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Pinterest: discover the best Halloween furniture design!

Pinterest – Happy Halloween! Skull chairs, ghostly lamps and ominous creatures… We picked terrifying and terrific furniture, accessories and light...
31-10-2019 21:52

6 spooky chairs to celebrate Halloween with style

A haunted soul trapped in a transparent acrylic chair and faint sheet draped gently over the memory of a seat. 6 spooky chairs celebrating Halloween!T...
31-10-2019 21:52

Dutch Design Week 2019: 7 out-of-the-box sustainable designs

Upcycled wastelands? materials, moths? bio-waste and furniture made by blowing plastic like glass with a responsible attitude... 7 out-of-the-box sust...
30-10-2019 21:51

GEO-DESIGN: JUNK Design Academy Eindhoven graduates focus on

From satellite graveyards to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The ?GEO-DESIGN: Junk? exhibition explores global junk networks of discarded things and ...
29-10-2019 21:51

Independence Library & Apartments features colourful wi

John Ronan Architects? mixed-use building ?Independence Library & Apartments? in Chicago brings together people of all ages.The post Independence Libr...
26-10-2019 21:48

Pinterest: inspirational design from DDW2019!

The very best of Dutch Design Week - DDW2019 is on Archipanic. Explore our dedicated Pinterest board? And check our report from the Eindhoven!The post...
23-10-2019 21:48

Dutch Design Week 2019: 12 exhibitions and installations on

A diner made from waste materials and discarded design parts, kinetic light installations in a former church and lamps made from recycled plastic prin...
23-10-2019 21:48

OMA?s Axel Springer media campus near complexion in Berlin

Digital technologies are shaping the way we read the news as well as the spaces where the news are written. Rem Koolhaas\' OMA has almost completed th...
19-10-2019 21:48

Romina Gris’ SKYLINE ceramics are inspired by postmode

Barcelona-based designer Romina Gris has created collections of architectural SKYLINE ceramics allowing to play with colours and patterns.The post Rom...
17-10-2019 21:52

The Twine house twists and peels up a continuous concrete sl

The Twine conceptual house by Antony Gibbon sits under a wave-like piece of concrete reflecting the hills surrounding as a "series of organic forms?.T...
16-10-2019 21:45

Post-Apocalyptic ?shipwreck-tower? set to rise in Prague wit

What if Apocalyptic storms and rising sea levels could cause the collision of a ship with a skyscraper" Black n?Arch?s winning proposal for a ?shipwre...
15-10-2019 21:51

Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2019 showcases ?The Poetics of

Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2019 analyzes the rational imprint of architecture as a blurring boundaries with sustainable agriculture, philosophy and...
11-10-2019 21:49

Maxim Kashin?s ?purple Suprematist? pavilion invites to rela

Maxim Kashin has created a purple suprematist interior design highlighting the superiority of colour over the form and the pure geometry of space.The ...
11-10-2019 21:49

‘MAGMA’ mirror series by Fernando Mastrangelo in

The climate crisis is like an eruption about to devastate our future. From here, Fernando Mastrangelo has expanded his sculptural practice through MAG...
10-10-2019 21:47

BIG?s ‘Twist Museum’ literally bridges Art and N

Traversing the winding Randselva river, The Twist museum designed by Bjarke Ingels Group opens as an inhabitable bridge torqued at its center, forming...
09-10-2019 21:52

The Gun Violence Memorial Project honours the lives and narr

MASS Design Group and conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas have created ?The Gun Violence Memorial Project?: four houses built of 700 glass bricks, ea...
08-10-2019 21:48

Form Follows Environment: Nordic architects vs Climate Chang

Nordic architects are showing the way to build a sustainable future. BIG completes the cleanest waste-to-energy plant topped with a ski slope, Snøhett...
07-10-2019 21:51

PLISSE? free standing washbasin by Paolo Ulian for Antonio L

Paolo Ulian?s PLISSE? sink is the ultimate Antonio Lupi bathroom design combining water-jet technology with pleated textile aesthetics.The post PLISSE...
02-10-2019 21:46

Zaha Hadid Architects? giant starfish-shaped Beijing Daxing

Scalable, sustainable and designed to fluidly welcome 72-to-100 millions of passengers per year. The new Beijing Daxing International Airport by Zaha ...
01-10-2019 21:48

