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St Nizier by Aurélien Aumond

Project St Nizier is an apartment located in Lyon, France, redesigned in 2020 by Aurélien Aumond. Description This is a renovation project con...
07-05-2021 22:26

Lucent Modern by Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design

Designed in 2016 by Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design, Lucent Modern is a lovely single family house located in Mill Valley, California. ...
07-05-2021 22:26

The Eclipse by Jooca Studio

The Eclipse is a contemporary apartment located in Bucharest, Romania, designed in 2020 by Jooca Studio. Description The apartment in down...
06-05-2021 22:26

New Classic House in Milan by Lascia La Scia

This modern apartment located in Milan, Italy, has been designed in 2020 by Lascia La Scia. Description A central-plan bright apartment in ...
05-05-2021 22:24

Azabu Residence by Norm Architects

Azabu Residence located in Tokyo, Japan, is an apartment combining Japanese and Scandinavian design principles and aesthetics. It has been designed in...
04-05-2021 22:32

Villa CG by Diego Gervasoni

Villa CG is a modern two-story house located in Anguillara, Italy, designed in 2021 by Diego Gervasoni. Photography by Diego GervasoniThe pos...
04-05-2021 22:32

The Glass Blocks Duplex by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

The Glass Blocks Duplex is a contemporary apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2021 by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio. Des...
04-05-2021 22:32

Transformation of a House by Atelier Pierre-Louis Gerlier

Transformation of a House is a beautiful mid-century apartment located in Paris, France, completely redesigned in 2019 by Atelier Pierre-Louis Gerlier...
03-05-2021 22:27

Aparment Redesign by Atelier Pierre-Louis Gerlier

Located in Saint Germain des Près, Paris, France, this tiny apartment has been completely redesigned in 2021 by Atelier Pierre-Louis Gerlier. ...
03-05-2021 22:27

Open House by Cox Architects

Open House is a stunning redesign of a 1920s detached house by Cox Architects, located in London, United Kingdom. Description Our...
30-04-2021 22:27

Miami Penthouse by Smiros & Smiros

Miami Penthouse is a luxury apartment located in Miami, Florida, recently designed by Smiros & Smiros. Description This Miami Beach penthous...
30-04-2021 22:27

Residence in a Historic Building by AR&A Workshop

Residence in a Historic Building is a brick apartment designed in 2020 by AR&A Workshop located in Piazzola sul Brenta, Italy. Photography...
30-04-2021 22:27

Tips for Selecting A New Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a quick and simple project for the summer, consider installing a new ceiling fan. Installing a new ceiling fan as either an upg...
30-04-2021 22:27

Aesthetic Balance by Dofinteriors

Aesthetic Balance project is a contemporary two-floor apartment located in Bucharest, Romania, designed in 2021 by Dofinteriors. Descrip...
28-04-2021 22:29

Safe Haven for Two by Kseniya Mitskevich

Safe Haven for Two is a chic apartment located in Minsk, Belarus, recently designed by Kseniya Mitskevich. Description The inspiratio...
28-04-2021 22:29

Manhattan Loft in Moscow by INRE

Recently desinged by INRE, Manhattan Loft is a four-story loft located in the Manhattan House residential complex in Moscow, Russia. Descr...
28-04-2021 22:29

Here are 5 Things that are and aren’t Extravagant Spen

So, how do you decide what to spend and how much while living on rent" Well, the calculation depends partially on comprehending the renter?s psycholog...
27-04-2021 22:30

Casai’s Lounge by Casai

Casai’s Lounge are luxury boutique apartments recently designed by Casai located in Mexico City, Mexico. Description Beautiful and inte...
27-04-2021 22:30

A House for a Gardener by Amos Goldreich Architecture

A House for a Gardener is a beautiful extension to a single family house located in London, UK, designed in 2020 by Amos Goldreich Architecture. ...
27-04-2021 22:30

Vorobyov House by Vorobyov Design Buro

Vorobyov House is an eclectic apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed in 2020 by Vorobyov Design Buro. Photography by Andrey Avdee...
27-04-2021 22:30

