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Zero-Room Apartment by MÁS epiteszek

This tiny industrial apartment located in Budapest, Hungary, has been designed in 2019 by MÁS epiteszek. Description Creating a really tiny fl...
25-04-2019 21:21

Taoyuan City Apartment by Peny Hsieh Interiors

This inspiring apartment located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, has been designed in 2018 by Peny Hsieh Interiors. Description In silence, the s...
25-04-2019 21:21

Casa DM by Stefano Viganň

Redesigned for a young family by Stefano Viganň, this beautiful double-height loft is located in Sondrio, Lombardy, Italy. Description A...
25-04-2019 21:21

Taipei City Apartment by Peny Hsieh Interiors

This inspiring apartment recently designed by Peny Hsieh Interiors is located in the Xinyi District of Taipei City, Taiwan. Description The fl...
24-04-2019 21:21

Edgemont Bungalow by Hasler Homes

Hasler Homes recently completely gutted this mid-century contemporary bungalow located just a few blocks above the Edgemont village, near North Vancou...
24-04-2019 21:21

Apartment Renovation by Schema Architecture & Engineeri

This maisonette apartment situated in Glyfada, a southern suburb of Athens, Greece, has been redesigned in 2018 by Schema Architecture & Engineering. ...
24-04-2019 21:21

Casa 131 by Rob Dubois

The Casa 131 is a free standing one family dwelling, located in Santa Maria de Palautordera near Barcelona, Spain. It has been designed in 2018 by Rob...
23-04-2019 21:21

Arkles Bay Residence by Creative Arch

Located in Whangaparaoa, New Zealand, this inspiring two-story house has been designed in 2018 by Creative Arch. Description This new home i...
23-04-2019 21:21

Second House by Freelandbuck

Situated in Los Angeles, California, this inspiring contemporary house has been recently completed by Freelandbuck. Description Los Angeles ­...
23-04-2019 21:21

Home in Hampton by Integrated Technologies Australia

Recently redesigned by Integrated Technologies Australia, this beautiful Edwardian home is situated in Hampton, Victoria, Australia. Descr...
22-04-2019 21:21

San Francisco Townhouse by Jamie Bush & Co.

A four story modern townhome set in the rolling hillside neighborhood of Noe Valley in the heart of San Francisco. Built for a young tech pioneer, the...
22-04-2019 21:21

Teaberry Home by Cary Bernstein Architect

This modern midcentury house located in Teaberry, California, has been designed in 2018 by Cary Bernstein Architect. Photography by Cesar Rubi...
22-04-2019 21:21

Rippleside Home by Dennehy Builders

Located in Rippleside, Victoria, Australia, this modern single-story house has been designed in 2018 by Dennehy Builders. Photography cour...
19-04-2019 21:21

Wu?s House by HOYA design

Wu?s house is a project recently completed by HOYA design. The apartment is situated in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Photography by Jackalliu Visit ...
19-04-2019 21:21

Teal Ave Duplex by Luxbuilt

This modern two-story residence located in Queensland, Australia, has been recently designed by Luxbuilt. Photography courtesy of Luxbuilt Vis...
19-04-2019 21:21

House near Lake Grivita by Atelier / D

This modern two-story house visualized by Atelier / D will be built in 2020 in Bucharest, Romania. Visualizations by Atelier / D Visit Ate...
18-04-2019 21:23

Axii House by ADOM Studio

Recently completed by ADOM Studio, this modern apartment is located in Madrid, Spain. Photography by ImagenSubliminal Visit ADOM Studio...
18-04-2019 21:23

Casa Nido by PKa Studio

Casa Nido is a single-family dwelling located in the province of Buenos Aires, city of San Fernando, a mile away from Rio de la Plata. The entire proj...
18-04-2019 21:23

Manshausen 2.0 by Stinessen Arkitektur

Manshausen 2.0 is an extension of the Manshausen Island Resort located in Steigen, Norway. It was completed in 2015 by Stinessen Arkitektur. ...
17-04-2019 21:21