‘The Best Weapon’, Snøhetta?s smile-shaped bench

Snøhetta designs ?The Best Weapon?, a public seating commissioned by the Nobel Peace Center encouraging conversation and social intimacy in the UN Hea...
01-10-2019 21:48

5 deceiving ceramic designs debuting at Cersaie 2019: silky,

Deceiving ceramic is the ultimate surface design trend. At Cersaie 2019, new technologies blend the material with unexpected looks raging from oxidize...
30-09-2019 21:50

David Adjaye?s Abrahamic Family House features multi-faith t

A mosque, a church, a synagogue and a secular visitor pavilion welcome visitors of all faiths at The Abrahamic Family House, an inter religious comple...
28-09-2019 21:46

‘FOR FOREST’: bringing an Alpine forest into an

One day seeing trees might be a rare show, like going to the stadium of watching pandas in a zoo. From here, Klaus Littmann?s FOR FOREST project aims ...
26-09-2019 21:48

Cersaie 2019: 6 designs turning the bathroom into a wellness

Floating washbasins, stain-resistant concrete sets, super-thin radiators and moody furniture designs. 5 bathroom designs on show at Cersaie 2019.The p...
23-09-2019 21:46

Chicago Architecture Biennial 2019: forget boring maquettes

Chicago Architecture Biennial 2019 focuses on social justice, equality, and civic activism. From a memorial to gun violence victims to a Bauhaus visio...
21-09-2019 21:47

Pinterest: inspirational architecture from Chicago2019!

The very best of Chicago2019 is on Archipanic. Explore our Pinterest board dedicated to the city?s third architecture biennial? And check our ongoing ...
21-09-2019 21:47

Paul Cocksedge designs Please Be Seated communal bench in Lo

Please Be Seated, Paul Cocksedge rippling communal bench for British Land echoes the rhythm of a London thriving neighbourhood.The post Paul Cocksedge...
19-09-2019 21:48

Lee Broom?s KALEIDOSCOPIA lighting installation shines in Lo

Lee Broom creates KALEIDOSCOPIA, a deceiving optical chandelier composed of reflected optical illusions for London Design Festival 2019.The post Lee B...
18-09-2019 21:54

Steampunk pavilion at Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019

Steampunk, steam-bent timber pavilion is made combining traditional techniques and mixed reality technologies to to rethink applications of craft in p...
18-09-2019 21:54

LDF2019: 7 installations pushing design boundaries at Victor

Robots on their way to intellective independence and weaved bamboo rings making the world a ?lighter? place? 7 installations pushing design boundaries...
17-09-2019 21:48

LDF2019 leading trade destinations: the best of designunctio

A bioknit pavilion, a global journey in collectable design and natural materials promoting circular economy. What to see at London Design Festival, LD...
16-09-2019 21:48

7 must-see exhibitions at London Design Festival 2019

Explore galaxy-like formation of precious stones, discover micro-architectures for urban birds and insects and more. We have picked 7 must-see exhibit...
15-09-2019 21:49

8 designers? installations at London Design Festival 2019

From Tom Dixon?s multi sensory explorations to Lara Bohinc lunar showcase and urban interventions by Paul Cocksedge, Camille Walala and more. We have ...
14-09-2019 21:50

Maison Objet Fall 2019: 6 indie designs blending colours and

Colorful ?brut vessels? inspired by Le Corbusier?s architecture, ?galactic? tableware tuning with a David Bowie 80?s hit and dyed marble? At Maison & ...
12-09-2019 21:49

Nomad Venice 2019 pays tribute to the city?s glass heritage

At Nomad Venice 2019, international galleries translated the city\'s history into golden chandeliers, acrylic docking and mirroring glass installation...
10-09-2019 21:48

Lorenzi?s Meda collection adds style to contemporary gentlem

From shaving to wine tasting and getting ready for a date. Meda collection by Lorenzi Milano interprets a man?s private world with a set of bespoke ut...
10-09-2019 21:48

Paris Design Week 2019: 10 highlights in the Ville Lumière

A giant digitally-designed stool at Musée des Archives Nationales, Sou Fujimoto?s nature-driven architecture, emerging international talents in Vertbo...
07-09-2019 21:47

Pinterest: inspirational design from NomadVenice2019!