Elements of a Perfect Minimalist Bathroom

Does your home feel like it?s too cluttered" Does everything seem like they?re disorganized" Maybe it?s about time you start considering a minimalist ...
27-04-2021 22:30

Sloping House by Ji Jian Design

Sloping House is a modern duplex apartment located in Tianjin, China, designed in 2020 by Ji Jian Design. Description With a 5.6-meter stor...
27-04-2021 22:30

Essence of Luxury by Jmarvel Interior Design

Essence of Luxury is a model home for a collective housing project located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by Jmarvel Interior Design. Descr...
27-04-2021 22:30

Home Gardening Tips: 5 Flowers You Should Plant this Summer

Are you one of those people who wants to start a new hobby through gardening or one of those people who just want to pass the time while staying at ho...
26-04-2021 22:27

Arc Side by Jolson Architecture Interiors

Arc Side is a beautiful contemporary apartment located in Melbourne, Australia, designed in 2020 by Jolson Architecture Interiors. Descrip...
22-04-2021 22:26

Villa UAE by LeQB Architects

Villa UAE is a two-story five-bedroom luxury apartment located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, designed in 2020 by LeQB Architects. ...
22-04-2021 22:26

The Italian Dream Penthouse by MODY

The Italian Dream Penthouse project designed in 2020 by MODY, is a beautiful luxury home located in Herzliya, Israel. Description I ...
22-04-2021 22:26

Flat in Teatro Street by Dizaino Virtuve

Flat in Teatro Street is a beautiful rustic apartment located in Vilnius, Lithuania, recently designed by Dizaino Virtuve. Description A c...
21-04-2021 22:24

Maximinos Apartment by REM’A Arquitectos

Maximinos Apartment is a modern home located in Braga, Portugal, designed in 2020 by REM’A Arquitectos. Description The idea was born fro...
20-04-2021 22:23

68 Parker by Susie Novak Interiors

68 Parker is a modern home office located in San Francisco, California, designed by Susie Novak Interiors. Description Susie Novak brought in ...
19-04-2021 22:25

Casa Carioca by Rm Architecture

Casa Carioca is a chic apartment located in Rome, Italy, designed in 2021 by Rm Architecture. Photography courtesy of RMArchitecture Visit Rm...
16-04-2021 22:24

Loft by Alex March Studio

This loft in the Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona, designed by Alex March Studio, is a wonderful corner in which we feel wrapped up by the most rec...
16-04-2021 22:24

Allis Residence by In Design International

Allis Residence is a contemporary house located in Melbourne, Australia, designed in 2019 by In Design International. Description The Allis R...
15-04-2021 22:22

Garage Transformation by Barde+Vanvoltt

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this garage designed back in 1930s has been turned into an inspiring contemporary home by Barde+Vanvoltt. ...
14-04-2021 22:29

Flat in Raval by Cláudia de Sousa – Interior Design

Flat in Raval is a cozy 50 sqm home located in Barcelona, Spain, designed in 2019 by Cláudia de Sousa – Interior Design. Description The...
14-04-2021 22:29

Tones of Macarons by Jooca Studio

Tones of Macarons is a classy pastel apartment located in Bucharest, Romania, designed in 2018 by Jooca Studio. Description A story sketche...
12-04-2021 22:23

Los Flamingos Penthouse by Alejandro Gimenez Architects

Los Flamingos Penthouse is a modern minimalist home located in Benahavís, Spain, designed in 2019 by Alejandro Gimenez Architects. Des...
12-04-2021 22:23

Boavista Apartment by Cirurgias Urbanas II – Architect

Boavista Apartment is an amazing industrial home located in Porto, Portugal, designed in 2021 by Cirurgias Urbanas II – Architecture. Ph...
12-04-2021 22:23

2B House by Sifres Ortega Arquitectos

2B House is a modern minimalist house located in Valencia, Spain, recently redesigned by Sifres Ortega Arquitectos. Description The idea fo...
09-04-2021 22:26

