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The Lilypad seems like a cool way to spend isolation with a

The Lilypad is the work of Aussie designer Chuck Anderson, that ensures guests enjoy the bliss of being away from civilization. The post The Lilypad ...
25-06-2020 21:33

Apple plans to open a 192-room hotel at their new campus

Apple is apparently plunking approximately $1 billion USD into its hotel which is a six-storey structure with 192-rooms within its new campus. The po...
25-06-2020 21:33

The Escobar House designed by Luciano Kruk is not what the n

The Escobar House sits close to a golf course and promises a panoramic view of lush green landscapes and maybe some folks playing. The post The Escob...
25-06-2020 21:33

Architectural Terracotta Cladding and Terracotta Facade Pane

Even a simple renovation can produce stunning results with the help of architectural terracotta cladding and terracotta facade panels. The post Archi...
25-06-2020 21:33

The Desire House by Wunschhaus AT is a structure that melts

With an understanding of how nature works minus human intervention, the Desire House presents a flowing design that matches the scenery. The post The...
25-03-2020 21:20

The Beverly House from The GodFather and The Bodyguard is no

We would like to point out that Beverly House flaunts a fascinating history as the original owner is media tycoon William Randolph Hearst. The post T...
23-03-2020 21:19

Step out and experience The Edge At Hudson Yards

While we find being so high up already a treat in itself, the jaw-dropping panoramic view you get at The Edge is breathtaking. The post Step out and ...
11-03-2020 21:20

Bear Run Cabin Uses Nature As A Breathtaking Backdrop

The Bear Run Cabin is a home that just takes your breath away with its huge frameless windows that highlight its natural surroundings. The post Bear ...
01-03-2020 21:20

Marchi Architects Deliver A Serene And Scenic Dwelling Calle

One look at the Wood House 2.0 and we believe we have found the ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The post Marchi Architects...
27-02-2020 21:20

San Francisco Clocktower Penthouse Is Keys To The City

This San Francisco Clocktower Penthouse lends you a staggering view of the SoMa neighborhood, and it?s on the market now for a wee $6 million. The po...
24-10-2019 21:22

Elemental House Lets You Have Free Off-Grid Living

The Elemental House rests high on a ridge that overlooks the majestic plains, valleys, and mountains of Victoria. The post Elemental House Lets You H...
07-10-2019 21:21

The NZ House Is A Near-Zero Energy Home

Most newly built homes score a HERS index of 100, the metric used to rate a household?s potential energy consumption. The NZ House scored zero. The p...
04-10-2019 21:21

The Slope House Is All About Giving You Views

On the edge of Lake Rapel you?ll find an isolated Chilean reprieve, the off-grid Slope House. The post The Slope House Is All About Giving You Views ...
02-10-2019 21:22

Confluence House Offers Quaint Riverside Living

The Confluence House is perfect if you like riverside reading. Alone. With acre after acre of isolated space. The post Confluence House Offers Quaint...
01-10-2019 21:21

The Twist Museum In Norway Is Also A Bridge

The Twist Museum is yet another sterling architectural contribution from Norway. The post The Twist Museum In Norway Is Also A Bridge appeared first ...
29-09-2019 21:21

Anekona House For Volcano Lovers

If you like to be within the vicinity of volcanoes, this Hawaiian retreat sounds like heaven on Earth. Meet the Anekona House, a shape-shifting struc...
19-09-2019 21:22

The Straume Weekend House Literally Came After The Storm

From ruin comes beauty. That?s exactly the origin story of the Straume Weekend House. The post The Straume Weekend House Literally Came After The Sto...
17-09-2019 21:22

The S2 House Is One Of The Finest Examples Of Modern Archite

So few of us are lucky to live in a house that?s Architectural Digest chic. The S2 House is one example of a magazine-worthy abode. The post The S2 H...
15-09-2019 21:23

The Desert Wash Residence Is A True Oasis

The Desert Wash Residence is a quiet, gentle meditation. From Kendle Design Collaborative, it expands the possibilities of modern architecture. The p...
09-09-2019 21:28

The Holmsland Dune House Reimagines What Contemporary Home M

The Holmsland Dune House is what you get when you combine architecture, synesthesia, and clever design. The post The Holmsland Dune House Reimagines...
07-09-2019 21:21

The Saddle Peak House Is A Gorgeous Mountainside Retreat

The Saddle Peak House is a modern interpretation of earthly sentiments. The post The Saddle Peak House Is A Gorgeous Mountainside Retreat appeared fi...
04-09-2019 21:23

The Shark House Was Inspired By A Car

The Shark House in New Zealand boasts an asymmetrical form the inspiration for which will surprise you. The post The Shark House Was Inspired By A Ca...
01-09-2019 21:21

