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New Modern Home by The Crew Builders

Located in Florida, United States, this modern single family residence has been designed in 2018 by The Crew Builders. Photography courtesy...
20-01-2020 21:20

Englishman Bay Retreat by Whitten Architects

This modern wooden retreat designed in 2018 by Whitten Architects is located north of Acadia National Park, in Maine, United States. D...
20-01-2020 21:20


Located in Maehongsorn, the northern province in Thailand where surrounds by mountains, MHS house is the small house project designed for a German –...
20-01-2020 21:20

Apartment in Forlimpopoli by Mara Magotti Gondoni

This inspiring two-floor apartment located in Forlimpopoli, Italy, has been recently designed by Mara Magotti Gondoni. Photography courtesy...
20-01-2020 21:20

Millerton Farmhouse by Olson Kundig

Designed in 2016 by Olson Kundig, this single family retreat is situated in Millerton, New York. Description ?The concept was a farmhouse com...
17-01-2020 21:20

APT41 by Reveria Studio

Redesigned in 2017 by Reveria Studio, this mid-century apartment is located in Milan, Italy. Photography by Vito Corvasce Visit Reveria Stud...
17-01-2020 21:20

Aglae House by AFARQ Arquitectos

This weekend house located 75 miles from Santo Domingo, Chile, has been designed by AFARQ Arquitectos. Description Casa Aglae is our propos...
17-01-2020 21:20

Apartment P5 by Marasovic Arhitekti

Recently redesigned by Marasovic Arhitekti, this modern industrial apartment is situated in Koper, Slovenia. Description Although it is locat...
17-01-2020 21:20

Bosco Diffuso Chalet by Dario Turani Associati

Designed in 2019 by Dario Turani Associati, this luxurious chalet is located in Saint Moritz, Switzerland. Photography by Dario Turani V...
16-01-2020 21:20

Southfields Flats by Oakman Architecture

This townhouse situated in London, United Kingdom, has been converted into three beautiful apartments by Oakman Architecture. Photograp...
16-01-2020 21:20

Courtyard Villa by Archstudio

This brick vacation house situated in Hebei, China, has been recently designed by Archstudio. Description The project is situated on a flat ...
16-01-2020 21:20

Casa Quincho by VA Arquitectos

Located in Gonnet, Buenos Aires, Argentina, this inspiring weekend house has been recently designed by VA Arquitectos. Description This wee...
16-01-2020 21:20

House MRT by Ghiroldidesign

This inspiring traditional home redesigned in 2019 by Ghiroldidesign is located in Mantova, Italy. Photography by Davide Galli Visit Ghirol...
14-01-2020 21:20

House In Kiev by Azovskiy + Pahomova

This inspiring two-level home located in Kiev, Ukraine, has been designed in 2019 by Azovskiy + Pahomova. Photography by Andrey Avdeenk...
14-01-2020 21:20

White Freedom by Azovskiy + Pahomova

This inspiring apartment located in Dnipro, Ukraine, has been designed in 2019 by Azovskiy + Pahomova for young family. Photography by Andr...
14-01-2020 21:20

Farm House in Aragón by Clare Richards

Redesigned in 2016 by Clare Richards, this beautiful Mediterranean farm house is located in Aragón, Spain. Photography by Iñigo Bujedo Agui...
14-01-2020 21:20

Bienville House by Nathan Fell Architecture

This inspiring concrete duplex located in New Orleans, Louisiana, has been recently designed by Nathan Fell Architecture. Description Lo...
13-01-2020 21:20

Sagaponack Compound by Blaze Makoid Architecture

Located in Sagg Pond, New York, this amazing 17,000 sq ft compound has been designed in 2016 by Blaze Makoid Architecture. Description ...
13-01-2020 21:20

House Akerdijk by Arjen Reas

This modern single family house located in Lijnden, Netherlands, has been designed in 2019 by Arjen Reas. Description On the Akerdijk in Li...
13-01-2020 21:20

Long Grove Home by Thomas Architects

This spacious single family residence located in Long Grove, Illinois, has designed in 2019 by Thomas Architects. Photography by Windy City P...
13-01-2020 21:20