6 Tips & Solutions To Manage Basement Waterproofing Pro

All of your successful basement finishing work could be destroyed by a muddy, cold, or flooded basement. With the floors destroyed, the drywall waterl...
09-04-2021 22:26

In simple by Awork.Design Studio

In simple is a small modern apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan, recently designed by Awork.Design Studio. Description The design of this h...
09-04-2021 22:26

Casa C|C by 2a. Architetti

Casa C|C is a modern apartment designed in 2021 by 2a. Architetti located in Rome, Italy. Photography by Carlo Oriente Visit 2a. Architet...
08-04-2021 22:23

Quintana Apartment by Taller David Dana Arquitectura

Quintana Apartment is an inspiring home located in Mexico City, Mexico, recently designed by Taller David Dana Arquitectura. Description S...
08-04-2021 22:23

Hazel Tan Apartment by Jooca Studio

Hazel Tan Apartment is a warm contemporary home located in Bucharest, Romania, redesigned in 2020 by Jooca Studio. Description Situated in a...
08-04-2021 22:23

Almirante Reis Apartment by Bala Atelier

Almirante Reis Apartment is a 90 sqm rustic home located in Lisbon, Portugal, recently redesigned by Bala Atelier. Description By interv...
08-04-2021 22:23

Apartment in Saint Petersburg by Peter Sergeev Architecture

This minimalist apartment located in Saint Petersburg, Russia has been designed in 2020 by Peter Sergeev Architecture + Design. Descripti...
08-04-2021 22:23

Casa Cabanyal by Nodopía Arquitectura y Diseño

Casa Cabanyal is a terraced family house located in Valencia, Spain, completely renovated in 2020 by Nodopía Arquitectura y Diseño. Desc...
08-04-2021 22:23

Marylebone Apartment by Proctor & Shaw

South London based architects Proctor & Shaw have completed the full interior renovation of an apartment in a period block in Marylebone, London. ...
01-04-2021 22:15

Flat 1 by Unnamed Studio

Flat 1 is an eclectic home designed in 2021 by Unnamed Studio, located in Valencia, Spain. Description The project flat|1 is an embodiment...
29-03-2021 22:16

Sergio Fiorentino Studio by +CStudio Architetti

Sergio Fiorentino Studio located in Noto, Italy, has been designed in 2020 by +CStudio Architetti. Photography by Filippo Bamberghi Visit +...
25-03-2021 22:26

Pànto by Puccio Collodoro Architetti

Located in Palermo, Italy, Pànto is a minimalist rooftop apartment recently designed by Puccio Collodoro Architetti. Photography courtesy o...
24-03-2021 22:26

Pattern House by m²ft architects

Recently designed by m²ft architects, Pattern House is a -century apartment located in Madrid, Spain. Description Optical patterns, bright ...
23-03-2021 23:00

Apartment T 801 by Acunsa Arquitectos

Located in Mexico City, Mexico, Apartment T 801 is an inspiring home completely redesigned by Acunsa Arquitectos. Description Apartment T 8...
23-03-2021 23:00

Technology You Never Knew You Needed for Your Home

Your home is a safe haven, a place where you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Protecting your home is an integral part of being a hom...
23-03-2021 23:00

The Osmanthus Grace by Qiran Design Group

Qiran Design Group designed a sales & experience center for the residential development THE OSMANTHUS GRACE, which is located in Shijiazhuang, the cap...
23-03-2021 23:00

Sunshine City Apartment by BoringCity

Sunshine City Apartment is a neo classic apartment located in Ho CHi Minh City, Vietnam, recently designed by BoringCity. Photography by ...
22-03-2021 22:31

The Transparent Apartment by Urban Soul Project

The Transparent Apartment project designed in 2019 by Urban Soul Project is a midcentury home located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Description Th...
19-03-2021 22:20

Penthouse BV by Adjo Studio

Penthouse BV is a modern apartment located on the top of an apartment complex in eastern Belgium designed in 2019 by Adjo Studio. Descriptio...
19-03-2021 22:20