The very best of NomadVenice2019 is on Archipanic. Explore our dedicated Pinterest board...And do not forget to check our report!The post Pinterest: i...
06-09-2019 21:51

Sam Orlando Miller translates Venetian golden hour into furn

A chandelier creating garlands of summer tears and a sculptural console projecting Venice twilight splendor? Sam Orlando Miller has created a poetic f...
06-09-2019 21:51

Helsinki Design Week 2019 explores the power of ?climate lea

An ancient dye plant painting the world indigo, spider silk engineering technology and the world\'s first microbe-grown headset. Helsinki Design Week ...
05-09-2019 21:46

Niederhafen River Promenade: Zaha Hadid Architects transform

Zaha Hadid Architects? Niederhafen River Promenade transform Hamburg?s flood protection barrier into a riverwalk carved with white amphitheatres.The p...
05-09-2019 21:46

Pinterest: discover the ?transient? architecture of BurningM

The very best of BurningMan2019 is on Archipanic. Explore our dedicated Pinterest board...And do not forget to check our report!The post Pinterest: di...
31-08-2019 21:45

Pamela Tan weaves colourful strings for her PROJECTION: KITE

Pamela Tan?s PROJECTION: KITE colourful installation explodes the architecture of a kite to create a sense of festivity in Malaysia.The post Pamela Ta...
31-08-2019 21:45

Burning Man 2019: 10 architectures diving into the metamorph

A timber shrine inspired by Japanese \'torii\' gates and a path of stones floating above the earth but also gigantic mirrored shards emerging from the...
29-08-2019 21:47

Design Biennale Zürich 2019: are you ready to PLAY with desi

Design Biennale Zürich 2019 explores the playful, multidisciplinary and cutting-edge imprint of design. Discover experimental game design, an immersiv...
28-08-2019 21:47

Inside the renovated Pavilion Le Corbusier in Zürich now ope

Pavilion Le Corbusier in Zürich has reopened after an extensive renovation that brought to life the architect?s final masterpiece. Conceived as ?a syn...
26-08-2019 21:45

Welcome to Zürich! 16 must-see contemporary architectures in

In Zürich there is more than it ?pleases? the eye! Discover Blade Runner-like pyramids, a sufers? bar overlooking trains?rail tracks and a mesmerizing...
22-08-2019 21:46

CYPRAEA celebrates Mauritius? fragile soul through responsib

Lava and tempered glass tables creating awareness on rising sea levels and a shelf inspired by waves and ripples created as the water flows on the end...
20-08-2019 21:46

SKNYPL conceives an inflatable New Korean Garden made from e

Inflatable plants, stones, and hills populate SKNYPL?s New Korean Garden combining traditional aesthetics with a playful, sustainable and flexible att...
19-08-2019 21:45

Potemkin Theatre was designed to become an urban landmark as

From a distance, the Potemkin Theatre looks like a colorful abstract home? ?But there is more than it meets the eye,? explain at Maich Swift Architect...
11-08-2019 21:49

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro! 14 must-see contemporary architec

An alien spaceship and a \'Sambadrome\' defying gravity laws, concrete Mayan pyramids, a giant white whale ready to jump into the sea and Copacabana i...
11-08-2019 21:49

Casa Dende Duratex combines Bahia?s architectural and natura

Burnt concrete, dark wood, contemporary bespoke furniture and a folding latticework enliven Casa Dende Duratex, NJ+ Studio?s moody apartment intertwin...
11-08-2019 21:49

Rael San Fratello has turned the US-Mexico border wall into

California-based studio Rael San Fratello has re-imagined the the US-Mexico border wall installing pink seesaws that allowed children and adults from ...
09-08-2019 21:49

7 unexpected urban installations at Passages Insolites 2019

An austere and fictitious border fence, a snow globe-turned into monument and an architectural sphere rolling down the alley? Check our favourite inst...
07-08-2019 21:46

Peeta paints large-scale optical illusions blending street a

?Younger generations are captured by street art more on social media than in real life,? says to Archipanic Italian street artist Peeta. The post Peet...
23-07-2019 21:45

Moon landing 50th anniversary: 8 moon-inspired designs and a

From an inflatable permanent lunar settlement to a Sputnik replica making some noise at Burning Man festival. We rounded up some of the ultimate and m...
20-07-2019 21:45

Gordon Ramsay?s Lucky Cat nocturnal restaurant by Afroditi K

AfroditiKrassa Design Studio went deliberately dark for the hype-free Gordon Ramsay?s LUCKY CAT Asian restaurant in London which does not aim to be ?s...
19-07-2019 21:46

