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What to Watch: Shelter in Place Edition

I thought I should craft a list of films, documentaries, and videos to view while there is so much extra time at home. Now I am not trying to provide ...
02-04-2020 21:58

046: Working From Home

A lot can happen in just a few weeks. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, business as usual is anything but ? and Andrew and I felt like we should interrupt our...
30-03-2020 22:02

Sketching is Hard

The point of today\'s post is that sketching is hard for most people and it\'s okay if you end up using other tools to help get you to your destinatio...
24-03-2020 21:54

Moving to a Virtual Design Studio"

Is it possible to create a completely virtual educational design studio in undergraduate architecture courses" I do a small amount of wondering a...
20-03-2020 21:55

045: Documenting Architecture

The process of preparing construction drawings has evolved from ?What do we need to do to ?What can?t we do"? Today we are going talking about co...
16-03-2020 21:57

7 Minutes in Heaven with Me

Presenting on any subject can be a frightening experience for most people, but when you have to do it in a room full of people you work with there cou...
11-03-2020 21:56

Studio Lessons 101: Architecture is about Words

Architecture is about words as much as it is images. How do we speak about architecture in a way that is meaningful and relatable to those who will in...
05-03-2020 22:05

044: Architectural Technology

Architectural Technology is changing how architects work and what?s in today might be irrelevant and out of date by next week, but ignore these develo...
02-03-2020 22:00

For Architects, Patience is Definitely a Virtue

Most architects have to learn patience over the course of their career, it’s actually one architectural character trait that I always think abou...
24-02-2020 22:02

Architect vs. Architectural Designer: aka Alphabet Soup

Every person\'s signature tells a story. Especially when it comes to all those letters that happen after their name. You can learn a great deal about ...
20-02-2020 21:55

043: Inside the Firm

So you?ve graduated from architecture school and received a university degree in architecture – so what happens next" What exactly does an ...
17-02-2020 21:57

A Day in the Life ? Punch list Day

Today we are taking a look at a day in the life of an architect ... and on this day I just so happened to walk a project and create a punch list as pa...
11-02-2020 21:58

Renovation Construction Surprises

I\'ve been practicing architecture for over 20 years and I can say with certainty that I am still surprised by the construction methods chosen by some...
06-02-2020 21:59

042: Mentorship

Finding the right sort of person who can help guide you through the various stages of your career can be incredibly valuable and beneficial. Today, An...
03-02-2020 22:01

For the Love of All That is Holy ? Be on Time

Being on time is clearly more important to some over others, but is there a good reason to actually put in the effort to be on time" Of course, t...
27-01-2020 21:57

041: Talking Shop with Omar Gandhi

Today is a special episode because we are sitting down with my very close and personal friend, even though we have never actually met, Canadian archit...
20-01-2020 21:55

First Let Me Introduce Myself

I am very excited to announce that Andrew Hawkins, my partner in crime and podcast co-host, will start bringing his unique perspective to the written ...
16-01-2020 21:59

Keeping Up with Projects

I don’t write many of these sorts of posts … they are painful to put together even though I am happy enough to reflect upon the creative p...
13-01-2020 21:58

040: Changing Jobs

Changing jobs is exciting and terrifying at the same time ? particularly if you are making a drastic change wither in the type of work or the size of ...
06-01-2020 21:58

Holiday Trends and the 3rd Annual Life of an Architect Holid

As 2019 comes to a close there is one thing front and center on my mind ... holiday drinking, and here is a great new holiday cocktail for you to enjo...
23-12-2019 22:00

Motherflipping Tile Joints

I like to take tile joint patterns pretty seriously and am preternaturally inclined to notice when the tile installer decides to make the joint patter...
17-12-2019 22:02

Ep 039: The Hypothetical Show

Andrew and I really enjoy answering hypothetical questions as part of each Life of an Architect podcast episode. In our final recording of the year, w...
09-12-2019 22:01

Wallpaper in Bathrooms"

Should you put wallpaper into your bathroom" There are a lot of reasons why you should think long and hard before getting to "yes" and ...
02-12-2019 22:00

038: What to Get an Architect for Christmas [2019]

Buying gifts for Architects can be tough for some people because architects are very specific about the sorts of things they want. This is the 10th co...
25-11-2019 21:53

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Architectural Sketchin

The accounts that I\'ve included here are all spectacularly good at "architectural" sketches - which is an important distinction to make. I ...
18-11-2019 21:53

037: Ask the Show

What music do you listen to" What?s your design process" What is your favorite building and why" What do you eat for breakfast" Al...
11-11-2019 21:59

Sketching Details

It’s not a secret – or at least it shouldn’t be much of one. Architects should be on Instagram and I would like for them to post pic...
04-11-2019 21:57

036: Labor is Cheap, Skill is Not

Architecture and skilled craft go hand in hand, but you may not be aware that the number of skilled individuals that are required to bring an architec...
28-10-2019 22:05

7 Minutes in Heaven

I would not be surprised to learn that you might be reading this post just because of the title. Just to get it out of the way - right up front - this...
22-10-2019 21:58

035: Architecture and Math

If you ever thought about being an architect but thought you couldn?t handle the math, you aren?t alone. At parties across the land, as soon as someon...
14-10-2019 21:55

