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House of an Art Collector by Euga Design

Step into the 220-square-meter (2,368 square feet) penthouse apartment located in Milan, Italy and discover the House of an Art Collector. This beauti...
08-02-2023 22:37

Base4Work Bratislava by Studio Perspektiv

Base4Work Bratislava, designed by the Studio Perspektiv in 2021, is the perfect example of a modern office space that pays homage to its industrial pa...
08-02-2023 22:37

Loft AA by Rosanna Bussolotto

Discover Loft AA, a stunning penthouse apartment in Castellaneta, Italy. Located on the edge of the Gravina of Castellaneta, this modern real estate m...
08-02-2023 22:37

Chez Léa by Batiik Studio

Chez Léa is a stunning apartment located in the heart of Paris, France. Designed by Batiik Studio in 2021, the residence is a beautiful example of Hau...
07-02-2023 19:45

Wet Beast by Studioninedots

Wet Beast is a contemporary office space located in Amsterdam, Netherlands designed by Studioninedots in 2022. This unique workplace concept provides ...
07-02-2023 19:45

DRM118 by Sunostudio

Naples, Italy is home to DRM118, an eye-catching modern apartment designed by Sunostudio in 2022. Located in the historic city center, the property is...
07-02-2023 19:45

Vitra Apartment by WF Arquitetos

Discover the contemporary and sophisticated design of the Vitra Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. Designed by WF Arquitetos in 2016, this luxurious 600-...
07-02-2023 19:45

Aventino Apartment by Antonella Luciani

Experience the unique blend of modern and traditional design at the Aventino Apartment, a luxurious apartment located in the heart of Rome, Italy. Des...
06-02-2023 22:37

Apartment XVIII by Studio Razavi Architecture

Located in Paris, France, Apartment XVIII is a contemporary-style apartment designed by Studio Razavi Architecture in 2021. Overlooking the famous Lux...
06-02-2023 22:37

Tucumã Apartment by WF Arquitetos

Situated in Bela Vista, Brazil, Tucumã Apartment is a stunning duplex apartment designed by WF Arquitetos. This contemporary-style abode offers 670 m²...
06-02-2023 22:37

La Volteta del Carmen by Piano Piano Studio

Discover La Volteta del Carmen, a modern and minimalist apartment located in Valencia, Spain, designed in 2021 by Piano Piano Studio. This 70s-style a...
05-02-2023 22:28

Make Your Home Clean and Tidy With These Tips

Did you know that having a clean and tidy home will actually make you more productive throughout your day" Not only that, but I can also boost your mo...
05-02-2023 22:28

Porto Maltese by Loft Buro

Introducing Porto Maltese ? an incredible restaurant located in Kyiv, Ukraine! This Mediterranean-style masterpiece is the perfect escape from the cit...
04-02-2023 22:37

Dimora Pinciana by RM Architecture

Welcome to Dimora Pinciana, a luxury penthouse apartment located in the heart of Rome, Italy. This turnkey renovation was designed by RM Architecture ...
03-02-2023 22:35

The M Suite by ATG Design

Welcome to The M Suite in the bustling city of Sofia, Bulgaria! ATG Design has created a stunning contemporary apartment that exudes modern elegance. ...
03-02-2023 22:35

The AR Project by ATG Design

Introducing the AR Project ? a two-bedroom (90sq.m./968.75sq.ft.) apartment located in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a stunning view of the iconic Vitosha mou...
03-02-2023 22:35

Apartment Restoration in Turin by Studio Ellisse Architetti

Discover the Apartment Restoration in Turin, a contemporary property designed by Studio Ellisse Architetti located in Turin, Italy. Nestled in a parti...
02-02-2023 22:37

Apartment S by Laboratorul de Arhitectura

Discover the elegance of Apartment S, a luxurious penthouse apartment designed by Laboratorul de Arhitectura in Romania’s vibrant city of Bucharest....
02-02-2023 22:37