ASICS? new HQs by Powerhouse Company were designed to stimul

Millennial?s friendly interior design for ASICS? Amsterdam headquarters proactively ensures the wellbeing of employees and visitors, sustainably. The ...
19-07-2019 21:46

Summer 2019: 7 architecture and design experiences for your

A design festival on a stunning villa in Côte d?Azur, Tel Aviv?s Bauhaus tours and New York?s celebration of moon landing 50th anniversary but also Ve...
18-07-2019 21:48

Fran Silvestre?s CDN House features a ?floating roof? and gl

Minimalistic interiors made in stone and wood, and a gravity defying roof characterize Fran Silvestre?s CDN House in Spain. The post Fran Silvestre?s ...
18-07-2019 21:48

INSIDE 2019 shortlist unveils the world?s finest interior de

From Noma?s garden-restaurant to a cat cafe in Guangzhou but also a Japanese glass wedding chapel and a desert canyon-inspired library in Qatar. INSID...
12-07-2019 21:48

Snøhetta?s architectural viewpoints along the Path of Perspe

Snøhetta has designed 10 architectural elements for the Path of Perspectives Panorama Trail that highlight the unique features of Innsbruck\'s spectac...
11-07-2019 21:49

WAF 2019 Shortlist – architects tackle climate change,

World Architecture Festival - WAF 2019 shortlist shows how architects can build a more sustainable future? Starting from a subterranean museum, a tree...
10-07-2019 21:49

BIG?s MÉCA hub ?brings the arts into the city and the city i

BIG and FREAKS freearchitects have inaugurated MÉCA, a new art-filled public space and innovative urban room overlooking Bordeaux? waterfront. The pos...
08-07-2019 21:48

MAD Architects unveils the design of Yiwu Grand Theater

The ?almost-floating? Yiwu Grand Theater features large semi-transparent glass sails sheltering from cold winters while allowing ventilation during th...
08-07-2019 21:48

UCCA Dune Art Museum merges art with Chinese beach horizons

Nature and architecture meet at the seashore in the semi-submerged sinuous architecture of UCCA Dune Art Museum by OPEN Studio. The post UCCA Dune Art...
06-07-2019 21:52

Daedalum ?luminarium? by Architects of Air is a mesmerizing

Dedalum new ?luminarium? by Architects of Air is inspired by Greek mythology, Roman architecture and somewhere between a womb and a cathedral. The pos...
05-07-2019 21:47

Leon Leong and KFA complete new campus for the LA LGBT Cente

How can architecture support the LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual and Bisexual - community with an inclusive attitude" The new Anita May Rosenstein Ca...
04-07-2019 21:51

FGP Atlier?s Estadio Diablos Rojos in Mexico City reinvigora

Estadio Diablos Rojos by FGP Atelier tops Mexican pyramids-inspired architectures with a roof aptly-shaped in the form of a devil?s tail - referring t...
04-07-2019 21:51

5 inflatable and tongue in cheek designs for the summer

A decapitated swan float poking fun of Instagram influencers, patterned inflatable pools and air-filled bouncy furniture for the living room, the gard...
03-07-2019 21:49

Junya Ishigami?s gravity defying hill made of rocks

Serpentine Pavilion 2019: a hill made of rocks informed by the natural world appears to emerge from the lawn of Kensington Gardens in London. The post...
02-07-2019 21:49

Gay urbanization: once upon a time a gay bar

On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York that started the gay movement we looked into the LGBT urbanization process and how hate cri...
28-06-2019 21:49

Discover the best of SF Design Week 2019 on our Pinterest Bo

The best of SF Design Week 2019 is on Archipanic. Explore our dedicated Pinterest board to and check our report. The post Discover the best of SF Desi...
27-06-2019 21:48

SHORE: Adrien Rovero?s community-focused installation in San

Adrien Rovero?s SHORE installation featured 120 modules, called Dolos ready to be sat on, played with, and tossed in the air to bring people together....
26-06-2019 21:49

San Francisco Design Week 2019: 6 highlights on show

San Francisco Design Week 2019 celebrates the unity in community. On show the SF Design Awards exhibition, a conversation space inviting people to com...
21-06-2019 21:47

Roncalli Circus replaces parading animals with cutting-edge

Don?t expect real animals at Roncalli Circus? And enjoy animated holograms updated circus traditions to the ultimate immersive technologies. The post ...
18-06-2019 21:49