Everything You Need to Know About Creating an Off-Grid Outdo

Working from home is a dream come true for many. Remote work eliminates long commutes, offers flexibility, allows for customization of your workspace,...
18-03-2021 22:59

Monolocale Effe by Archiplan

Monolocale Effe is an old apartment located in Mantova, Italy, recently redesigned by Archiplan. Description A small volume, which contain...
15-03-2021 22:28

Moliere Apartment by Faci Leboreiro

Moliere Apartment is a contemporary city retreat located in Mexico City, Mexico, designed in 2020 by Faci Leboreiro. Description Passion for...
12-03-2021 22:36

Carat Apartment by Drozdov & Partners

Carat apartment is a modern two-level home designed in 2019 by Drozdov & Partners located in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. Description ...
11-03-2021 22:23

Collector’s House by Vemworks Architects

Collector’s House is pop-surrealist home recently designed by Vemworks Architects is located in Italy. Description The design for th...
10-03-2021 22:22

Apartment for a young family by Katarina Moneva, Metodiy Mon

This modern apartment for a young family designed in 2020 by Katarina Moneva and Metodiy Monev located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Des...
10-03-2021 22:22

TGA Home by Tommaso Giunchi

TGA Home is an inspiring industrial apartment located in Milan, Italy, designed in 2020 by Tommaso Giunchi. Photography courtesy of Tomm...
09-03-2021 22:23

The Monobloc House by Jooca Studio

The Monobloc House is a modern home located in Bucharest, Romania, designed in 2021 by Jooca Studio. Photography courtesy of Jooca Studio ...
09-03-2021 22:23

Art Nouveau Villa by Luca Zanaroli

This lovely art nouveau villa located in Bologna, Italy, has been redesigned in 2019 by Luca Zanaroli. Photography by Max Zambelli Visit Lu...
09-03-2021 22:23

5 Things You Must Incorporate to Build a Perfect Hurricane P

Over time, Hurricanes earned a reputation of wreaking havoc in cities, causing massive property damage and leading to economic devastation. This damag...
09-03-2021 22:23

L-Waterside by Vio-Design

L-Waterside is a contemporary apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by Vio-Design. Description The apartment is located on one of ...
08-03-2021 22:18

A Touch of Country Style by Odelia Barzilay

Redesigned in 2019 by Odelia Barzilay, this beautiful single family house is located in central Israel. Description The house, built in the 80...
08-03-2021 22:18

Spa Pavilion by Smartvoll

Located in the village of Hinterbrühl in Austria, this lovely Spa Pavilion has been designed in 2020 by Smartvoll. Description In Austria, the...
08-03-2021 22:18

Coeur D’ Alene Residence by Nwankpa Design

Coeur D’ Alene Residence is a contemporary bachelor pad designed in 2020 by Nwankpa Design located in Los Angeles, California. Descriptio...
08-03-2021 22:18

Home Water Purification Systems: How Can it Protect the Fami

Water is the backbone of life and it is what makes the world alive. Water is used in our everyday life; it is used to bathe, cook, and clean. Having c...
06-03-2021 22:11

House HP430 by Studio ETN

House HP430 is an inspiring home located in Karkur, Israel, designed in 2020 by Studio ETN. Description We were called to design a two-sto...
05-03-2021 22:16

Apartement Ambroisie by Yilin Shi

Apartement Ambroisie located in Paris, France, is a modern / industrial home designed in 2017 by Yilin Shi. Photography by Thibault Pousset...
05-03-2021 22:16

Apartment in Tribeca by Natalia Enze

This contemporary one-bedroom apartment located in Tribeca, New York, has been designed in 2020 by Natalia Enze together with the Tapis Rouge team. ...
05-03-2021 22:16

Ninho Loft by Nildo José + Arquitetos Associados

Designed in 2018 by Nildo José + Arquitetos Associados, this amazing 80 sqm loft is located in São Paulo, Brazil. Description ?Every time ...
05-03-2021 22:16