MC2 by Offstage

Located in Montecampione, Italy, MC2 is an impressive mountain apartment from the 1970s that had never been renovated. Young Milanese family of four c...
01-02-2023 22:35

Private House by Shabi Mizrahi

Explore the breathtaking contemporary residence designed by Shabi Mizrahi in the heart of Israel! This private house is a work of art, combining tradi...
01-02-2023 22:35

IQ-87-OR by Iqosa

Discover the contemporary design style of designer Iqosa in Kyiv, Ukraine with IQ-87-OR. Located in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, this stunning apartmen...
01-02-2023 22:35

Dimora Della Vittoria by RM Architecture

Discover the luxurious penthouse apartment Dimora della Vittoria, located in the heart of Rome, Italy. This turnkey renovation project designed by RM ...
01-02-2023 22:35

173 West Broadway by TRA Studio

173 West Broadway, a stunning loft-townhouse hybrid located in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood, has been recently completed by TRA Studio. This...
31-01-2023 22:37

Furrow by Stipfold

Located in Tbilisi, Georgia, Furrow is an apartment with a stunning monochromatic design. Created by Stipfold in 2022, this real estate features a min...
31-01-2023 22:37

Tel Aviv Apartment by Liat Post Interior Design

Discover a modern and luxurious penthouse apartment in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel. Designed by Liat Post Interior Design in 2023, this prope...
30-01-2023 22:36

Make Your Home Easier to Clean with These Décor Tips

The decisions you make in designing, building, and decorating your home have a big impact on how difficult it is to clean your home. If you want to sp...
30-01-2023 22:36

Open Plan Living by AGORA architecture + design

Open Plan Living, a mid-century terraced house in Edinburgh, Scotland, designed by AGORA architecture + design, is a stunning example of minimalist de...
30-01-2023 22:36

Private House by Liat Post Interior Design

This private house in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Liat Post Interior Design in 2018, is the ultimate modern dream come true! Wit...
30-01-2023 22:36

A Breathing Home by St Design Studio

A Breathing Home, designed by St Design Studio and located in Taipei City, Taiwan, is a minimalist apartment that was renovated in 2022 to fit the nee...
30-01-2023 22:36

Garden Apartment in Modiin by Ifat Mentesh

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and comfort in the Garden Apartment in Modiin, Israel. Designed by renowned interior designer Ifat Mentesh, this ...
29-01-2023 22:28

Private House in Herzliya by Ifat Mentesh

Discover luxury living in Herzliya, Israel! Designer Ifat Mentesh has recently completed the stunning Private House in Herzliya, a luxurious residenti...
29-01-2023 22:28

Private House in Ness Ziona by Ifat Mentesh

Discover the luxurious Private House in Ness Ziona, Israel, designed by Ifat Mentesh! Located in a modern city known for its vibrant atmosphere, this ...
29-01-2023 22:28

Nestlé Campus by Openbook

Located in the sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal, the Nestlé Campus is a collaborative space designed by Openbook in 2021. Featuring over 22,000 sqm (app...
29-01-2023 22:28

Private House in Central by Ifat Mentesh

Discover the Private House in Central Israel – an ultimate luxury residence designed by Ifat Mentesh! Located in a region known for its vibrant cult...
28-01-2023 22:35

Casa Con Alcova by Paolo Capriglione

Casa Con Alcova is an elegant mid-century apartment in the historic city of Piacenza, Italy, designed by Paolo Capriglione in 2021. Located in the mai...
28-01-2023 22:35

West Village Apartment by Andrew Franz Architect

Introducing the chic West Village Apartment, designed by Andrew Franz Architect in 2020! Located in the iconic West Village neighborhood of New York C...
27-01-2023 22:27

Apartment in the Alps by Vemworks Architects

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Apartment in the Alps, an apartment located in Sestriere (Italy) and designed by Vemworks Architects in 2016. ...
26-01-2023 22:36