WARchitect Showcases The Minimalist Skyscape Rooftop House

If you\'re in Bangkok, Thailand, gaze up apartment buildings and you might just spot the stunning Skyscape Rooftop House. The post WARchitect Showcas...
28-08-2019 21:22

The Leblanc Residence Redefines Beachside

Canada probably doesn?t spring to mind when you think of sandy beaches, do you" Which makes the Leblanc Residence all the more surprising. The post T...
27-08-2019 21:21

Aston Martin Unveils New Automotive Galleries And Lairs Serv

With Aston Martin\'s Automotive Galleries and Lairs, you can finally design the perfect space to house and showcase your beloved automotive collectio...
21-08-2019 21:22

The Tera Cabin Is A 3D-Printed Getaway In The Woods

The Tera Cabin will open its doors for visitors starting March 2020. The post The Tera Cabin Is A 3D-Printed Getaway In The Woods appeared first on M...
18-08-2019 21:21

Mountain Life At The Casa MM

Sitting at the foot of a mountain range, the Casa MM not only draws in tourists, but those daring at heart. The post Mountain Life At The Casa MM app...
18-08-2019 21:21

House ILL Defines Bliss In The European Countryside

A wooden house set in one of Latvia?s spectacular forests, the House ILL tries to redefine architecture?s innate link to nature. The post House ILL D...
14-08-2019 21:22

The Willow House Is A Gorgeous Texan Refuge

Don?t pass by the sleepy, gauze-covered town of Terlingua without chancing upon the Willow House. It\'s the hotel dripped in moody twilight iridescen...
12-08-2019 21:21

The Carla House Is A Hilltop Estate With Breathtaking Views

Luck owners of the Carla House can indulge in many of the home\'s modern facilities accompanied by a jaw-dropping backdrop of mountains, hills, and t...
06-08-2019 21:27

Forest Living In The MH House

This São Paulo haven is a slice of creature comfort amidst the rich Atlantic forest.The post Forest Living In The MH House appeared first on Men'...
27-07-2019 21:21

The Atelier Monolit Beach House Concept Is A Panoramic Coast

Wake up to a majestic view of the ocean as you relax inside the Atelier Monolit Beach House.The post The Atelier Monolit Beach House Concept Is A Pano...
26-07-2019 21:27

Nature Inspires Design With The Türlersee Lake House

Nature becomes the highlight of the Türlersee Lake House as it features a curving wall that transitions into a roof with a parallel design inside.The ...
24-07-2019 21:21


The Pentahouse is a minimalist fever dream. Check it out.The post Pentahouse appeared first on Men's Gear....
23-07-2019 21:21

Tsai House

If you love Ai Weiwei, you?ll love the only house in the United States designed by the legendary artist.The post Tsai House appeared first on Men'...
21-07-2019 21:21

Werder Lake House

The Werder Lake House is a stone house that transforms.The post Werder Lake House appeared first on Men's Gear....
19-07-2019 21:21

Beck House

The Beck House is the only Philip Johnson-designed house in Dallas, Texas.The post Beck House appeared first on Men's Gear....
10-07-2019 21:21

Cove House

The Cove House, in Australia, questions the difference between inside and outside.1The post Cove House appeared first on Men's Gear....
01-07-2019 21:21

Yorebridge House

The Yorebridge House is the portal to all your English countryside vacation fantasies.The post Yorebridge House appeared first on Men's Gear....
01-07-2019 21:21

Zaha Hadid Manhattan Penthouse

Zaha Hadid Manhattan Penthouse is on the market now with a $10 million discount.The post Zaha Hadid Manhattan Penthouse appeared first on Men's G...
20-06-2019 21:21

Dogtrot House

The Dogtrot House was designed for a retired couple. With neutral hues and scenic views, retirement doesn?t sound too bad at all.The post Dogtrot Hous...
13-06-2019 21:21

Rosario House

The Rosario House is a successful experiment in redefining the relationship between ?inside? and ?outside.?The post Rosario House appeared first on Me...
13-06-2019 21:21

The Sopranos House Hits The Market

Big fan of The Sopranos" If you have several million dollars, you can live in their house.The post The Sopranos House Hits The Market appeared first o...
05-06-2019 21:21

The Bridge House

Even if its -15 degrees Celsius freezing, you?ll stay warm inside this heavily-insulated Bridge House.The post The Bridge House appeared first on Men&...
03-06-2019 21:21

Redstone House

A practice in modern synergy of natural elements, the Redstone House is a thoughtful retreat space that recontextualizes space.The post Redstone House...
31-05-2019 21:21