Timber Loft by Chi Renovation & Design

Redesigned in 2019 by Chi Renovation & Design, this modern eclectic loft apartment is located in Chicago, Illinois. Description In this Linco...
17-04-2019 21:21

WebSupport by Jan Antal

One of the biggest players in the Slovakian IT business went through some major changes during 2018. The largest hosting service provider has become a...
17-04-2019 21:21

Casa VA by BAC Arquitectura Ciudad

This modern brick house located in Spain, has been recently completed by BAC Arquitectura Ciudad. Photography by Cesar Béjar Studio Visit ...
16-04-2019 21:21

TLV Sky Apartment by Henkin Irit & Shavit Zohar

Designed in 2018 by Henkin Irit & Shavit Zohar, this modern apartment is located in the Shahar Tower in Tel Aviv, Israel. Description Inte...
16-04-2019 21:21

MB House by Rocco Borromini

This modern chalet designed in 2018 by Rocco Borromini is located in Livigno, Italy. Photography by Marcello Mariana Visit Rocco Borromini...
16-04-2019 21:21

House Redesign by Pablo Muńoz Payá Arquitectos

This inspiring single family house located in Petrer, Spain, has been redesigned in 2017 by Pablo Muńoz Payá Arquitectos. Description This...
15-04-2019 21:21

Bacatete House by RIMA Arquitectura

This spacious concrete residence located in Mexico City, Mexico has been recently completed by RIMA Arquitectura. Description A single-family ...
15-04-2019 21:21

Aqua House by OON Architecture

Situated in Argentina, this beautiful two-story single family house has been designed in 2016 by OON Architecture. Photography courtesy of...
15-04-2019 21:21

Casa Polo by OON Architecture

This modern spacious single family house located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been completed in 2018 by OON Architecture. Photography c...
12-04-2019 21:21

Teitipac Cabin by Lamz Arquitectura

Recently designed by Lamz Arquitectura, this inspiring cabin is located in Oaxaca, Mexico. Description Located on a hill, the project is di...
12-04-2019 21:21

Sa Rapita House by Neoblock

Designed in 2018 by Neoblock, this modern two-story house is situated in Sa Rapita, Mallorca, Spain. Photography by Imagen Subliminal...
12-04-2019 21:21

Cherry Lane Residence by Clark Richardson Architects

Redesigned by Clark Richardson Architects, this modern two-story house is situated in the Tarrytown Neighborhood of Central Austin, Texas. D...
11-04-2019 21:21

Riverglass House by Amanda Rogalski

This modern river-front three-story house located in Ada, Michigan, was designed by Amanda Rogalski of Mathison | Mathison Architects. Desc...
11-04-2019 21:21

Fine Elegant Apartment by Bolshakova Interiors

Designed in 2018 by Bolshakova Interiors, this modern elegant apartment is situated in Kiev, Ukraine. Description Style The apartments were ...
11-04-2019 21:21

Tamarindos by Baso Arquitectura

This inspiring single family residence located in Mexico City, Mexico, has been recently completed by Baso Arquitectura. Photography cou...
11-04-2019 21:21

Apartment in Nizhny Novgorod by Sergey Shulik and Lyudmila M

This beautiful 1,950 sq ft apartment located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, has been designed by Sergey Shulik and Lyudmila Maruseeva. Photogr...
10-04-2019 21:21

The Glasshouse by iSpace Solutions

Designed by iSpace Solutions, this contemporary single family house is located in Rushcutters Bay, Australia. Photography courtesy of iSpac...
10-04-2019 21:21

House D by Yonder ? Architektur und Design

This contemporary two-story house located in the German city of Tuttlingen has been designed in 2018 by Studio Yonder. Description ?Haus...
10-04-2019 21:21

Apartment in Kiev by ZA-ZA interior design

Recently completed by ZA-ZA interior design, this industrial apartment is situated in Kiev, Ukraine. Visualizations courtesy of ZA-ZA interi...
09-04-2019 21:23

W Apartment by AworkDesign.Studio

Designed in 2018 by AworkDesign.Studio, this inspiring apartment is located in Taiwan. Photography courtesy of AworkDesign.Studio Visit Awor...
09-04-2019 21:23