C’era Una Volta by R3architetti

Recently redesigned by R3architetti, this stylish apartment is located in Turin, Italy. Photography courtesy of R3architetti Visit R3architett...
10-01-2020 21:20

ZY8 House by Ariel Eisenberg

This modern-traditional family residence located in Zichron Yaakov, Israel, has been designed in 2019 by Ariel Eisenberg. Photography cour...
10-01-2020 21:20

Casa B by Shobhan Kothari

Recently designed by Shobhan Kothari, this inspiring private residence is located in Alibagh, India. Description Fluctuating scales, tra...
10-01-2020 21:20

Open Mazzini by RM Architecture

Redesigned in 2018 by RM Architecture, this inspiring apartment is located close to Rome’s Piazza Mazzini. Photography courtesy of RM Archi...
09-01-2020 21:21

Ridge Mountain Residence by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Archit

Located in Palm Springs, California, this amazing mountain house has been designed in 2018 by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects. Photogr...
09-01-2020 21:21

JB House by Idin Architects

Designed in 2017 by Idin Architects, this modern single family house is located in Thailand. Description JB House is a small house for coupl...
09-01-2020 21:21

Sea View Apartment by Studio Hazak

This beautiful two-floor seafront apartment located in Israel, has been designed in 2018 by Studio Hazak. Description The apartment has a...
08-01-2020 21:20

AR Penthouse by Carola Vannini

This beautiful penthouse apartment, located in the center of Rome, has been completely redesigned by Carola Vannini. Description This apar...
08-01-2020 21:20

M.Z House by Moran Gozali

A duplex house in a prestigious Jerusalem project, situated on a mountainside overlooking picturesque mountainous views. The house, 300 sq.m in size, ...
08-01-2020 21:20

Wadia Residence by Resolution: 4 Architecture

Designed in 2011 by Resolution: 4 Architecture, this 3,000 sq ft duplex loft is located in Manhattan?s Flatiron district. Description Whit...
08-01-2020 21:20

Casa A by REM’A

Located in the outskirts of the city of Guimarães in Portugal, this inspiring single family house has been recently designed by REM’A. ...
07-01-2020 21:20

PH Cortés by ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo

This amazing split-level penthouse apartment located in Mexico City, Mexico, has been designed in 2019 by ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo. ...
07-01-2020 21:20

Whistler Retreat by Carena Dean Design

Redesigned in 2018 by Carena Dean Design, this contemporary mountain home is situated in Whistler, Canada. Description Full renovation of an...
07-01-2020 21:20

Casa T by Davide Moroni Architetto

Situated in Italy, this inspiring two-story home has been recently designed by Davide Moroni Architetto. Photography courtesy of Davide M...
06-01-2020 21:21

Venice Beach Home by Stefani Stein

Designed in 2016 by Stefani Stein, this beautiful beach-style home is located in Venice Beach, California. Photography courtesy of Stefani...
06-01-2020 21:21

Pavilion House by Robert Bourke Architects

Designed in 2019 by Robert Bourke Architects, this contemporary pavilion house is located in Dublin, Ireland. Description A new house for a c...
06-01-2020 21:21

Mermaid Beach Residence by B.E Architecture

This two-story concrete beach house located in Gold Coast, Australia, has been recently designed by B.E Architecture. Description The Mermaid...
03-01-2020 21:20

Peni­nsula House by Bernardes Arquitetura

Designed in 2017 by Bernardes Arquitetura, this coastal weekend home is located close to São Paulo, Brazil. Description Casa Peninsula, a weeken...
03-01-2020 21:20

432 Park Avenue by Nebihe Cihan Studio

This luxurious apartment located in New York City, has been designed in 2019 by Nebihe Cihan Studio. Description Behind the doors of an excl...
03-01-2020 21:20

Casa E by GM Arquitecto

Located in Sant Lluís, Spain, these two housing units separated by a patio have been designed in 2019 by GM Arquitecto. Description This pr...
03-01-2020 21:20

Duplex Kfar Saba by Tammy Eckhaus Interior Design

Designed in 2016 by Tammy Eckhaus Interior Design, this contemporary single family house is located in Kfar Saba / Tel Aviv, Israel. Ph...
02-01-2020 21:20