Minimalistic Industrial Loft by IDwhite

Designed in 2018 by IDwhite, this minimalist industrial loft is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Description The 64 square meter apartment wa...
05-03-2021 22:16

M’Inclino by Brain Factory – Architecture &

M’Inclino is a beautiful penthouse apartment located in Rome, Italy, designed in 2020 by Brain Factory – Architecture & Design. Descr...
04-03-2021 22:11

Stylish Black Lines by Jooca Studio

Stylish Black Lines is an inspiring apartment located in Bucharest, Romania, designed in 2021 by Jooca Studio. Description Stylish Black ...
04-03-2021 22:11

Springtime by LUSUS Studio

Springtime is a minimal and functional kitchen with a timeless look designed by LUSUS Studio. Visualizations courtesy of LUSUS Studio Visit LU...
04-03-2021 22:11

Casa JS by Daniele Girardi

Casa JS is a chic apartment located in Italy, recently designed by Daniele Girardi. Photography courtesy of Daniele Girardi Visit Daniele Gira...
03-03-2021 22:12

Apartment B202 by Uniworks Designs

Apartment B202 is a spacious contemporary home designed by Uniworks Designs located in Hyderabad, India. Photography courtesy of Un...
03-03-2021 22:12

Shelter by João Teixeira

Shelter is the perfect desk for those organization addicts. With 3 front slim drawers, big enough to store your gadgets, like tablet or laptop. The ba...
03-03-2021 22:12

Therefore Boutique by INAKREA Architects

Therefore Boutique is bespoke invitation cards boutique located in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India, designed in 2019 by INAKREA Architects. D...
03-03-2021 22:12

Interior NG by INT2architecture

Interior NG is a midcentury modern apartment located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, redesigned in 2021 by INT2architecture. Description Functi...
02-03-2021 22:19

Loft SCH51 by Batek Architekten

Loft SCH51 is a comfortable home located in Berlin, Germany, designed in 2018 by Batek Architekten. Description Turning a factory loft wit...
02-03-2021 22:19

Loft Refúgio by Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos

The Loft Refúgio, signed by architect Consuelo Jorge for CASACOR São Paulo 2019, marks its 14th participation in the largest architecture and decorati...
02-03-2021 22:19

WellyWally by Onurhan Demirr

WellyWally is a range of beautiful pet houses designed by Istanbul-based furniture designer Onurhan Demirr. Description Weelywally; It is the...
02-03-2021 22:19

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Wooden B

When buying an outdoor wooden bench, it’s crucial to consider several factors before making the harder decisions. You’ll want to think about how m...
02-03-2021 22:19

Quarter Glass House by Proctor & Shaw

Quarter Glass House located in London, United Kingdom, has been redesigned and extended in 2020 by Proctor & Shaw. Description A series of s...
27-02-2021 22:12

5 Ideas to Reclaim Space in Your Home

Many of us are constantly fighting to find enough space in our homes. When this happens our first thought is to extend our homes outwards. But this ca...
26-02-2021 22:14

Ch226 by C.H. Interior

Recently designed by C.H. Interior, Ch226 is an inspiring apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan. Photography courtesy of C.H. InteriorThe pos...
26-02-2021 22:14

Casa Gig by La Leta Architettura

Casa Gig is a modern apartment recently redesigned by La Leta Architettura, located in Palermo, Italy. Photography by La Leta Architettura...
26-02-2021 22:14

Bolton Coach House by Kingston Lafferty Design

Bolton Coach house located in Dublin, Ireland, is an historic coach house and paper mill dating from the 18th century that Kingston Lafferty Design tr...
25-02-2021 22:12

Rocky Apartment by LD Studio

Rocky Apartment is an inspiring apartment designed in 2020 by LD Studio, located in Tetovo, North Macedonia. Photography courtesy of LD Stu...
25-02-2021 22:12