Thunderbird Heights Residence by Stuart Silk

This 6,357-square-foot mid-century house located in Rancho Mirage, California, has been redesigned in 2017 by Stuart Silk. Description ...
09-04-2019 21:23

Villa VM by Répás Ferenc

This modern single family house located in Törökbálint, Hungary, has been completed in 2018 by Répás Ferenc. Photography by Balint Jaksa Vi...
09-04-2019 21:23

Residence Eco360 by Geotectura

The Eco360 is a single-family home located north of Tel Aviv, Israel. The goal of the project designed by Geotectura was to build a sustainable home t...
08-04-2019 21:21

Rombo IV by Taller Aragonés / Miguel Ángel Aragonés

Located in Mexico City, Mexico, this private space with three houses and a studio has been recently completed by Taller Aragonés / Miguel Ángel Aragon...
08-04-2019 21:21

House in Bern by Tormen Architekten

This sculptural building with breathtaking views was built on an exclusive residential location in Canton Bern / Switzerland. The alignment of the par...
08-04-2019 21:21

Adina Apartment Hotel by In Design International

A mixture of historical décor and modern artworks feature among a refreshed look at Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne Northbank unveiled by TFE Hotels. ...
05-04-2019 21:22

Apartment in Tel Aviv by Tal Goldsmith Fish

This modern industrial apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, has been recently completed by Tal Goldsmith Fish. Description On this project...
05-04-2019 21:22

Apartment in Cremona by Altadimora

This inspiring apartment recently redesigned by Altadimora is located in the Italian city of Cremona. Photography courtesy of Altadimora Visit ...
05-04-2019 21:22

Ester’s Apartment by Ester Bruzkus Architects

Located in Berlin, Germany, this colorful apartment has been recently redesigned by Ester Bruzkus Architects. Description The move from on...
04-04-2019 21:21

Contrast House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

This modern single family house redesigned in 2012 by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design is located in Toronto, Canada. Description Contrast H...
04-04-2019 21:21

House on an Island by AtelierOslo

Located on the Skĺtřy Island in Norway, this small 70 sqm summer house has been completed in 2018 by AtelierOslo. Description The small hous...
04-04-2019 21:21

Beach House by Architecture Saville Isaacs

This house by Architecture Saville Isaacs is designed to maximise the spectacular Avoca beachfront location with a variety of indoor and outdoor rooms...
03-04-2019 21:22

Loft in Paris by Murs et Merveilles

This creative loft apartment / atelier located in Paris, France, was designed by Murs et Merveilles. Photography by Christophe Rouffio Visit...
03-04-2019 21:22

Apartment in Lille by Maison Touro

Inspiring brick apartment redesigned in 2017 by Maison Touro, located in Lille, France. Photography courtesy of Maison Touro...
03-04-2019 21:22

Pattern House by Aleksa Studio

Designed by Aleksa Studio for textile and accessories designer Carolina Wong, the project aims to reinterpret the notion of the Victorian home by brin...
03-04-2019 21:22

JHouse by Zooco Estudio

This modern two-level apartment located in Madrid, Spain, has been designed in 2018 by Zooco Estudio. Photography by ImagenSubliminal Visit...
03-04-2019 21:22

Downtown House by Kinswater Construction

Redesigned in 2018 by Kinswater Construction, this single family dwelling is located in Toronto, Canada. Description This project consisted of...
03-04-2019 21:22

Tropical Ave Home by Meridith Baer Home

This eclectic single family residence located in Beverly Hills, California, has been recently designed by Meridith Baer Home. Photography by J...
01-04-2019 21:21

Loft Marion & Jonathan by Marion Tixier

Located in La Garenne-Colombes, France, this modern industrial loft has been designed in 2018 by Marion Tixier. Photography courtesy of Mari...
01-04-2019 21:21

The Middle House by Lissoni Associati / Lissoni Architettura

Located in Shanghai, China, The Middle House adopts an Italian vision blended with a local twist and modern aesthetic to standing elegantly as the fou...
01-04-2019 21:21

