residence was designed by Kata Koppany. by Kata Koppany Description by Kata...
21-09-2018 21:22

XIV Toba Bettei by Nikken

Designed in 2016 by Nikken, this beautiful membership resort hotel is situated in Toba, Ise-Shima, Japan. Description by Nikken These gues...
21-09-2018 21:22

Glass and Stone Oasis by Merle

Located in Cle Elum, Washington, this beautiful retreat was designed by Merle. Photography by Kevin Scott Visit Merle...
21-09-2018 21:22

Casa PP by Sarah Pidatella

This modern apartment located in Pedara, Italy, was designed in 2017 by Sarah Pidatella. Photography courtesy of Sarah Pidatella...
20-09-2018 21:23

Eichler X-100 by Lucile Glessner Design

One of a kind Joe Eichler’s midcentury home located in San Mateo, California, redesigned by Lucile Glessner Design. Photography by Sabr...
20-09-2018 21:23

Familny Apartment by Za-Za Interior Design

This inspiring contemporary apartment located in Brovary, Ukraine, was designed by Za-Za Interior Design. Photography courtesy of Za-Za In...
20-09-2018 21:23

New Riga Residence by Yolo Bureau

Designed in 2016 by Yolo Bureau, this inspiring 3,000 sqft residence is situated in Istra, Russian Federation. Photography by Svetlana Ign...
19-09-2018 21:24

PURO Kraków Kazimierz by Conran and Partners

Located in Kraków – Kazimierz, Poland, this beautiful contemporary hotel was designed by Conran and Partners. Description by PURO Kraków ...
19-09-2018 21:24

Mountain House by Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten

This timeless mountain house situated in Ausseerland / Austria, was designed in 2017 by Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten. Description by Gan...
19-09-2018 21:24

Wireless House by Tips Architects

This modern bright residence located in Milan, Italy, was designed by Tips Architects. Photography courtesy of Tips Architects Visit Tips Arc...
19-09-2018 21:24

Apartment Redesign by QBarquitectos

Redesigned by QBarquitectos, this modern apartment is located in Spain. Photography by Pelut i Pelat Visit QBarquitectos...
18-09-2018 21:23

Attico Vicenza by Anna Laura Businaro

Modern attic apartment located in Vicenza, Italy, redesigned and extended by Anna Laura Businaro of ALB Studio Project. Photography courtes...
18-09-2018 21:23

Muzha Micro Flat by Phoebesayswow Architects

Designed by Phoebesayswow Architects, this tiny apartment is situated in Taipei, Taiwan. Description by by Phoebesayswow Architects An afford...
18-09-2018 21:23

Modern House by

Located in Japan, this inspiring modern single family house was designed by Photography courtesy of Visit
18-09-2018 21:23

The Etch House by Fraher Architects

This inspiring townhouse located in London, United Kingdom, was redesigned in 2015 by Fraher Architects. Description by Fraher Architects T...
17-09-2018 21:21

Container House by Matt Mcleod

Located in Vancouver, Canada, this inspiring container house was designed in 2017 by Matt Mcleod. Description by Matt Mcleod The Container ...
17-09-2018 21:21

Wales House by Flavin Architects

The Wales House is a post-and-beam, Mid-Century-Modern home redesigned by Flavin Architects. The one-story program is nestled under three large low-sl...
17-09-2018 21:21

Mullet House by RUFproject

This modern single family house redesigned by RUFproject is situated in Vancouver, Canada. Description by RUFproject The project is a uniq...
17-09-2018 21:21

Portola Valley Barn by Walker Warner Architects

This modern barn house located in Portola Valley, California, was designed in 2011 by Walker Warner Architects. Description by Walker Warner...
14-09-2018 21:20

Modern Apartment by Menichetti+Caldarelli

Designed by Menichetti+Caldarelli, this modern apartment is located in Sirolo, Italy. Photography by Paolo Tosti Visit Menichetti+Caldarelli...
14-09-2018 21:20

Line Graph House by Zubu Design Associates

Located in Iligan City, Philippines, this contemporary two-story house was designed in 2015 by Zubu Design Associates. Photography courtesy o...
14-09-2018 21:20

Apartment in Israel by Dana Shaked

Situated in Israel, this inspiring contemporary apartment was designed by Dana Shaked. Photography courtesy of Dana Shaked Visit Dana Shake...
14-09-2018 21:20

Rural Apartment by Normless

Situated in Thessaloniki, Greece, this contemporary 2,000 sq ft apartment was designed in 2017 by Normless. Description by Normless The co...
13-09-2018 21:20

Student’s Apartment by Timur Sharipov

Designed by Timur Sharipov, this tiny contemporary apartment is located in Moscow, Russian Federation. Photography courtesy of Timur Sharip...
13-09-2018 21:20

Grateful House by Shaun Tang Interior Design

This modern single family house located in Taipei, Taiwan, was designed in 2016 by Shaun Tang Interior Design. Photography courtesy of Sha...
12-09-2018 21:21

K House by Pierattelli Architetture

Located in Florence, Italy, this modern luxury apartment was designed by Pierattelli Architetture. Description by Pierattelli Architetture Th...
12-09-2018 21:21

Modern Townhouse by Finney Construction

Designed by Finney Construction, this beautiful single family house is located in Melbourne, Australia. Photography courtesy of Finney Constr...
12-09-2018 21:21

House AB by Didone Comacchio Architects

Situated in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, this modern penthouse apartment was redesigned in 2017 by Didone Comacchio Architects. Photography cou...
12-09-2018 21:21