Konohana House by Suite Plus

This minimalist home located in Osaka, Japan, has been recently designed by Suite Plus. Description This project was for a house located in ...
02-01-2020 21:20

Modern Shingle Style by Brinton Brosius

Located in New Jersey, this traditional single family house has been designed in 2017 by Brinton Brosius. Photography courtesy of Brinton Br...
02-01-2020 21:20

Alta Dale Renovation by Berghuis Construction

This modern private residence located in Ada, Michigan, has been designed in 2019 by Berghuis Construction. Photography courtesy of Berg...
30-12-2019 21:21

Yamanakako Guest House by Irorii Design

This contemporary guest house located in the Japanese village of Yamanakako, has been recently designed by Irorii Design. Photography by Sato...
30-12-2019 21:21

Casa Bahia by Alejandro Landes

Designed in 2015 by Alejandro Landes, this modernist three-story residence is located in Miami, Florida. Description Casa Bahía- a handmad...
30-12-2019 21:21

Glynin Residence by Ad Studio

Designed in 2016 by Ad Studio, this inspiring cottage is located in Istra, Russia. Description The project is an individual private house i...
27-12-2019 21:21

White Bear Lake Home by BCD

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this California modern lakefront home has been designed by Building Concepts and Design. Photography co...
27-12-2019 21:21

Cozy House in the Woods by Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home

This cozy rustic home situated in the woods has been designed by Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home. Photography courtesy of Nathan Taylor for O...
27-12-2019 21:21

Roseberry Street House by Chan Architecture

This contemporary two-story extension to a single family house located in Melbourne, Australia, has been recently designed by Chan Architecture. ...
23-12-2019 21:23

House DC by LENS°ASS Architecten

This beautiful brick residence located in Kampenhout, Belgium, has been designed in 2019 by LENS°ASS Architecten. Description A long stretche...
23-12-2019 21:23

Inclined Slab House by Tetro Arquitetura

Located in Brazil, this inspiring private residence has been designed in 2018 by Tetro Arquitetura. Description This house, set on a s...
23-12-2019 21:23

Platinum House by Coates Design

Located outside of Seattle, WA, this magnificent 2,500 sq ft two-story house has been recently completed by Coates Design Seattle Architects. ...
20-12-2019 21:22

Cachai House by Taller Paralelo

Recently redesigned by Taller Paralelo, this contemporary two-story residence is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Photography courtesy of T...
20-12-2019 21:22

Villa Alders by Joris Verhoeven Architectuur

This modern brick house located in the Dutch village of Waalre has been designed in 2018 by Joris Verhoeven Architectuur. Description With a ...
20-12-2019 21:22

Penthouse Renovation by Studio FFWD Arquitectes

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this small penthouse has been recently redesigned by Studio FFWD Arquitectes. Description The starting poin...
19-12-2019 21:20

Soma Residence by Dumican Mosey Architects

This unique industrial home / gallery designed in 2018 by Dumican Mosey Architects is located in San Francisco, California. Description The e...
19-12-2019 21:20

NW Elegant Modern by Lord Design

Located in Portland, Oregon, this elegant modern home has been completely redesigned in 2017 by Lord Design. Photography courtesy of Lord D...
19-12-2019 21:20

Mountain Modern Home by Brandt Construction

This modern mountain residence located in White Fish, Montana, has been designed in 2016 by Brandt Construction. Photography courtesy of B...
19-12-2019 21:20

Apartment in Saratov by Albert Bagdasaryan

Designed for a young man by Albert Bagdasaryan, this inspiring apartment is located in Saratov, Russia. Description The interior of th...
18-12-2019 21:22

LP by The Ranch Mine

Redesigned in 2019 by The Ranch Mine, this single story brick house is situated in Litchfield Park, Arizona. Description LP is a compete r...
18-12-2019 21:22

FG Apartment by Doot Studio

Recently redesigned by Doot Studio, this modern apartment is located in Verona, Italy. Photography by Davide Galli Visit Doot Studio...
18-12-2019 21:22

Elegant house by T.Z.F Architecture Studio

This contemporary home located in Carmi GAT, Israel, has been recently completed by T.Z.F Architecture Studio. Photography courtesy of T....
18-12-2019 21:22