2LG Studio dresses ercol?s LOVE Seats for London Pride

2LG studio?s fresh twist on the iconic LGBT+ rainbow flag dresses ercol?s iconic seat ?to champion love, freedom, joy and ultimately, the belief that ...
17-06-2019 21:51

Guns ?n? Roses and W. Somerset Maugham inspire PARADISE CITY

Lindsey Adelman?s PARADISE CITY poetic glass and metal lighting installation in Basel hangs from the ceiling embedding light sources directly in the g...
15-06-2019 21:47

Swarovski Designers of the Future Award 2019

The melting Arctic icecap, rippling ocean surfaces and Alpine waterfalls inspired sustainable projects and installations by the winners of the Swarovs...
14-06-2019 21:48

Micheal Young tech-crafts MY Collection design furniture ser

Micheal Young?s MY Collection combines traditional Chinese patterns with digital techniques for Gallery ALL at DesignMiami/ Basel. The post Micheal Yo...
14-06-2019 21:48

Design Miami/ Basel 2019: 7 sustainable installations explor

A ribbon-like sculpture taking olive wood to the extreme, an installation inspired by Brazilian urban birds? architectural ?woven? nests and more. Des...
12-06-2019 21:50

Independent fair EDIT Napoli premieres celebrating the rise

Set in a Dominican convent and church in the earth of Naples, the first editiion of EDIT Napoli brings together the city?s unique vibrant imprint and ...
08-06-2019 21:48

BIG turns a 1930s bank into a mixed-used ?retail laboratory?

BIG?s new ?retail laboratory? for Galeries Lafayette was conceived as an urban room for the Parisians. A grand staircase doubles as an auditorium, a g...
06-06-2019 21:49

Loong Swim Club features in-wonderland interiors for kids wi

A pink and azure misty swimming pool, flower chandeliers and a colourful eggshell castle. Kids and parents are invited to have fun at the in-wonderlan...
05-06-2019 21:57

The Conversation Show unveils the dynamics of design collabo

From Snarkitecture?s hall of broken mirrors to mischer?traxler?s interactive pendulum by that glows and leans towards visitors? ?The Conversation Show...
02-06-2019 21:50

Egg Collective opens a new TriBeCa showroom on the ground fl

The TriBeCa showroom features pastel-hued wall treatments and airy interiors framing Egg Collective?s new furniture collection as well as the ?Materia...
31-05-2019 21:49

Skyline Chess? London Brutalist Edition turns architecture i

The new London Brutalist Edition by Skyline Chess transforms the Barbican Towers, the Alexandra Road Estate and One Kemble Street into architectural c...
30-05-2019 21:49

Studio Edwards? VISION STUDIO eyewear boutique in Melbourne

An aluminium perforated facade reveals the minimalist interior design of VISION STUDIO eyewear boutique by Studio Edward. The post Studio Edwards? VIS...
29-05-2019 21:51

Smørrebrod or tapas" Normann Copenhagen?s new terracott

Normann Copenhagen\'s new terracotta and ceramic tableware designs combine Nordic and Mediterranean vibes, pastel colours and earthy textures. The pos...
28-05-2019 21:49

MAD Architects reveal snowflake-inspired terminal for Harbin

MAD Architects? snowflake-inspired Terminal 3 of Harbin Taiping International Airport in China dialogues with the gentle slopes of China?s vast Northe...
28-05-2019 21:49

Discover the best of 3DaysOfDesign2019 on our Pinterest boar

The best of 3DaysOfDesign2019 is on Archipanic. Explore our Pinterest board dedicated to Denmark?s annual celebration of design. The post Discover the...
27-05-2019 21:47

7 trends and highlights from ‘3 Days of Design 2019

At 3 Days of Design 2019 Nordic workplaces are flexible, design crafts become ?not-necessarily? functional, chairs protect the ocean while art injects...
25-05-2019 21:46

Pas de Deux: designers co-op Colony celebrates the ongoing d

The white-washed warehouse spaces of the Colony design collective feature one-of-a-kind pieces by 14 of the top independent American designers who wer...
20-05-2019 21:54

Stickbulb upcycles wood from Brooklyn?s demolished skyscrape

?If a tree and a chandelier had a baby? it would look something like Chime? says to Archipanic the founder of lighting design brand Stickbulb which un...
20-05-2019 21:54

‘Deeper than Text’ all-women exhibition aims ?to

19 international female designers present their latest works at the Deeper than Text exhibition in New York. On show a tiger-rug crafted from wool, ve...
20-05-2019 21:54