La casa dell’Arco by A2BC

Located in Milan, Italy, this inspiring modern apartment was redesigned in 2013 by A2BC. Photography by Carola Merello Visit A2BC...
29-03-2019 21:21

Majestic Mountain Views by K2 Signature Homes

This mid-century Paradise Valley residence ft majestic mountain views was designed by K2 Signature Homes. Description Spectacular views abound...
29-03-2019 21:21

GU 2787 by Estudio Arqtipo

Designed in 2017 by Estudio Arqtipo, GU 2787 is a building consisting of six housing units located in the neighborhood of Agronomy in Buenos Aires, Ar...
29-03-2019 21:21

Serenity in the City by Peny Hsieh Interiors

This spacious concrete apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan, has been designed 2018 by Peny Hsieh Interiors. Description A serene view fr...
29-03-2019 21:21

Interior DR by Didonč Comacchio Architects

Interior design project for a rural house in the Venetian countryside (Italy), built in the ealy 1900s and restored in the early 2000s. The project, d...
28-03-2019 21:21

Flick House by Delution .

This inspiring brick house located in Depok, Indonesia, has been designed in 2018 by Delution. Description Starting from the memory of th...
28-03-2019 21:21

JA Residence by HW Studio

This modern two-story house located in Morelia, Mexico, has been completed in 2017 by HW Studio. Photography courtesy of HW Studio Visit H...
27-03-2019 21:21

Cleveland Court Mews by Studio Ashby

Redesigned by Studio Ashby, this inspiring apartment is situated in London, United Kingdom. Description In order to create a real, authentic ...
27-03-2019 21:21

Defoe Road Home by Paper House Project

Designed in 2016 by Paper House Project, this modern industrial house is located in London, United Kingdom. Description This conversion p...
27-03-2019 21:21

The Lane Cove House by interno61.

The Lane Cove House is a 150 sqm addition and renovation to turn an existing double brick cottage facing the Lane Cove National Park in Sydney Metro i...
27-03-2019 21:21

The Former M???ák Hotel by mar.s architects

The hotel rooms are located in the former M???ák Hotel, in the very centre of ?eský Krumlov, Czech republic. Originally three separate Gothic houses f...
26-03-2019 21:20

M Apartment by Carola Vannini

This small 860 sq ft Roman Apartment, located in the heart of the historical center, has been transformed into a modern living space while preserving ...
26-03-2019 21:20

Mediterranean Cacti House by Henkin Shavit

Recently redesigned by Henkin Shavit, this modern 1,292 sq ft Mediterranean house is located in Bitzaron, Israel. Originally built in ...
26-03-2019 21:20

Villa Master by Orko Studio

Designed in 2017 by Orko Studio, this inspiring single family house is situated in Israel. Photography by Itay Benit Visit Orko Studio...
25-03-2019 21:20

Longboat Key Home by Hive Architects

Redesigned in 2018 by Hive Architects, this modern single family house is located in Longboat Key, Florida, United States. Description Passio...
25-03-2019 21:20

Casa Petro by Fernanda Padula Arquitetura

Designed in 2018 by Fernanda Padula Arquitetura, this concrete two-story house is situated in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. Description The concept...
22-03-2019 21:20

Casa Hierro by Elemento Arquitectónico – Constructivo

This inspiring single family residence located in Lima, Peru, has been recently completed by Elemento Arquitectónico – Constructivo. P...
22-03-2019 21:20

Oikos Retreat by Robert Nichol and Sons

Set on a startlingly beautiful elevation on this sprawling Breakneck Gorge property, not far outside the tourist hotspot of Hepburn Springs (Australia...
22-03-2019 21:20

Axiom Desert House by Turkel Design

Featuring the Turkel Design signature post-and-beam construction and an open great room breezing out to a private courtyard, the 2,110-square-foot Axi...
22-03-2019 21:20

Small Apartment by Lena Budantseva

This small 398 sq ft (37 sqm) apartment located in Minsk, Belarus was designed for a young and energetic girl who travels a lot. Description...
21-03-2019 21:20