Apartament in Wroc?aw by Aldona Banasiuk

Welcome to Apartament in Wroc?aw, a luxurious apartment located in the heart of Wroclaw, Poland! Designed by Aldona Banasiuk, this 90 m2 (approx. 968 ...
26-01-2023 22:36

Torre Aria by NCB Architettura

Discover the stylish apartment in Milan, Italy, named Torre Aria. Designed by NCB Architettura, this contemporary property is located in the vibrant P...
25-01-2023 22:32

Bat Galim Duplex by Erez Shani

Check out this stunning penthouse apartment located in Haifa, Israel! This modern masterpiece is the work of Erez Shani and was created in 2021. Dubbe...
25-01-2023 22:32

Best Excavator Attachments for Landscaping

Whether you?re a homeowner getting ready to landscape your property, or a business owner trying to ensure you have everything you need to help homeown...
25-01-2023 22:32

K+T Apartment by El Fil Verd

Experience the perfect union of modern design and historic charm with K+T Apartment in Barcelona, Spain! Designed by El Fil Verd in 2022, this luxurio...
24-01-2023 22:31

Villa Messenia by Block722

Villa Messenia, designed in 2021 by Block722, is a luxury vacation home located in Messenia, Greece. This stunning residence blends the elegance of a ...
24-01-2023 22:31

Fantasy Lights by Miso Architects

Step into a world of modern luxury at Fantasy Lights, an exquisite duplex apartment in the beautiful city of Bucharest, Romania. Designed by Miso Arch...
23-01-2023 22:40

Penthouse Werk 12 by Allmannwappner

Discover the perfect blend of style and function at Penthouse Werk 12, a two-story loft located in Munich, Germany. Built in 2021 by Allmannwappner, t...
23-01-2023 22:40

TA House by Dalit Lilienthal Interior Design Studio

Introducing TA House ? a modern house designed by Dalit Lilienthal Interior Design Studio and located in Tel Aviv, Israel. This private residence was ...
22-01-2023 22:35

Casa Tide by In56

Casa Tide is a modern apartment located in Guecho, Spain, designed by In56 in 2023. Located right by the shore, this stunning property offers an open ...
22-01-2023 22:35

Apartment in Gubei by DLArchitecture Domitilla Lepri

Discover the stunning and modern apartment in Gubei, Shanghai, designed by DLArchitecture Domitilla Lepri in 2022. This one-of-a-kind apartment offers...
22-01-2023 22:35

Villa in French Concession by DLArchitecture Domitilla Lepri

Take a journey to Shanghai, China and discover the luxurious Villa in French Concession, designed by DLArchitecture Domitilla Lepri in 2022. Situated ...
21-01-2023 22:34

Bachelor Suite by Fimera Design Studio

Introducing Bachelor Suite ? a modern, clean and cozy home designed by Fimera Design Studio in 2021! Located in the vibrant city of Sofia, Bulgaria, B...
21-01-2023 22:34

Bright Apartment in Barcelona by O&A London Oleg Klodt

Experience a modern luxurious piece of history right in Barcelona, Spain! Bright Apartment in Barcelona, designed by O&A London’s Oleg Klodt and Ann...
21-01-2023 22:34

Ark38 by Objekt Architecten

Introducing Ark38, the ultramodern showroom of bathroom and kitchen specialist Sterck NV, located in Aalst, Belgium. Redesigned in 2022 by Objekt Arch...
20-01-2023 22:36

Retrici by YCL Studio

Discover Retrici, an exquisite two-floor apartment located in Vilnius, Lithuania. This contemporary masterpiece, designed by YCL Studio in 2023, featu...
20-01-2023 22:36

House on the Park #A396 by Studio Didea

House on the Park #A396 is a contemporary apartment located in Palermo, Italy. Overlooking the beautiful Favorita Park, this property is designed by S...
20-01-2023 22:36

C.SPACE by co.arch

Introducing C.SPACE ? a modern office space located in the emerging Certosa District area of Milan, Italy. Designed in 2023 by co.arch, C.SPACE is a h...
20-01-2023 22:36