Day and Night by Kulygin Design

Day and Night is a modern apartment located in Ukraine, recently designed by Kulygin Design. Description This project is oriented towards a...
24-02-2021 22:15

An Urban Cottage by Lukstudio

An Urban Cottage is a minimalist wooden apartment located in Guangzhou, China, designed in 2020 by Lukstudio. Description For most busy urb...
23-02-2021 22:14

Raval by Vaimberg Salvadó

Raval is a traditional apartment located in Barcelona, Spain, redesigned in 2020 by Vaimberg Salvadó. Photography by Marcela Grassi Visit Va...
22-02-2021 22:19

Taquinho Apartment by Lez. Arquitetura

Taquinho Apartment located in Brasilia, Brazil, is a modernist home designed in 2020 by Lez. Arquitetura. Description The owners of the ?...
22-02-2021 22:19

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News most viewed Today

N02 Recycle chair by Nendo for Fritz Hansen is made from household plastic waste

N02 Recycle chair by Nendo for Fritz Hansen i...

Dezeen Showroom: Danish design company Fritz Hansen has reintroduced its N02 Recycle chair, which was created by Nendo from recycled plastic, with a range of new features. Nendo founder Oki Sato was inspired by a piece of folded paper on his studio... -
Shenzhen Prince Plaza Exhibition Center

Shenzhen Prince Plaza Exhibition Center

Shenzhen Prince Plaza Exhibition Center, Chinese Modern Interior Architecture, China Images Prince Plaza Exhibition Center in Shenzhen 4 Apr 2021 Shenzhen Prince Plaza Exhibition Center Interior: YuQiang&Partners Location: Shenzhen,... -
Lucent Modern by Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design

Lucent Modern by Buttrick Projects Architectu...

Designed in 2016 by Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design, Lucent Modern is a lovely single family house located in Mill Valley, California. Description The clients desired a versatile, informal family home centered on a bright,... -
Agricole Evergreen Campus Pavilion   / Arte Charpentier Architectes

Agricole Evergreen Campus Pavilion / Arte C...

Right at Paris? doorstep, the Evergreen Campus hosts the Crédit Agricole?s head office. Multiple corporate entities share this space; the entire campus revolves around a central park that acts as its green lung. -
Small and cozy rustic cabin in Georgia: Carolina Jessamine Cottage

Small and cozy rustic cabin in Georgia: Carol...

Carolina Jessamine Cottage is a two-story cozy rustic cabin designed by Our Town Plans and built by Pine Mountain Builders, located in Camp Callaway, Georgia. This charming cottage encompasses 1,172 square feet of living space with three bedrooms... -
24 Most Amazing Backyard Shed Ideas For An Inviting Garden

24 Most Amazing Backyard Shed Ideas For An In...

The addition of a backyard shed can not only enhance the aesthetics of your garden but provide functional space for storage and relaxation. These sheds can house your essential gardening tools and supplies along with outdoor recreational equipment... -
Jasper Morrison designs first kitchen for Schiffini

Jasper Morrison designs first kitchen for Sch...

British designer Jasper Morrison has revealed Lepic, his first industrially produced kitchen (+ slideshow). Created for Italian manufacturers Schiffini, the Lepic kitchen brings Morrison\'s "super normal" aesthetic into a new arena. It... -
1950’s Bungalow by Shelter Residential

1950’s Bungalow by Shelter Residential

This modern bungalow located in La Mesa, California, was designed in 2018 by Shelter Residential. Photography by Amber Thrane Visit Shelter Residential -
2021 A? design award and competition winners announced!

2021 A? design award and competition winners ...

with 2,094 winners from 108 countries, check out our curation of standout winners. The post 2021 A’ design award and competition winners announced! appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. -
A Couple Of Contemporary Cottages Overlook A Lake In Canada

A Couple Of Contemporary Cottages Overlook A ...

Photography by Maciek Linowski   Trevor McIvor Architect Inc, have completed a multi-phase project in  Penetanguishene, Ontario, that overlooks Georgian Bay, which is part of Lake Huron.   This project included three phases: the main... -

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