Promenade House by LOFT Arq

Located in Brazil, this modern two-story residence was designed by LOFT Arq. Description The premise of the project was to create a resi...
21-03-2019 21:20

Desert Mountain Home by Pacific Dimensions

Recently completed by Pacific Dimensions, this inspiring single family residence is situated in the United States. Photography courtesy of P...
21-03-2019 21:20

Flatiron Penthouse by Rise Projects

Modern penthouse apartment located in the Flatiron building in New York City, designed in 2016 by Rise Projects. Photography courtesy of Rise...
20-03-2019 21:20

Waikanae Lifestyle Home by David Reid Homes

This modern coastal home located in Waikanae, New Zealand, has been completed in 2018 by David Reid Homes. Photography by Leroy James Visit D...
20-03-2019 21:20

Rancho Mirage Home by Hue Design

Designed in 2018 by Hue Design, this inspiring single family house is located in Rancho Mirage, California. Photography courtesy of Hue Desi...
20-03-2019 21:20

The Heritage of Modernism by Luigi Rosselli Architects

This mid-century modern residence redesigned in 2018 by Luigi Rosselli Architects is located in Sydney, Australia. Description Sometime...
20-03-2019 21:20

Madrona Live Work by Tyler Engle Architects

Clients with an extensive art collection sought to convert a storefront from the early 1900?s into a dynamic live/work space. Creating the modern equi...
19-03-2019 21:20

Zinc House by dSpace Studio

This Lakeview home located in Chicago, Illinois was designed for a couple and their three children. They wanted a home with a strong connection to the...
19-03-2019 21:20

Koneser Apartment by Soma Architekci

This 78 m2 apartment by Soma Architekci is located in a historic building of the Warsaw Koneser Vodka Factory. Description The apartment was...
19-03-2019 21:20

Residence in Haifa by Saab Architects

Recently completed by Saab Architects, this modern single-story house is located in Haifa, Israel. Photography courtesy of Saab Archite...
19-03-2019 21:20

Amin House by Nakhshab Development and Design

Located directly adjacent to the historic Presidio Park in San Diego, California, the Amineh House elegantly responds to the surrounding nature with t...
18-03-2019 21:22

Penthouse by P-M-A-A

Located on the top floor of a multi-family housing building in Barcelona?s Raval neighbourhood, the penthouse has access from the centre to a floor st...
18-03-2019 21:22

Groove at Grand Bay by Andrea Chicharo

This spacious contemporary apartment located in Grand Bay, Florida, was designed by Andrea Chicharo. ...
18-03-2019 21:22

Project Azure by Shea Homes – Arizona

Recently completed by Shea Homes – Arizona, this contemporary private residence is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, United States. P...
15-03-2019 21:20

Badalbhai Bungalow by Inclined Studio

Situated in India, this industrial two-story house was designed in 2017 by Inclined Studio. Photography courtesy of Inclined Studio Visi...
15-03-2019 21:20

Contemporary Oceanscape by Nicholson Companies

This warm contemporary 8,300 sq ft residence located in Corona del Mar, California, embodies the comfort and allure of the coastal lifestyle. It has b...
15-03-2019 21:20

Palmview Residence by Brighton Homes

This inspiring midcentury bungalow located in Palmview, QLD, Australia, was designed by Brighton Homes. Description The Jamieson celebrates ...
15-03-2019 21:20

Cooper Residence by Brighton Homes

Situated in Pallara, QLD, Australia, this modern single family house was designed by Brighton Homes. Description by Brighton Homes The Coo...
14-03-2019 21:20

The Lair by Corella Construction

Recently redesigned by Corella Construction, this inspiring two-story house is situated in Brisbane, Australia. Photography by Brock Beazley V...
14-03-2019 21:20

A House for Charlie by Tom Robertson Architects

An innovative renovation and extension of a beautiful Federation home located in Prahan, Australia, the House for Charlie complements the warmth of th...
14-03-2019 21:20

GVFC Apartment by Balzar Arquitectos

The refurbishment project carried out by Balzar Arquitectos contemplates the complete renovation of the apartment located in a building designed by th...
14-03-2019 21:20

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