Casa da Malaca by Mario Martins Atelier

Designed in 2012 by Mario Martins Atelier, this contemporary two-story house is situated in Sargaçal, Lagos, Portugal. Description The desig...
17-12-2019 21:24

Shkrub House by Sergey Makhno

Designed and built by Sergey Makhno Architects, Shkrub house is an unusual two-story house situated in Kozin, Ukraine. Photography...
17-12-2019 21:24

Penthouse in Costa Blanca by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

This minimalist marble penthouse located in Alicante, Spain, has been designed in 2019 by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Description The pr...
17-12-2019 21:24

Fontana DQ1 Apartment by Machado Igreja / Arquitectos

This inspiring 1,528 sq ft apartment designed in 2018 by Machado Igreja / Arquitectos is situated in Lisbon, Portugal. Description This p...
17-12-2019 21:24

Auburn Road House by Solomon Troup Architects

Auburn Road House is a modest, thoughtful intervention to an existing grand Edwardian home in Hawthorn, Australia. Description The existing d...
16-12-2019 21:20

Michigan Loft by Vladimir Radutny Architects

Located in Chicago, Illinois, this inspiring loft apartment has been redesigned in 2018 by Vladimir Radutny Architects. Description Inside...
16-12-2019 21:20

L.N.O House by Oshir Asaban

The house is located in the green countryside neighborhood of Kfar Hess (Israel), this atmospheric orchard house is home to patisserie, her accountant...
16-12-2019 21:20

Winged Retreat by Aidlin Darling Design

This unique private residence located in Carmel Valley, California, has been designed in 2017 by Aidlin Darling Design. Description Nestled ...
16-12-2019 21:20

The Kinii Ski Lodge by Obicua

This contemporary ski lodge located in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been designed in 2019 by Obicua. Description The Kinii is Obicua?s last pr...
13-12-2019 21:20

Woollahra Courtyard House by CO-AP

This inspiring courtyard house redesigned in 2018 by CO-AP is located in Sydney, Australia. Description A new four bedroom home has been desi...
13-12-2019 21:20

Deep Eddy Residence by Austin Modern Properties

This inspiring beach style residence located in Austin, Texas, has been designed in 2019 by Austin Modern Properties. Photography courte...
13-12-2019 21:20

Chalet 5.0 by Yod Design Lab

This contemporary single-story house located in Poltava, Ukraine, has been recently designed by Yod Design Lab. Description Chalet consist...
12-12-2019 21:20

Premuda by Offstage

This colorful apartment situated in Milan, Italy, has been designed in 2019 by Offstage. Photography courtesy of Offstage Visit Offstage...
12-12-2019 21:20

Apartment 14 by Dolgopiatova Design

This 646 sq ft apartment completed in 2017 by Dolgopiatova Design is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Photography courtesy of Dolgopiatova Design Vi...
12-12-2019 21:20

Apartment in Kiev by IQOSA

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, this dark contemporary apartment has been designed in 2019 by IQOSA. Photography courtesy of IQOSA Visit IQOSA...
11-12-2019 21:20

House in the Trees by Luciano Kruk Arquitectos

House in the Trees was designed to be built in Barrio Marítimo II, a neighborhood in Costa Esmeralda, located thirteen kilometers north of the city of...
11-12-2019 21:20

Almadine by Oksana Dolgopiatova

This spacious apartment recently designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova for a family with two children is situated in Kiev, Ukraine. Description ...
11-12-2019 21:20

Madrona House by Wittman Estes

Recently redesigned by Wittman Estes, this contemporary waterfront house is situated in Seattle, Washington. Description Perched on a steep sl...
10-12-2019 21:21

A+V Family House by Modo Architettura + Design

Recently designed by Modo Architettura + Design, this creative apartment is located in Livorno, Italy. Photography courtesy of Modo Archit...
10-12-2019 21:21

Lake Cove Residence by Stuart Silk Architects

This Lake Washington waterfront home is situated on a tranquil tree-lined property in the Washington Park neighborhood of Seattle. It has been designe...
10-12-2019 21:21