Casa Posidonia by FADD Architects

Step into the world of contemporary design and art in Casa Posidonia, located in the heart of Salerno, Italy. Designed by FADD Architects in 2020, Cas...
19-01-2023 22:31

Casa AS by AR?KEY Studio

Introducing Casa AS, an apartment located in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. In 2022, this modern real estate was completely renovated by AR?KEY Studio to acc...
19-01-2023 22:31

Raw White House by Atelier Lígia Casanova

Experience the traditional charm of Alca?cer do Sal, Portugal with the Raw White House, a stunning vacation rental designed in 2019 by Atelier Lígia C...
18-01-2023 22:37

Laconic Flat by Black_Wall

Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Laconic Flat is a contemporary apartment designed by Black_Wall in 2022. This unique property combines two flat...
18-01-2023 22:37

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

If you own a home with an asphalt shingle roof, it’s important to know the signs that your roof may need to be replaced. Knowing the signs that your...
18-01-2023 22:37

The Vagar by Atelier Lígia Casanova

Discover the unique beauty of Belmonte, Portugal with The Vagar, a contemporary traditional style vacation rental property designed by Atelier Lígia C...
18-01-2023 22:37

Scandi Soul by Atelier Lígia Casanova

Discover the Scandinavian charm of the Lisbon apartment Scandi Soul, designed by Atelier Lígia Casanova in 2016. Located in the sunny Portuguese capit...
17-01-2023 22:38

Apartment Zurich by Moomii Gmbh I Interior Design

Discover Apartment Zurich, a cozy modern apartment located in the vibrant city of Zurich, Switzerland. Designed in 2017 by Moomii Gmbh | Interior Desi...
16-01-2023 22:36

MB Apartment by LD Studio

Located in Skopje, Macedonia, the MB Apartment is a modern four-member family apartment designed by LD Studio in 2022. This stunning property occupies...
16-01-2023 22:36

JS Apartment by LD Studio

Introducing the JS Apartment in Skopje, Macedonia: a modern masterpiece designed by LD Studio in 2022. This four-member family apartment houses a styl...
16-01-2023 22:36

The Opulent Villa by The Picturesque Studio

Introducing The Opulent Villa, an extravagant 7,000 square feet residence located in Gurugram, India. The Picturesque Studio, a Delhi-based design fir...
16-01-2023 22:36

Our Showroom by Martina Design

Located in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic, Our Showroom is the perfect blend of industrial style and modern design. Designed in 2022 by Martina D...
15-01-2023 22:35

American Style in Israel by Karen Maimon

Introducing “American Style in Israel“, a stunning house located in central Israel designed by Karen Maimon. The property was completely renovated...
15-01-2023 22:35

DLA Piper by Madilancos Studio

DLA Piper, an international law firm with 4,200 lawyers in more than 40 countries, recently upgraded and refreshed their office located in the Hegyvid...
15-01-2023 22:35

Andromeda Reborn by Keren Niv Toledano

Be inspired by the beauty and subtle sophistication of the Andromeda Reborn project, a stunning vacation apartment designed by Keren Niv Toledano in 2...
15-01-2023 22:35

A Cut Above the Rest by Nitzan Horowitz

A Cut Above the Rest – this is the perfect description for this stunning penthouse duplex apartment located in the Sharon region of Israel. Designed...
14-01-2023 22:30

Suggestions On How to Make Your Home More Functional

Having a functional home is essential for living an organized and stress-free life. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, there are ...
13-01-2023 22:32

PL Apartment by Yael Perry

Located in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, PL Apartment is a 115 sqm (1231 sqft) apartment designed by interior designer Yael Perry in 2022. Featuring a conte...
13-01-2023 22:32

A Tailor-Made Guide to Choosing the Perfect Water Feature fo

A water feature can add a touch of beauty and serenity to any outdoor space. Whether you?re looking for something small and simple or an elaborate fou...
12-01-2023 22:35