Northern Dune by Musa Studio

Located in Chi?in?u, Moldova, this contemporary 860 sq ft apartment was designed by Musa Studio. Description by Musa Studio The initial layou...
11-09-2018 21:20

Church House by DAH Architecture

Located in Brisbane, Australia, this contemporary residence was redesigned and extended in 2017 by DAH Architecture. Description by DAH A...
11-09-2018 21:20

Mid-Century House in Beverly Hills

This beautiful midcentury residence is situated in Beverly Hills, California. Photography by Joel Reis Architecture and Real Estate Photo...
11-09-2018 21:20

Wingzor by NORTHBOURNE Architecture + Design

Two contemporary, light filled, three-story townhouses in Windsor, Melbourne, designed by NORTHBOURNE Architecture + Design. Photography by ...
10-09-2018 21:22

Bachelor Pad by Lux Decor

This inspiring home located in Canada, was recently completed by Lux Decor. Photography by Angela Auclair Visit Lux Decor...
10-09-2018 21:22

Kangaroo Point by Uniq Building Group

Designed by Uniq Building Group, this inspiring single family house is situated in Sydney, Australia. Photography courtesy of Uniq Building ...
10-09-2018 21:22

Refugium Betzenstein by Bio-Design-Ferienwohnung

This contemporary retreat located in the heart of the Franconian Switzerland-Veldenstein Forest Nature Park, Germany, was designed by Bio-Design-Ferie...
10-09-2018 21:22

Ibirapuera Apartment by Casa14 Arquitetura

This beautiful apartment designed in 2015 by Casa14 Arquitetura is situated in São Paulo, Brazil. Description by Casa14 Arquitetura...
07-09-2018 21:22

Oslo House by Ramon Esteve Estudio

This modern single family house located in Alicante, Spain, was designed by Ramon Esteve Estudio. Description by Ramon Esteve Estudio The ...
07-09-2018 21:22

Holly Penthouse by Tom Robertson Architects

Situated in Melbourne, Australia, this beautiful penthouse apartment was designed by Tom Robertson Architects. Description by Tom Roberts...
07-09-2018 21:22

Y House by Aworkdesign.Studio

Designed by Aworkdesign.Studio, this inspiring apartment is situated in New Taipei, Taiwan. Description by Aworkdesign.Studio Sitting at th...
07-09-2018 21:22

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Rustic yet refined mountain home surrounded by Montana’s wilderness

Rustic yet refined mountain home surrounded b...

This striking architectural masterpiece was designed by one of our favorites, Locati Architects, located in beautiful Seeley-Swan Valley in Western Montana. This rustic retreat is surrounded by lush meadows, stocked ponds, streams and rugged... -
Charting Progress from Green City to Ecocity

Charting Progress from Green City to Ecocity

Dr. Jennie Moore, Associate Dean of Building Design and Construction Technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is joined by Javier Campos, founder of Campos Studio and Max Richter, project architect and co-Director of... -
30+ Amazing fall decorating ideas for your fireplace mantel

30+ Amazing fall decorating ideas for your fi...

Fall is already here, and if you haven’t yet done so, it is time to decorate your fireplace mantel (real or faux) to help celebrate the holiday season. The fireplace is a cozy spot for family to congregate, especially during the holiday season. It... -
Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah

Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah

Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Property, New KSA Home Design, Architecture Images Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah Saudi Arabia Home: Contemporary KSA Property ? design by Badih and Kantar Architects 13 Sep 2016 Al Zahraa Residence,... -
Ponsawan Vuthisatkul creates serving tools to combat obesity

Ponsawan Vuthisatkul creates serving tools to...

Royal College of Art graduate Ponsawan Vuthisatkul has created a series of food serving tools that aim to challenge people\'s perception of portion sizes. Called The New Normal, the collection features six tools of varying sizes; two extra small,... -
Rustic mountain house with a modern twist in Truckee, California

Rustic mountain house with a modern twist in ...

Built in the style of new mountain architecture, this home designed by Ward Young Architects offers a modern twist on the traditional, rustic mountain house. Located in Truckee, California, this was the HGTV Dream Home 2014. Built by Tanamera... -
University of Pau and Pays De L?Adour | Architecture Patrick Mauger

University of Pau and Pays De L?Adour | ...

Designed by Architecture Patrick Mauger, the campus of University of Pau et Pays de l?Adour (UPPA), bearing the hallmark of its architect André Grésy, is immersed in wooded grounds and has a strong relationship with its environment. In order to... -
Digital technology essential to success of co-living, says Space10

Digital technology essential to success of co...

Blockchain, 3D printing and other digital technologies are key to making shared housing models take off, according to research by IKEA\'s innovation lab Space10. In the report Imagine: Exploring the Brave New World of Shared Living, the... -
MAT office?s courtyard in beijing is fenced by green steel canopy imitating trees

MAT office?s courtyard in beijing is fenced b...

branch-shaped steel panel is used to form the outline of the site, and creates two magnified canopies at the entrance to the house and the outdoor recreational space for the young dwellers. The post MAT office’s courtyard in beijing is fenced... -
The Cliff House by McCall Design & Planning

The Cliff House by McCall Design & Planning

Photography by Gabe Border   McCall Design & Planning have designed a waterfront vacation home for an active family in Idaho, that sits on a rocky cliff and overlooks Payette Lake.   Photography by Gabe Border The exterior of the Cliff... -

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