Steel Stair Panels ? Guardrails and Handrails

"Stairapalooza" might not be the best word for it but guardrailapalooza definitely isn\'t any better ... Handrailapalooza" Nope, that\'...
07-10-2019 21:56

034: Let?s Get Physical

Architectural models are clearly within the architect\'s domain but are you within the "physical models are better" or "digital models ...
30-09-2019 21:56

Saying ?Hello? Is Exhausting

Nobody wants anybody to say hello to them 5 times and if I\'m being honest, I don\'t want to say hello 5 times either. But what do you do other than t...
23-09-2019 21:51

033: Taking the Architectural Registration Exam

Taking the architectural registration exam is a crucial step in the process of becoming an architect. The test is long, difficult, and stressful, but ...
16-09-2019 21:53

Architectural Transitions

I\'ve been in my new job for 3 weeks now and it has been just about every sort of descriptor you can imagine - fun, exciting, frustrating, challenging...
09-09-2019 22:00

032: Projects in Architecture School are Silly

Your college architecture projects will be silly because they are designed to make you think outside what you already know. They are also supposed to ...
03-09-2019 21:57

Changes You Don?t See Coming

The last several months have been a whirlwind of changes ? or maybe it was really the last few weeks where all the action took place. There is big new...
26-08-2019 21:50

031: Obsession

Do Architects have obsessive personalities" I tend to think so, and only partially based on my own behavior. I should throw out the caveat that I...
19-08-2019 21:50

Architectural Sketch Series: Schematic Design

The creative process for an architect is fairly simple for me - when I sketch, I think it slows my thought process down and forces me to think through...
13-08-2019 21:53

030: Starting Your Own Architecture Firm

Is It the dream of every architect to start their own architecture firm" Most architects think about it at one point or another and Austin Archit...
05-08-2019 21:58

Oculus and Skylights

Unless you\'ve been living under a rock, you would know that there are few things I enjoy as much as a proper oculus. While I don\'t try to stick them...
29-07-2019 21:54

029: Architects Should Work Construction

If I have one regret during my college education is that I never worked on a construction site. Once I graduated from college, I went straight to work...
22-07-2019 21:54

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N02 Recycle chair by Nendo for Fritz Hansen i...

Dezeen Showroom: Danish design company Fritz Hansen has reintroduced its N02 Recycle chair, which was created by Nendo from recycled plastic, with a range of new features. Nendo founder Oki Sato was inspired by a piece of folded paper on his studio... -
Shenzhen Prince Plaza Exhibition Center

Shenzhen Prince Plaza Exhibition Center

Shenzhen Prince Plaza Exhibition Center, Chinese Modern Interior Architecture, China Images Prince Plaza Exhibition Center in Shenzhen 4 Apr 2021 Shenzhen Prince Plaza Exhibition Center Interior: YuQiang&Partners Location: Shenzhen,... -
Small and cozy rustic cabin in Georgia: Carolina Jessamine Cottage

Small and cozy rustic cabin in Georgia: Carol...

Carolina Jessamine Cottage is a two-story cozy rustic cabin designed by Our Town Plans and built by Pine Mountain Builders, located in Camp Callaway, Georgia. This charming cottage encompasses 1,172 square feet of living space with three bedrooms... -
24 Most Amazing Backyard Shed Ideas For An Inviting Garden

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Lucent Modern by Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design

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Designed in 2016 by Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design, Lucent Modern is a lovely single family house located in Mill Valley, California. Description The clients desired a versatile, informal family home centered on a bright,... -
Pornhub launches Dirtiest Porn Ever campaign to clean up the world's oceans

Pornhub launches Dirtiest Porn Ever campaign ...

Adult video website Pornhub has filmed a movie on a litter-filled beach to raise money to remove plastic from the world\'s oceans. Every time the Dirtiest Porn Ever is played Pornhub will make a donation to Ocean Polymers ? a non-profit... -
Agricole Evergreen Campus Pavilion   / Arte Charpentier Architectes

Agricole Evergreen Campus Pavilion / Arte C...

Right at Paris? doorstep, the Evergreen Campus hosts the Crédit Agricole?s head office. Multiple corporate entities share this space; the entire campus revolves around a central park that acts as its green lung. -
Jasper Morrison designs first kitchen for Schiffini

Jasper Morrison designs first kitchen for Sch...

British designer Jasper Morrison has revealed Lepic, his first industrially produced kitchen (+ slideshow). Created for Italian manufacturers Schiffini, the Lepic kitchen brings Morrison\'s "super normal" aesthetic into a new arena. It... -
Origami Pavilion Creates Shelter with 8 Folded Aluminum Sheets

Origami Pavilion Creates Shelter with 8 Folde...

The advent of parametricism has brought architects many new design capabilities; form finding, sun shading and visual texturing are just a few of the ways the technology has impacted structures. But perhaps its most noble function is its ability to... -
ZJJZ clads ellipsoidal guest houses in mirrored aluminum + pine shingles in rural china

ZJJZ clads ellipsoidal guest houses in mirror...

the mirrored aluminum cladding reflects the surrounding natural environment, the changing weather and seasons. The post ZJJZ clads ellipsoidal guest houses in mirrored aluminum + pine shingles in rural china appeared first on designboom |... -

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