Women powered design exhibitions standing out at NYCxDESIGN

At New York Design Week 7 women-powered exhibitions show how female designers can truly make a difference and lead innovation on an international stag...
18-05-2019 21:51

Pinterest: a tribute design board to late architect Ieoh Min

From Paris to Hong Kong, Boston and Doha? Explore the stunning sharp and modernist architecture by the late Ieoh Ming Pei in our dedicated Pinterest g...
18-05-2019 21:51

Fernando Mastrangelo?s recycled TINY HOUSE disconnects you f

Where to find a verdant and peaceful oasis in New York" In Time Square! Fernando Mastrangelo?s sensory immersive TINY HOUSE disconnects you from New Y...
18-05-2019 21:51

Farewell Im Pei. Legendary architect passed away aged 102

Pritzker Prize winner I M Pei, whose portfolio included the Louvre Pyramid and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, was one of the most prolific architects...
17-05-2019 21:47

Venice Art Biennale 2019: 7 must-visit architectural pavilio

From Ghana to Taiwan, Denmark, US and more. At Venice Art Biennale 2019 - the Olympics of Art - many national pavilions have a strong architectural im...
15-05-2019 21:51

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Japanese details influence Hudson Valley getaway by Tsao & McKown

Japanese details influence Hudson Valley geta...

Japanese architectural principles informed the design of this house in Upstate New York by Tsao & McKown, which uses heavy timber construction to eliminate the need for bearing walls and create an open layout. Manhattan-based studio Tsao & McKown... -
Makuc House  / Eugenio Ortúzar  + Tania Gebauer

Makuc House / Eugenio Ortúzar + Tania Gebau...

This project is located in the north of the big island of Chiloé, in an area called Huei hue, where the sea penetrates the land as a stretchmark, weaving a close relationship between land and sea. -
Warped concrete roof tops Miami architecture school by Arquitectonica

Warped concrete roof tops Miami architecture ...

A massive curving slab of concrete covers the new school of architecture building at the University of Miami, by local firm Arquitectonica. The Thomas P Murphy Design Studio Building is the latest addition to the University of Miami campus in... -
39+ Attic Living Room Ideas and Tips

39+ Attic Living Room Ideas and Tips

Wondering what to do with the attic space" These adorable attic living room designs will make the decision for you! Read the full article 39+ Attic Living Room Ideas and Tips on Adorable Home. -
Evening on the Hill | Fabrica de arhitectura

Evening on the Hill | Fabrica de arhitec...

Evening on the Hill designed by Fabrica de arhitectura, The whole project was meant to provide an intimate environment in a densely populated area relying on energy and resource efficient eco-design. The five houses share a private road, a courtyard... -
Gregg Moore creates restaurant's tableware using waste bones from its kitchen

Gregg Moore creates restaurant's tablewa...

Ceramicist Gregg Moore has created crockery for the Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant outside New York, that is made from the bones of the very cows whose dairy and meat is served. The table setting encompasses a bowl, plate and cup, with... -
Mountain home surrounded by forest offers rustic living in Montana

Mountain home surrounded by forest offers rus...

We fell on the portfolio of interior designer, Laura Fedro Interiors and spotted this stunning mountain rustic home she helped to create in Big Sky, Montana. This private residence is surrounded by forest, boasting dramatic mountain views of the... -
MIEC + MMAP / Alvaro Siza  + Eduardo Souto de Moura

MIEC + MMAP / Alvaro Siza + Eduardo Souto de...

The present text relates to the project for the construction of the International Contemporary Sculpture Museum (MIEC) and rehabilitation of the Municipal Museum Abade Pedrosa (MMAP), that the Municipality of Santo Tirso intends to hold on the site... -
yuri suzuki?s easy record maker lets you cut your own vinyls 

yuri suzuki?s easy record maker lets you cut ...

japanese designer and sound artist yuri suzuki has created a machine that lets users both play and cut their own vinyls. The post yuri suzuki’s easy record maker lets you cut your own vinyls  appeared first on designboom | architecture &... -
Sella Concept avoids South American cliches in retro-themed London restaurant Piraña

Sella Concept avoids South American cliches i...

Red-painted timber and metal contrast with jade terrazzo in Piraña, a bar and restaurant in Balham, London, created by design studio Sella Concept. The venue is owned by brothers Alastair and Nicholas Heathcote, who have set up a number of... -

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