White Birds by Let’s Design

Lviv, Ukraine is home to the luxurious White Birds apartment designed by Let’s Design in 2022. This project combines modern design principles with a...
12-01-2023 22:35

NAO2 Apartment by Studio ETN

Introducing the NAO2 Apartment, a modern 130-square-meter (1,399-square-foot) apartment located in one of the northern neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv, Isr...
12-01-2023 22:35

KT5 Apartment by Studio ETN

KT5 Apartment is a modern 120 square meters (1292 sq ft) 5 bedrooms apartment located in Giv?atayim, Israel. It was designed by Studio ETN in 2021 to ...
12-01-2023 22:35

NZ2 by Studio ETN

Introducing NZ2, a modern house designed by Studio ETN and located in Ness Ziona, Israel. This 250 square meter (2,690 square feet) house is spread ov...
11-01-2023 22:30

Casa TA by Giuseppe Dilorenzo

Introducing Casa TA, the stunning penthouse apartment designed by Giuseppe Dilorenzo in the heart of Bari, Italy. The industrial-style design of this ...
11-01-2023 22:30

8 Low-Cost Ways to Give Your Home a Facelift

It’s perfectly natural to want to give your home a facelift every once in a while. Whether it’s been a few years since you last redecorated or you...
11-01-2023 22:30

YBN9 Apartment by Studio ETN

Welcome to YBN9 Apartment, a modern garden home located in Israel that was designed by Studio ETN in 2022. Situated in a neighborhood with a rich cult...
10-01-2023 22:42

How Landscape Lighting Enhances Your Outdoor Space

For most homeowners, landscape lighting may not be at the top of their home design to-do list. However, it shouldn?t be an afterthought either. Land...
10-01-2023 22:42

Apartment CC by Viviana Lopez

Introducing Apartment CC – a luxurious, contemporary-style apartment located in the heart of Bari, Italy. Designed by Viviana Lopez in 2022, this 11...
10-01-2023 22:42

How to Design a Garden for Relaxation and Enjoyment

Gardening can be a great way to connect with nature and relax in your own backyard. With the right design, you can create a space that is both beautif...
10-01-2023 22:42

Floating in Urban Skies by Studio Dulu

Floating in Urban Skies is a unique modern apartment located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. Designed by Studio Dulu, this minimalist apartment is t...
08-01-2023 22:37

GBG Headquarters by AB+Partners

Located in the capital of Moldova, the new office space for GBG Headquarters was designed by AB+Partners in 2021. This contemporary design emphasizes ...
08-01-2023 22:37

The Way It Works by Halel Arch

Located in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel, The Way It Works office space was designed by Halel Architecture and Interior Design in 2022 with an ...
07-01-2023 22:28

Under the Tree Beach Club by Various Associates

Experience a modern beach journey at the newly upgraded Under The Tree Beach Club at The Sanya EDITION ? a luxury boutique hotel located in Haitang Ba...
07-01-2023 22:28

How to Properly Dispose of Renovation Waste

Large amounts of waste can be generated during a renovation, construction, or demolition project. If not handled and disposed of properly, this waste ...
05-01-2023 22:35

The Flat Above the Boqueria Market by Marco de Gregorio

Discover The Flat Above the Boqueria Market, located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, and designed by Marco de Gregorio in 2020. This eclectic apartm...
05-01-2023 22:35

Regus HQ by Vittorio Grassi Architects

Welcome to the newly redesigned Regus HQ in Milan, Italy! The project, undertaken by Vittorio Grassi Architects, was completed in 2022 and boasts a mo...
04-01-2023 22:29

5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Home

Living in a healthy and safe home is crucial for overall health and well-being. A healthy home is clean, pest-free, dry, insulated, ventilated, energy...
04-01-2023 22:29

Intelligent Space by Work +

Introducing Intelligent Space, a showroom located in the vibrant city of Mexico City, Mexico. The showroom has been completely redesigned in 2021 by W...
03-01-2023 22:24