Swiss Miss House

The Swiss Miss House is a tropical masterpiece in the middle of Palm Springs, designed by no other than Charles DuBois.The post Swiss Miss House appea...
27-05-2019 21:21

Maitenes House

If you want to live near a volcano and a lake, the Maitenes House is the place to be.The post Maitenes House appeared first on Men's Gear....
27-05-2019 21:21

Callao Shipping Container House

The Callao Shipping Container House represents architure bared down to its simplest, most crucial elements.The post Callao Shipping Container House ap...
21-05-2019 21:22

Alphington Tower House

What is space" Can it foster growth of those within it" The Alphington Tower House dares to answer.The post Alphington Tower House appeared first on M...
20-05-2019 21:22

Pappas House Now For Sale

For the first time ever, the Pappas House is entering the market. Yup, Frank Lloyd Wright?s Pappas House.The post Pappas House Now For Sale appeared f...
16-05-2019 21:21

Costa Rica Treehouse

You?d have to dive neck-deep in the Central American jungle to reach the Costa Rica Treehouse, but the trip will be so worth it.The post Costa Rica Tr...
14-05-2019 21:21

Casa Em Silves

What does ?inside? mean" What does ?outside? mean" The Casa Em Silves is an experiment that attempts at an answer.The post Casa Em Silves appeared fir...
06-05-2019 21:22

Ventanas House

Recolorado?s $2,500,000 Ventanas House is named after its windows. There are 300 of them here, just so you know.The post Ventanas House appeared first...
03-05-2019 21:21

Four Leaves House, Japan

Look once at this anti-minimalist house?s roof and you?ll understand why it?s called the Four Leaves House.The post Four Leaves House, Japan appeared ...
01-05-2019 21:23

Ecoscopic House

The Ecoscopic House is a glass, concrete, and steel masterpiece. That is, arranged like an assemblage of platforms.The post Ecoscopic House appeared f...
30-04-2019 21:22

Lushna Villa Cabin For Glamping

The Lushna Villa Cabin is your minimalist glamping shelter. Not only does it look super pretty, but it?s responsibly made, too.The post Lushna Villa C...
22-04-2019 21:22

Sharp House

This is the Sharp House, a masterpiece of architecture baking in the blistering heat of a Santa Fe, New Mexico desert.The post Sharp House appeared fi...
11-04-2019 21:22

Freedomek House No. 61

The Freedomek House No. 61, in Czech Republic, gets what minimalist architecture really is about.The post Freedomek House No. 61 appeared first on Men...
04-04-2019 21:21

New York Pond House

This Pond House somewhere in rural New York looks uninteresting at first. Thankfully, first impressions are almost always wrong.The post New York Pond...
23-03-2019 21:21

Cree House

For $2,500,000 you can own the Cree House, a Palm Springs gem from architect Albert Frey.The post Cree House appeared first on Men's Gear....
21-03-2019 21:20

Naturecruiser Floating House

Everything you want in a home, you can find inside the Naturecruiser house. Not for the easily seasick, though.The post Naturecruiser Floating House a...
18-03-2019 21:23

Dolomite Treehouses

Like black diamonds sitting upright on a mountaintop, these Dolomite Treehouses in Northern Italy look as gorgeous as they sound.The post Dolomite Tre...
07-03-2019 21:20

Beautiful Minimalist Tiny Homes By Escape

You can make DIY shelves and lamps, but for tiny homes, leave it up to the experts. Escape makes great ones.The post Beautiful Minimalist Tiny Homes B...
14-02-2019 21:21

Tree Tents Fuselage Wilderness Cabin

Barely larger than a cable car, Tree Tents? Fuselage Wilderness Cabin is cozy, feature-packed, and easy to install.The post Tree Tents Fuselage Wilder...
13-02-2019 21:21

Hooded Cabin In Norway

Perched on a mountaintop in Norway, the Hooded Cabin offers home away from home with its quaint, cozy living space.The post Hooded Cabin In Norway app...
12-02-2019 21:21

How To Score A Private Tour At The Louvre Museum

You can tour the Louvre Museum for just ?15. But for $34,000, you can go in when everybody else is out. Fancy a private tour"The post How To Score A P...
09-02-2019 21:21

St Andrews Beach House

The St Andrews Beach House is a cylindrical two-story beachfront property that redefines the word ?open.?The post St Andrews Beach House appeared firs...
05-02-2019 21:21

Head Out Into The Lavish Outdoors With Lindis Lodge

Lindis Lodge in New Zealand is like heaven, which is no small thing to be in a country already brimmed with majestic places.The post Head Out Into The...
31-01-2019 21:21