Forest Lodge by House by Hart Joinery

This inspiring single family house designed in 2019 by House by Hart Joinery is located in Sydney, Australia. Photography courtesy of House by...
10-12-2019 21:21

Soaring Eagle by Reid Developments

Designed in 2019 by Reid Developments, this modern contemporary home is located in Vancouver, Canada. Description This new home in UBC boa...
09-12-2019 21:21

View Ridge by Heliotrope Architects

This inspiring lake Washington residence has been designed by Heliotrope Architects. Description Located on an eastern sloping parcel above L...
09-12-2019 21:21

A Room with a View by Superkül

Redesigned and extended in 2017 by Superkül, this single family residence is located in Toronto, Canada. Description This transformative inte...
09-12-2019 21:21

Penthouse in Puteaux by Desjoconception

Designed in 2019 by Desjoconception, this contemporary penthouse apartment is located in Puteaux, France. Photography courtesy of Desjoconce...
09-12-2019 21:21

Coastal Retreat by Malcolm Davis Architecture

This modern coastal getaway located in San Francisco, California, has been designed by Malcolm Davis Architecture. Description For this Sea Ranc...
06-12-2019 21:20

JTP FB Country House by Studio Arthur Casas

This inspiring country house located in São Paulo, Brazil, has been recently completed by Studio Arthur Casas and Patrícia Martinez. Descripti...
06-12-2019 21:20

IQ by Tatyana Bobyleva

Located in Moscow, Russia, this creative apartment has been recently designed by Tatyana Bobyleva. Photography by Olga Melekesceva Visit ...
06-12-2019 21:20

Merinda Farm by Accord Homes

This modern farm house located in Palmwoods, Australia, has been designed in 2019 by Accord Homes. Photography courtesy of Accord H...
05-12-2019 21:21

Contemporary Home by Tom Koroneos Architecture

This minimalist two-story house located in Caulfield North, Melbourne, Australia, has been designed by Tom Koroneos Architecture. Photography...
05-12-2019 21:21

Home Belmont by Morrison Homes

This inspiring transitional model home located in Belmont, Calgary, Canada, has been designed in 2018 by Morrison Homes. Photography courtesy...
05-12-2019 21:21

Villa A & L by Atelier d’Architectes Associés

This small contemporary house located in Revel, France, has been recently designed by Atelier d’Architectes Associés. Photography courtesy o...
05-12-2019 21:21

301 Golden Beach Residence by SDH Studio

301 Residence is set on a unique corner lot overlooking the water in Golden Beach, Florida. This home was designed as a sequence of experiences that f...
04-12-2019 21:21

Timeless Modern Home by Maison J&J

This spacious home is a new build on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario (Canada). It has been recently completed by Maison J&J. Description...
04-12-2019 21:21

Balcones Residence by Clayton & Little

This mid-century modern house recently redesigned by Clayton & Little is situated in Austin, Texas, United States. Description During the...
04-12-2019 21:21

Small Apartment in Moscow by Tim Gabrielyan

This small 581 sq ft apartment located in Moscow, Russia, has been recently designed by Tim Gabrielyan. Description by Tim Gabrielyan This ...
04-12-2019 21:21

LG House by Studio Gal Gerber

Recently redesigned in 2019 by Studio Gal Gerber, this modern industrial home is located in Herzliya, Israel. Description The House that w...
03-12-2019 21:22

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A Modern, Light-Filled Duplex Loft in Manhattan

A Modern, Light-Filled Duplex Loft in Manhatt...

Designed for a family of four, the Wadia Residence is a 3,000-square-foot duplex loft located in the Flatiron District in Manhattan. The white, light-filled space was designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture (RES4) to be kid-friendly, despite its... -
Englishman Bay Retreat by Whitten Architects

Englishman Bay Retreat by Whitten Architects

This modern wooden retreat designed in 2018 by Whitten Architects is located north of Acadia National Park, in Maine, United States. Description North of Acadia National Park, Englishman Bay is known for its rocky,... -
New Book Opens Eero Saarinen?s Iconic General Motors Technical Center to Public

New Book Opens Eero Saarinen?s Iconic General...

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Punto Surf in Zapopan

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