These Home Additions Will Boost Your Self-Care

Are you looking for ways to boost your self-care routine" Whether you?re looking for a way to show yourself some extra love or want to spruce up your ...
03-01-2023 22:24

Modernist Apartment by Oleg Pigulevskii

Welcome to the vibrant city of Rostov-on-Don, Russia, home to the stunning modernist apartment designed by renowned designer Oleg Pigulevskii. Complet...
02-01-2023 22:30

Alto by Jolson Architecture Interiors

Discover Alto, a stunning house in Melbourne, Australia designed in 2022 by Jolson Architecture Interiors. Nestled in a heritage cul de sac, this hous...
01-01-2023 22:23

Einstein Street Apartment by Ela Morgan

This 180 square meters (1,937 square feet) Einstein Street Apartment in Haifa, Israel, designed in 2020 by Ela Morgan and her partner Haim Shitrit, is...
30-12-2022 22:29

A Luxurious Duplex With an Old Jaffa Flair by Halel Arch

Experience the perfect combination of luxury and location with Halel Architects’ A Luxurious Duplex With an Old Jaffa Flair. Located in the stunning...
30-12-2022 22:29

HT Apartment by Studio Gal Gerber

Located in Ramat Gan, Israel, the HT Apartment is a 125 sq m (1345 sq ft) modern abode designed for a young family of four (with one more on the way) ...
30-12-2022 22:29

Apartment by Studio Daido

Welcome to the ?Apartment? ? a stunning industrial-style property designed by Studio Daido and located in Terranuova Bracciolini, Italy. This vibrant ...
29-12-2022 22:26

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niimori jamison fuses public gallery with hai...

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interview: henning larsen architects on ?changing our footprint? exhibition at aedes berlin

interview: henning larsen architects on ?chan...

what if the future is built of straw" ? henning larsen architects engage the audience in a dialogue introducing small but scalable steps toward a desirable future. The post interview: henning larsen architects on ‘changing our... -
Origami House | OAB Carlos Ferrater

Origami House | OAB Carlos Ferrater - Architecture & Design Magazine Origami House AA House by Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Marti is one of the most unique and intense single-family homes that has been built in recent times. It establishes a relationship with... -
Loft on Life / Crippa e Assis Arquitetura

Loft on Life / Crippa e Assis Arquitetura

Architects Maria Alice Crippa and Gustavo Assis, realized that the role of the house also interferes in stimulating the sensations, which are responsible for providing this inner reunion. From this perspective, we idealized LOFT ON LIFE, an... -
Nissan's Kicks 327 looks like a giant drivable trainer

Nissan's Kicks 327 looks like a giant dr...

Automotive brand Nissan has collaborated with sportswear company New Balance to create the Kicks 327 ? a car that resembles a trainer. Created to promote Nissan\'s electric Kicks SUV, the collaboration is a play on the car\'s name, which is... -
SlowMo app aims to help people with psychosis

SlowMo app aims to help people with psychosis

London design studio Special Projects has worked with clinical psychologists to develop SlowMo, a mental health app for people experiencing psychosis that will be trialled by the UK\'s National Health Service. Designed to work alongside in-person... -
Xi Rui Restaurant by LDH Design

Xi Rui Restaurant by LDH Design

From visible to invisible, from concrete to spiritual understanding, LDH DESIGN has completed the deduction of the dining space of Xi Rui Restaurant featured by oriental symbols. Continue reading -
Tony?s Chocolonely London HQ

Tony?s Chocolonely London HQ

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See this magnificent modern style house in th...

Living Stone Design + Build together with ID.ology Interiors & Design has created this modern-style house perched above the historic town of Hendersonville in the Western North Carolina Mountains. This mountain home has an intriguing and... -
castanheira-designed holiday house floats over endless ‘quinta da faísca’ vineyards

castanheira-designed holiday house floats ove...

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