Snowman Glass World Resort

Heading to Finland" Stay in the Snowman Glass World Resort to get front-row seats at the Northern Lights show.The post Snowman Glass World Resort appe...
24-01-2019 21:23

The Most Lavish Garage Ever

A garage as garish as this only belongs in big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. But this right here, from Kenström Design, is the real deal.The post The...
07-01-2019 21:20

A House Covered In Corrugated Aluminum

Japanese design studio Arbol creates a single-story home in the city of Takarazuka whose primarily monolithic design imbues a sense of natural space.T...
07-01-2019 21:20

An Earthquake-Resistant Library

This earthquake-resistant library was built in response to the earthquakes that damaged New Zealand years ago. Also, it?s a symbol of hope and rebirth...
03-01-2019 21:20

The Rimrock House

The Rimrock House is special not just because it?s lavish and luxurious. It also takes great effort to include the surrounding natural landscape.The p...
01-01-2019 21:20

SJA III Cabana

Casas de México\'s newest masterpiece, the SJA III Cabana, is another example of integrating different spaces together to make harmonious architecture...
29-12-2018 21:20

Santa Clara 1728

In the heart of Portugal?s Old quarter sits a quaint little hotel called Santa Clara 1728, offering a vintage atmosphere with renovated furnishings.Th...
29-12-2018 21:20

Payette Lake Cliff House

This waterfront Payette Lake retreat is a reprieve from the troubles of city life. Go to Idaho and see this wood-clad home from McCall Design and Plan...
28-12-2018 21:20

A House With Its Own BMX Ramp

Ooti Billeaud\'s lifelong dream was to have a BMX ramp in his own backyard. It took him over five years to finish the house he dreamed up.The post A H...
23-12-2018 21:20

The Lighthouse Office

The Lighthouse Office is a quaint little office space designed by Los Angeles studio Knowhow Shop, marked by a bizarrely alluring polygonal exterior.T...
22-12-2018 21:20

Apollo Bay Beach House

You never think of a beach house as a permanent residence, but Dock4 Architects? new take on the summer home essential will probably change your mind....
19-12-2018 21:21

LJ30 House By Casas de Mexico

The LJ30 House by Casas de Mexico is one of the most spectacular examples of what contemporary architecture can be.The post LJ30 House By Casas de Mex...
16-12-2018 21:22

The Artery Residence

The Artery Residence, owned by an art collector and his wife, features the couple?s extensive art collection as the basis for the design.The post The ...
10-12-2018 21:21

Czech Forest Retreat

For a zen vacation, nothing beats this contemporary but quaint forest retreat designed by Uhlik Architekti.The post Czech Forest Retreat appeared firs...
04-12-2018 21:21

China?s Liuzhou Suiseki Hall

The Liuzhou Suiseki Hall blends linearity and free-form elements of curves and waves, amounting to a building that?s supposed to look weird but isn?t....
02-12-2018 21:21

Whiskey Ridge House

For a cool $29 million, you can own the lush Whiskey Ridge House,a definitive private lodge surrounded by picturesque national parkland.The post Whisk...
30-11-2018 21:20

Tropical Bliss In This Oceanfront Home In Maui

Want to leave everything behind and live in Hawaii" If you have $49 million, you can own this oceanfront estate smack dab in the middle of the Hawea P...
24-11-2018 21:20

The Hobbit Hole

The Hobbit Hole is of the most realistic Hobbit-inspired homes we?ve ever seen, bar none. And you?ll be glad to know that you can rent it.The post The...
22-11-2018 21:21

A House To Die In

From the makers of the world?s largest underwater restaurant and the 9/11 museum comes A House To Die In, an expressionist structure that\'ll blow you...
18-11-2018 21:22

House Dique Luján By FRAM Arquitectos

Along the Luján River delta in Buenos Aires, Argentina stands the Casa Dique Luján, the latest handiwork of renowned firm FRAM Arquitectos.The post Ho...
18-11-2018 21:22

Seascape Lane House By Bates + Masi Architects

The Seascape Lane at the Hamptons offers a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. This house boasts luxurious amenities for a resort-like living.The po...
07-11-2018 21:21

Conker Pod

The Conker Pod is a spherical house that measures nearly 13 feet in diameter. It has amenities for simple living including a kitchen, bed, and living ...
06-11-2018 21:23

Xinlong Lake Bookstore By MUDA-Architects

The Xinlong Lake Bookstore in Chengdu, China, is named as the "Most Beautiful Bookstore in Chengdu." Its unique shape is that of a book falling from ...
05-11-2018 21:22

The Curve Appeal Freeform 3D Printed House

The Curve Appeal is the world?s first freeform 3D printed house. It uses twenty-eight 3D-printed panels to form sections, the room, kitchen, and bath....
01-11-2018 21:23

Tumble Creek Cabin

Tumble Creek Cabin combines solar panels, passive solar strategies, and a Tesla Powerwall to operate off-grid, perfect for summers or winters.The post...
31-10-2018 21:21

Shelter Island Hill House By Leroy Street Studio

The creative minds from Leroy Street Studios create another structural masterpiece?the Shelter Island Hill House that flaunts a beautiful roof deck.Th...
30-10-2018 21:21

By The Way House By KWK Promes

The By The Way House designed by KWK Promes is quite eye-catching. An aerial view of the dwelling shows a structure that tapers into a smaller pathway...
30-10-2018 21:21

Mono Cabin by Drop Structures

The Mono cabin is a pre-fabricated minimalist structure that mixes luxury and comfort with enormous glass panels on its front and back walls.The post ...
29-10-2018 21:21

Gray Head House

The Gray Head House sits just outside Telluride, Colorado. It?s comprised of ten interlocking pavilions that offer amazing views of the Rocky Mountain...
29-10-2018 21:21

Tranquility House

Tranquility House: Rather than keeping the inside away from the outside, the windows fold open to allow the two worlds to meet.The post Tranquility Ho...
20-10-2018 21:20

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Modern Family Home by Moor Design

Modern Family Home by Moor Design

This luxurious two-story residence located in West Vancouver, BC, Canada, was designed by Moor Design. Description by Moor Design Exterior: This custom luxury home features a modern & minimal exterior with high-contrast... -
Sylvia Aehle shares her experiences as a black female working in architecture in this week's Dezeen Weekly newsletter

Sylvia Aehle shares her experiences as a blac...

The latest edition of our Dezeen Weekly newsletter includes Sylvia Aehle describing her experiences as a black female working as a Part 2 architectural assistant in London. According to Aehle, systemic racism is still prevalent in architecture.... -
Bloomin? Verges initiative bringing life to Sydney streets

Bloomin? Verges initiative bringing life to S...

Sydney?s streets and suburbs are going to become bloomin? beautiful as an initiative from Landsberg Garden Design provides free planting plans for verges to everyone across the city through their ?Bloomin? Verges? program. Particularly in this time... -
Copper panels adorn Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

Copper panels adorn Dallas Holocaust and Huma...

Texas architecture firm Omniplan has topped the Holocaust museum in Dallas with a copper crown to represent "the strength of those who have stood up to injustice". The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum (DHHRM) encompasses three storeys on... -
?puff? the rubber chicken bong squeaks when you smoke it

?puff? the rubber chicken bong squeaks when y...

designed by studio MSCHF, \'puff the squeaky chicken\' features a perpetually open mouth and lazily bloodshot eyes. The post ‘puff’ the rubber chicken bong squeaks when you smoke it appeared first on designboom | architecture &... -
Vast warehouse at San Francisco's Pier 70 becomes Gusto headquarters by Gensler

Vast warehouse at San Francisco's Pier 7...

Architecture firm Gensler has turned a huge industrial building into office space for an HR software company, retaining the original machinery while creating an environment comfortable enough for employees to take off their shoes. The historic... -
Moooi looks to the natural world for A Life Extraordinary furniture collection

Moooi looks to the natural world for A Life E...

A Rococo-inspired pouf, a plant-shaped chandelier, and table lamps resembling animals all feature in the latest furniture collection from Dutch brand Moooi. Moooi presented its new range in an installation called A Life Extraordinary during Milan... -
MIRA Tower San Francisco Condominiums

MIRA Tower San Francisco Condominiums

MIRA luxury condominium community, Tishman Speyer San Francisco Apartments, California Building Images MIRA Tower San Francisco Aug 7, 2020 MIRA San Francisco Luxury Condominiums Design: Studio Gang, Architects Location: 280 Spear Street, near... -
Stunning shingle style gambrel beach home on Martha’s Vineyard

Stunning shingle style gambrel beach home on ...

This shingle style house was designed by renowned architectural studio Hutker Architects, located on Martha’s Vineyard, an island south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The island is known for being a summer destination spot and this beautiful home... -
Drift House on Little Much Farm | Shonan Purie Trehan + Language.Architecture.Body(LAB)

Drift House on Little Much Farm | Shonan...

Drift House on Little Much Farm Designed by Language.Architecture.Body(LAB), The villa of ?The Little Much Farm? straddles a remote hillside location overlooking the Sahyadri hills of Mulshi and its lake. This is home for a family and their friends... -

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